Mads Mansfield

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Mads Mansfield
Pronouns She/her
Campus(es) Duke West
Attended 2016
Course(s) Programming for Video Games, Ethics in Science Fiction
RAG(s) Laken's RAG + We Need a Megaphone, Alieka's RAG
Roommate(s) Chaucer Langbert, Abby Hollmann
Social Media


Mads Mansfield is a trashy meme lord with an impeccable sense of style (one example of this amazing style would be the "Dank memes Sweet dreams" pajamas). She has been in the Duke TIP program since 4th grade; however, she didn't attend camp until 2016 as a third year due to being wait listed for Programming for Video Games the previous two years and stubbornly refusing to take any other courses. She regrets not just signing up for a second or third choice as she really missed out on all of the memey TiP goodness. TiP honestly changed her entire life for the better thanks to all of the good friends she met.

West Term I 2016

Mads attended TIP Term I at Duke West campus in 2016. She took the Programming for Video Games course and was a part of Laken's RAG (AKA the Lionesses of Pride Rock).


Mads was an honorary member of Praise's RAG, aka We Need a Megaphone, along with Abby Hollmann and Izzy Mendoza. She was, however, the only honorary member to appear in the RAG's termbook page, an achievement that she is very proud of (But only actually happened because her picture was a meme).

The Night of the Vermonster Incident

As the group walked towards their ride, the filthy traitor Abby left her to complete the rest of the challenge alone, even though she has acid reflux (Abby is, however, no longer a filthy traitor, since she drank more Vermonster after being inspired by the Homeless Guy.) After going to GG101 commons to hang out with the meme team, she did throw up, but it wasn't at the Ben and Jerry's, so the challenge was completed. She only got two hours of sleep due to waking up during the thunderstorm, since that is one of her irrational fears, and wore an alpaca onesie to class the following day (twinning with Abby and her lion onesie) after downing a small amount of bitter coffee.

Rap Battle

During the (unsurprising) surprise rap battle, Laken's RAG ruined their perfectly planned rap by repeating "We are pride rock. We are pride rock. We are pride rock. We are pride rock." way too many times. This is actually the fault of Abby, who was supposed to come in with her next line, but Mads was also made fun of by Praise's RAG - mostly by Joel, who spammed the group chat with "We are pride rock" countless times.

The Cheez-it Incident

One night towards the end of TiP, Mads was sitting on a couch in GG101 with Abby and Thomas. One of the two had brought with them a box of (probably stale) Cheez-its to eat while they all talked. Mads, while she does love Cheez-its, didn't want to eat any because she wasn't feeling very well (she wasn't for the entire last week honestly, but that's understandable). However, she didn't offer any explanation for this at the time. Abby attempted to force-feed her the Cheez-it. Joel, being the legend that he is, miraculously caught this incident on video. A screenshot of Mads's distressed face as an off-screen Abby tries to force a Cheez-it into her mouth is arguably the most memed image by the entirety of WNAM. Mads's opinion of the image is less than favorable, but she won't ruin the meme.

The Last Night

There were many, many tears accompanying the laughter from card games and late-night conversations and 3 AM goodbyes that didn't last long enough.

Post TiP 2016

WNAM Lives On

Mads would never let the group chat of her honorary RAG die. As of now (July 2017), the group chat is still active and brings a ray of light into her dark, gloomy, hellish, Tennesseean days. She's sure at this point that everyone else prays to Luhorr and his holy Luwhores for the chat to die and for her to stop bothering them at ungodly hours of the night. - The chat is still mildly active now (June 2018), but not as much as it used to be. It's still great to keep in contact with TiPsters, even though nothing can fill the void that being unable to attend Summer Studies leaves in your heart.

West Term I 2017

Mads attended TIP Term I at Duke West campus in 2017. She took the Ethics in Science Fiction course and was a part of Alieka's RAG (AKA the Hawk Squad).

"We worked the roommate system"

BASICALLY, the lesson learned is: filling out your roommate form with your best friend on Skype at 3 AM and just paraphrasing each other's interests DOES work, even if it seems really obvious that you did this when you look back on it with more sleep.


Hurricane Matthew Tipunion

Even after their original Tipunion plans fell apart in the high-speed winds of Hurricane Matthew, Mads and her then "bestie for the restie," Joel, still had their Tipunion on October 7th, 2016. The two were able to walk around without Mads's family (although she was paranoid that they were right behind her most of the time) and went to get bubble tea and walk around at the mall. They spent most of their time "fucking around in a bookstore"("I'm pretty sure that's illegal") and sending pictures of different weird books and quotes to the group chat, mostly from children's books (one in particular about a Minecraft youtuber). It was the best day of Mads's weeklong vacation, as she had been trapped in "Fake Miami" at the Peanut Palace with the Peanut Gallery (her extended family.) Unfortunately, she did have to go back to Tennessee and return to the Peanut Pentagon(TM).


So Mads went to Houston to visit Abby, and then they went to the children's museum, but couldn't go in because they were "too old." Dreamkillers.

Thommy's Basement

Straw wrappers really hurt when Thomas shoots them into your eye. Joel and Abby can testify.

Thommy's Basement 2: Electric Boogaloo

Man the Star Wars prequels really are awful aren't they?

Frosted TiPunion

Thomas decides to crash Mads and Abby's tipunion party in Murfreesboro; absolute ridiculousness ensued-arcades, roller skating, and the death star totally exploding at midnight and not a second after it on New Years. (It was really fun I miss you guys :( )


Mads showed up in Miami to hang out with Joel and Matty boi. They had a good time at Wynwood and also at Santa's Enchanted Forest, the most TERRIFYING amusement park known to man.


Mads and Joel made plans to see the Nashville Symphony together since they were playing pieces by BOTH Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff, so, of course, he had to fly down to Tennessee.

Prom 2k18

Joel showed up for Mads's prom. They left early and he fell asleep at like 11:30, missing the Cards Against Humanity game with her friends :(

Prom 2k18 2: Electric Boogaloo

This time, Mads went to Joel's prom. He also didn't fall asleep early this time.

The anime convention redemption

Mads was in Atlanta for Momocon 2018, and asked Thomas to show up, as he hadn't when she was in Atlanta for AWA, another con, in September of 2017. He decided to use this as a way to kickstart his redemption arc and went to the con, where the two hung out all day. However, Thomas's phone died, leaving him with no way to communicate with his parents that he was alive. As of now, he is "no longer on his mother's good list."

Summer Tipunion

Approximately 1 year after Term 1 had ended the previous year, Mads, Joel, Abby, and Thomas all met once again for a four-day Tipunion at a house rented by Mads's parents. Shenanigans ensued, including showing up unannounced at Matthew Easterling's house and T-posing in his front lawn to surprise him and add him to the party.


Yeah at this point are they tipunions or just hanging out? Mads, Abby, Thomas, and Matthew talk and try to meet up frequently; Joe (formerly known as “Jobley”)and Mads both attend college on neighboring campuses.