Thomas Holder

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Thomas Holder
Pronouns He,Him
Campus(es) Davidson, Trinity, West, West, West
Attended 2014, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Course(s) Biological and Chemical Sciences, Mock Trial, The Prime Directive and Beyond: Ethics in Science Fiction, Abnormal Psychology, PODM
RAG(s) Ryan's Rag, Adam's Rag, Ryan's Rag, We Need a Megaphone, Ike's Rag
Roommate(s) {{{roommate}}}
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Thomas Holder is one of few TiPsters to A) attend two terms in one year and B) have a relationTiP that continues outside of TiP.


In 2014, Thomas took Mock Trial at Trinity term 2. He was a participant in the feud between Mock Trial and Modern Med, and "played" Meh in the trial by shaking Meh's head or nodding. It was weird. Overall, he liked the class even though they took a lot of notes (not his favorite activity).

For Tigerfest he was on the Yellow Team where he competed in Jello Snarfle and Day at TiP. Unfortunately, Yellow lost quite badly, and by the end they were chanting "At Least We Tried." Even though Tigerfest that year was pretty much hell on earth as it was at least a hundred degrees outside and the iPads used to keep score started crashing from overheating about an hour in, He doesn't consider it a totally bad experience as this was where he first met Abby Hollmann. In addition, Tigerfest introduced Thomas to the concept of jello snarfle and inspired him to compete in it his third year.

A feud occurred between Modern Medicine (Abby's Class) and Mock Trial (His Class). Here is it told by Abby, who actually bothered to write it out.

"It all started when the TA for Modern Med, Zeib, borrowed Mock Trial's gavel, Meh, to give him a makeover. Mock Trial was horrified to find their beloved gavel covered in duct tape, a style that Zeib had chosen specifically for Meh. Because Modern Med loved to mock Mock Trial, they built their own class mascot, a five-foot tall reflex hammer named Mo. They later "borrowed" Meh again so that they could become MOdern MEHdicine. As they were walking back from evening study with an unfinished Mo, Mock Trial spotted them and decided to chase them all the way back to Prassel. As they were running, it was decided that Mo would be escorted to Abby's room on the third floor because she was going to get the neon orange duct tape at Target that night to finish him. By the way, there is nothing in this world that compares to the feeling of carrying a hammer that is almost as tall as you are while walking to breakfast in the morning. In the end, Zeib was acquitted because the Mock Trial instructor couldn't pass up the opportunity for a pun." -Abby Hollmann


Thomas was a member Ryan's RAG, where he took The Prime Directive and Beyond: Ethics in Science Fiction.

Thomas spent a large amount of free time sitting on the top of one of the staircases in Few with Abby Hollmann and Lucas Coffman, mostly listening to random music or bad youtube videos and eating cheez-its. They spent a large portion of their time there talking about the magical land called Canada and even sacrificed pennies to a little cup of maple syrup they stole from PenPav. He is also co-president of the Meese Cult alongside Abby Hollmann and Lucas Coffman


Thomas was a member of Praise's Rag and took Abnormal Psychology.

He spent most of his time with Abby Hollmann and the rest of WNAM, either in GG201 at the tall table or in GG101 on the couches, where he was "forced" to play Undertale by Abby (He actually quite enjoyed the game and intends on completing it at TiP his 4th year.

For Tipsync, his rag, WNAM performed my heart will go on covered on a recorder. Thomas "played" Rose, with Jack being played by his roommate James. It was somehow both a high and low point in his life, as he performed a poorly choreographed dance in front of all of Duke West in an over sized white T-shirt and a skirt he had from WASW. They didn't win, and this is perhaps the worst thing the main office has ever done.




The Homecoming tipunion

Thomas went to Abby Hollmann's homecoming. They also went to a Renaissance Festival.

The Tuesday Tipunion

Thomas and Abby Hollmann both found themselves in Tampa. In what is basically a feat of planning (or divine intervention by a being of your choice), they managed to have a brief tipunion, only long enough to eat dinner and watch Dr. Strange.