Lucas Coffman

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About Him

A member of the Intercampus group Group Me which is how he met his wife Louanne Hood (Though there was never a ceremony or vows or anything at all they are married I promise). He is known for strongly believing that everyone on the chat is adorable, and having a crush on literally everyone in it, even though that is like 160 people. He is complete and utter Hamilton trash. He is always a big ball of anger and salt and will vehemently defend all of his friends. He says fight me way too much and always means it, he is always ready to fight everyone. He believes himself to be the cutest potato. He lives in Kansas City (The Kansas half).

Trinity University Term 2 2014 Modern Med

Lucas Coffman attended Trinity Term 2, 2014 for his first year at TIP. He took Modern Medicine with the awesome Abby Hollmann. He was known for being Tabby's third wheel.

West Term 1 2015 Abnormal Psychology

He resided at West Term 1, 2015 and took Abnormal Psychology. He is a founder and copresident of the Meese Cult with Thomas Holder and Abby Hollmann. He and Abby Hollmann translated all visible tattoos that Roman has. He and his friends also bribed Roman with vegan cookies. He is also an avid supporter of equality and of Roman.

East Term 1 2016 Revolution and Terror

Lucas went to East Term 1, 2016 for his third year at TiP and took RevT. He was very well known for saying "shut your balls" and "fuck me in the chainsaw" during this term. He also took Mirhanda from Miranda Hynes every time there was an opportunity. This caused a complicated relationTiP. Wright was also famous for stuffing 20 tomatoes in his mouth one time at dinner and then giving the cup filled with these to some second year guys. He also made many inTiProppriate jokes that made his RAG laugh and feel uncomfortable.