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Meese Cult of West Term 1, 2015

Also known as Sorry, eh? The Meese Cult started off at the Ultimate Frisbee activity during the first week of term. Thomas Holder, Abby Hollmann, and Wright Coffman were throwing frisbees because they were kind of kicked off the team because they were mere second years. Wright explained to them that using the logic of geese being the plural of goose, meese should be the plural of moose. They proceeded to declare Canada the best country ever because meese were the dominant species and ruled kindly over the Canadian population. They also don't have pennies because pennies are evil. Supposedly once a year all Canadians gather with their meese overlords and ask for forgiveness because they have done bad things. The meese then take all the Canadians' evil and place it in a musician's heart. Some examples of these musicians are Justin Bieber and Nickelback.

Some rituals of the meese cult include sitting in the hallway playing the Canadian national anthem while exorcising pennies and eating Toblerones.

  • it's important to note that it is strictly a friendship cult and is fully inclusive
  • they also had a sliiiiight obsession with Roman the RLC


Meese Cult 2