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Trinity University is a TIP Summer Studies University located in San Antonio, TX which has been home to 1st and 2nd year TIPsters since 2009.

The Trinity campus first opened to TIPsters during the summer of 2009 and was (and still is) a great first campus to attend because of the relatively small amount of Tipsters there. Trinity campus has its own unique TIP traditions such as "Tigerfest", "Call of Duty", and it's own canon: Don't Stop Believing.

Campus Information

Catalog Description Trinity University, home to 2,700 undergraduate and master’s degree students and ranks #1 in the western region for graduate schools according to U.S. News & World Report’s college rankings. Trinity is a selective university known for a broad range of exceptional programs, a nationally recognized library, and a lively campus with abundant state-of-the-art resources. The beautiful 117-acre campus is positioned on a hillside overlooking historic downtown San Antonio, TX, and it serves as an inviting and dynamic setting for seventh and eighth grade students.9

Features As of 2010, students stay in the Prassel Residence Hall. Prassel has three halls with a lower level, consisting of the atrium, where most indoor activities take place. Compared to other dorms (at other TIP Campuses), the rooms at Prassel are quite spacious, with two dorms sharing one bathroom (containing 1 toilet, 1 shower, and 2 sinks) and one balcony (edit: as of 2016 you can't go on the balconies because safety apparently). You have one roommate and two suitemates. Each of the halls have a lounge with cable TV RC group nights are often held in lounges or RC rooms. Other places in Prassel are the fish bowls, rooms with completely clear walls, located on the ends of each hall. The lower level (first/main floor) consists of an atrium, game room, and laundry room. The laundry room has eight washers and eight dryers. Laundry day is usually sundays and there's always a really long line for the washers so it's recommended that you do your laundry early or not on sunday. Vending machines are also located on each floor, and it is highly recommended that you bring a lot of quarters to Trinity, because quarters are more important than paper bills(Term 2 2017: the guys always came to the 3rd floor because our vending machine was better than theirs). The room above the game room is referred to as the living room (though commonly referred to as the Lobby in 2018) and has seating, tables and board/card games. ALL OF THE FLOOR NUMBERS ARE COMPLETELY MESSED UP. The second floor of Prassel is labeled as the first floor. The ground floor is the basement. The third floor is labeled as the second floor. The fourth floor is labeled as the third floor. In the CSI (Center for Science and Innovations) the ground floor is labeled as the second floor, thus; altering the floor labeling for the rest of the building.

The Experience

Classes take place in various campus buildings. Breaks are held in the grassy areas near most of the buildings.

Up until 2014 Term II, TIPsters could sign up for library at the beginning of each day. During the 4-5 free time they walked to the library, which had books, but more importantly, computers! (Which corresponds to Internet access.)

Meals are held in the Mabee Dining Hall. The food is very good (perfect compared to the food at Duke West's Great Hall) with selections of chicken, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, soup, Tex-Mex, BBQ, and comfort food. For breakfast, you can choose from a variety of foods, including bacon, eggs, french toast, hash browns and whole wheat chicken sandwiches.

Be ready to walk a lot at Trinity and go up many, many flights of stairs. Prassel Residence Hall is on one side of the campus and the classrooms and dining hall are on the opposite end of campus, so be prepared to walk, walk, walk. You'll get a not-so-great experience of burning under the sun as you cut through parking lots and pass by the tennis courts and are constantly mocked by the swimming pool that you're not allowed to go into but pass by every day (especially with your RC sunbathing on it).

Trinity is home to many cats. Rabies the cat and most notably, Sunkist the cat. Sunkist has dietary problems, which led to much screaming of the phrase, "DON'T FEED SUNKIST!!!" (As of 2018 there are four, a white cat, a grey tabby, a tuxedo and a black and white patched cat :) ) They previously roamed around Mabee Dining Hall, but commonly are found by the coffee shop where there are bowls of food and shade under the trees..

Trinity also has many fountains, which led to the tradition of fountain hopping, and speculation about how to sneak out of Prassel and swim in the fountains. One of the joke evening activities included "Swimming in the Fountain." Many tipsters gather around the main fountain during class breaks. The fountain is a Gym and is constantly being taken over by different teams.

There's also an Einstein Bros Bagels on campus and it's a blessing if your TA is great enough to take your class. Mock trial went so often once we overheated their machines. But the coffee's great especially for the lack of sleep. There are also a lot of cats by einstein's but that's okay because they're cute and coffee yay. So ask your TA to take you to einstein's if you get the chance.

Many Tipsters are convinced there is a ghost haunting Prassel Hall. There are multiple eye witness accounts of doors opening and random knocks on doors. There is no confirmed evidence , so don't stay up all night trying to catch the ghost. Most of the eyewitness are boys that live on the third floor of Prassel. For more information follow this link


The following courses have been offered as of 2019:

  • Art and Technology
  • Creative Writing
  • Engineering Problem Solving
  • Biological and Chemistry Sciences
  • Business Strategy: Beyond the Lemonade Stand
  • Math Problem Solving
  • Mock Trial
  • Modern Medicine
  • Psychology
  • Web Applications (Development)
  • Speculative Fiction
  • Algebra II
  • Robotics


Term Two

There is much to tell about Trinity Term Two 2011. A lot went on, including Bathroom Raves (Casille's group), Richard the Rock advertising (Nathan's group), Gaganisms, and fingernail painting for guys (courtesy of the female population at Trinity). TIPsters from this term at Trinity were so in love with it that upon leaving, many of them suffered from severe cases of TIPression.

RC's and RHL's The wonderful (and not so wonderful) RC's who made our TIP experience special: Scott, Ryan D, Bets, Ryan W, Leslie, Savannah, Nathan, Rebecca, Gagan, Kayla, Liz, Sara (RHL), and Casille (RHL).

Evening Activities There were a variety of different evening activities, including ultimate frisbee (my personal favorite), Apples to Apples, volleyball, Finding Nemo and Freezy Pops (also fun), origami, Quidditch (which came with the Harry Potter mania), squirrel watching, and many more.

TIPside jokes Many TIPside jokes went on, including Gaganisms. Gaganisms were some of Gagan's little sayings, such as "Keep it classy fellows," and "Jesus is watching you, but more importantly, I'm watching you."

Also, among other TIPside jokes, was the Bathroom Raves, which I will leave to Casille's group, as I do not know much about it.

A personal favorite of mine were the Treehuggers, courtesy of the Mockers. During the first day of class, we were debating over what our punishment should be for breaking the rules that our class had set. As it happens, I do not remember exactly how this came up, but someone suggested that we make anyone who had gotten three X's (you break a rule, you get an X) hug a tree for all of break. And there were people who did have to hug a tree. Our TA picked a tree whenever we went out to break, and said treehugger would have to hug the tree during break, unless established otherwise.

Male Fingernail Painting The guys on our campus were either really nice to girls, or they really like fingernail painting, because by the second week, you could walk around and see guys sporting pink fingernails.

Richard the Rock Richard the Rock is a pet rock who is co-owned by Alex M. and Andrew W. Richard the Rock is actually a very popular figure among Trinity TIPsters. It seems that he eats and sleeps, and he goes everywhere with Alex. Like him on Facebook! ( or search Richard the Rock in the search bar)

Rice dances are also a huge favorite at TIP. They are performed at any dancing chance. The steps are relatively easy to learn. 1)Plow the Rice 2)Mix the rice 3)Toss the rice 4)Catch the rice 5)Cook the Rice OR 5) Eat the rice If u chose cook the rice then, 6)eat the rice. If u chose eat the rice, then do 7)indigestion. 8)Eat the crumbs off the floor. 9)Share the rice 10)Harvest the rice. Do these steps in a freestyle dance action. It's like charades.

If you wanna join Richard's communist ranger triads contact


Term One

"Clique's":The Icks and the Loys were two different cliques. The Loys were based off of Neloy and the Icks were based off of Nick. Aman was the first Loy and Walid was the first Ick. There was controversy and drama between the two groups but at the end, they were all friends.

Term Two

Term 2 of the 2013 Trinity University camp was one of the most dramatic and hardcore terms ever to occur at TIP. The social ladder was created immediately with the popular kids immediately establishing themselves. Unlikely RelationTIPs sprung up everywhere, but everyone had fun nonetheless. During the term, many classes came up with different indside jokes which they then proceeded to spread across the campus, the most famous of which being Physics of Propulsion's Spacefish (ALL HAIL SPACEFISH!!)

Term 1 had plenty of inside jokes. :) Ethan (Father) and Dylan (Son), the Peggy's (Miriam's RC group), Steve the Bone-a-Fide assistant, IceJJFish, Do You Wanna Go to Duke TIP?, After Ever After 2


Term Two

Term 2 of 2014 was filled with a veritable treasure trove of inside jokes. These include Meh the gavel-and his doppelganger (cousin) mo the warhammer (reflex hammer), the three Ethans, butt chin Jesus, tippropritip/tipropriate, The Prophet of Urso (Daniel) and his disciples (his RC group), Psychology's you are obsolete joke, pentose is the answer, Psychology's father(blake the TA)and son (bobby) There were several budding romances during this term. However, most of them ended in shambles. The dances were pretty awesome too. :) The final ending, however could have been better; and people should have tried better to keep in touch. #PODSQUADFOREVER :D

Notable RC Groups (2014 Term II):
The Fast Cards
The Ninjas

the ol days . Pictured above is the last dance at Trinity Term 2, 2014


Term One

Term 1 of 2015 was filled with many great experiences. Unfortunately, the mostly rainy weather that year limited many of the activities to the indoors. Tigerfest was cut short by rain and mostly only the indoor activities could be done. Tigerfest ended with Blue Team in first, Red Team in 2nd (which many people were surprised about because Red Team had gotten fourth place in almost everything, but the cheesy puffs saved them.), Green Team in third, and Black Team in last. The mystery prize that the Green Team chose, however, was a loaf of bread for each RC group, so Black Team gloated about recieving a better prize (Extra time before lights out) even though they came in last. The TIPlympics, however, were not rained out, and ended with Josh's group in first. Their prize was that they could dress Josh up for the dance, which to the TIPsters just meant putting nailpolish all over his face.

There were many cheesy promposals on the last week (almost all of them containing cheesy hand drawn signs with pickup lines/puns on them). Many great ships also sailed during this term. (Raly is better than Baly!!!!)

The Creative Writing/Psychology Conflict Creative Writing and Psychology played two matches of kickball against each other that term. In both, the creative writing instructors caught every single ball. When psychology kicked foul balls, they made them kick again, when Thomas from creative writing kicked foul balls, Creative Writing would say it wasn't a foul. This made for a lot of running and then going back for a re-kick for psychology. Creative Writing also had a horrible pitcher that had to pitch several times before psychology could actually kick. The first game was 3-1 Creative Writing, and the second was a tie. History of Guilt (that's a class???) also randomly declared war on Psychology.

The War of Depression: a war between the Guilties and the Psychos, The Guilties (history of guilt) and the psychos (psychology) all started because of the Guilties supreme overlord Morgan. She taught the Guilties to question everything and gave them great knowledge on how to make people feel super depressed. The Guilties use this to their advantage and during lunch, dinner and yes even breakfast, they make people feel super depressed. The psychos try to stop this however, thus creating a ongoing war between the Guilites and the psychos. P.S: Don't try to argue with the Guilty Alex, she will cut you down (she's that good) Also if she is with any of the other Guilties ( Zoey, Isaiah, Kennedy, MollyRose etc..)(especially Zoey) you are as good as dead.

Term Two

Im actually quite surprised no one from our RC group decided to tell Psych who really had the best chant. Timbi's RC group was by far the most passionate and quite possibly the only group that mattered TIMBI!!!! TIMBI!!! TIMBI!!! was chanted litteraly anywhere and everywhere and quite frankly everyone was tired of it which was the whole point (and we totally should have won nice guys because i mean really.) Sam's (my) rendition of the teacher was perfect. and yes i looked hot as the teacher.


Psych vs bio Chem (Which BioChem won, might I add.)

Psych vs web apps (No clue about this one.) (EDIT: This one was not finished due to time restraints.)

Psych vs literally everyone else (Psychologists lose.)

(ALSO PSYCH IS THE BEST) (actually Art and Tech was so much worse)

Term 2 the best term on any campus ever. Not only was it fun, we had the new class of art and tech and we had the best rc's ever (TIMBI TIMBI TIMBI) [Nick is also pretty cool] (Agreed.) there were chant offs and rap battles and literally the best friends anyone could ask for!!! There were the happy moments and sad ones... During prom the great crying of 2015 in which almost everyone cried during the last chorus of American pie... We miss you all and I (mysterious person) better see you all again!!!!


-P-S-Y C-H

-Best friends! Yeah!

-Go psych, psych, go psych, psych, go psych, psych, go psych, psych that class rocks the best, so much better than the rest! We're second to none, just add Raly and you're done! That's crazy girl, I swear! There's so much learnin' there! ps-ps-psychology what? ps-ps-psychology why? because you psycho, you psycho, your mama says you psycho! When I say Sigmund, you say Freud! Sigmund Freud, Sigmund Freud! Go psych!

-I'm tired of typing these so I'm counting on psych fam to finish this

- ^ Don't worry, psych fam is here

-What team?! Psychology!! What team?!!?!? PSYCHOLOGY!! WHAT TEAM!!?!?!?!?!?!? PSYCHOLOGYYY!!!!!1!!111!!!1 (GET YOUR HEAD IN THE BRAIN!)

-I! I! I believe! I believe!! I believe that! I believe that!! I believe that we will win! I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!! I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!!1!!1!1

(Quietly chanted along) ~Isaac

update: psych is still the best (12-20-15 and forever more)

(BioChem disputes this.)


Term One

RCs this term included Navid, Aisha, Vanshika, Aaron, Erin, Sergio, Kelsey, Lucie, Meridith, Adrian, Abby, Emma, Sam, Josh, and Alex. The all time best RC ever was Emma, and that's the truth. #Mayonnaise

Classes this term included Beyond Baker Street, Biological and Chemical Studies, Creative Writing, Engineering Problem Solving, Mathematical Modeling and Applied Statistics, Mock Trial, Modern Medicine, Psychology, Speculative Fiction, Modern Law, and Web App Development.

While inside jokes were plentiful during this term, these were the most notable:

"But then, everything changed... when the fire nation attacked." -Angela


"wah wah motherlover." -Cassie

"I mean, as long as I don't catch you reading My Immortal, I technically can't get you in trouble for it." -Emma, the RC

"I'M AN RC!" -Emma, the RC

"spesbian number one or spesbian number two?" -Amanda

"woof?" -Amanda


"mayonnaise." DEFINITELY Emma's RC group

"Kyla is the saltiest piece of salt in the shaker." -Creative Writing

"the sin cup." -Kyla

"the death cup." -some guys at lunch

"I like science very much" -Most people

"Baby carrot. Small, ugly, lives in the shadow of the carrot. Baby carrot." -Originally by Marcus, but then adapted by all.

Creative Writing was a class to remember, according to some. Jasmin was the Sweet Summer Child, Ameena wore a plaid jacket the whole time, Sabrina was, well, the cutest, Marcus was in love with his Crocs and EOS, Riley was the sanest one in the room, Kyla was the Salt Queen, Angela was Angela, Kelsey was always playing Dragon City on her phone, Wenting was a baby carrot, Amanda said woof, Kora was secretly Hannibal Lector's protege, and Beatrice was Tiffany. They sat the farthest in the cafeteria, meaning the teachers who were unfortunate enough not to find a seat in time had to sit with them. Jim Whiteside was the instructor and Erin O'Quinn was the TA. This class could be found playing Mafia, yelling at each other for no known reason, ending stories with 'everything changed when the fire nation attacked', stealing Marcus' EOS or Crocs, and creating inside jokes nobody really wanted to understand.

Speculative Fiction never got to go on any field trips, and the members of the class were very much upset by this, although the animal noises made up for the lack of field trips by a lot. We had many different animals, including one turkey named Walden and two cats, Somkar and Marlena. Somkar, the smaller or the two, enjoyed resting underneath Chloe's desk during times where we had free time. We read six books and collectively disliked 1984 by George Orwell mainly because of Winston, who thought that rebellion included drinking apple juice in a field with that girl whose name no one remembers. Speculative fiction also refers to themselves as: Specific, SpicyFic, Spice-altive Fiction, and Specky Ficky. The last nickname was made up by Walden and was unappreciated collectively by the class.

Mayonnaise was a growing epidemic among TiPsters during Term 1 2016.

Also the Paper Plane Incident should be noted ;)

Term Two

The best RCs so far according to TIP students are Navid, Aisha, Vanshika, and Aaron from Trinity Term II 2016. All the RCs (in no particular order) were Navid, Aisha, Vanshika, Aaron, Erin (confusing, I know), Sergio, Meredith, Ashika, Emma, Kelsey, and Sam.

Speculative fiction was obviously the best class, as not only were their teacher and TA the best but they also had the coolest shirts which featured a word cloud of class inside jokes made by Sydney and artwork by Jedy. Their class also had Sasha in it, which is enough to put any class in the lead.

SS Jolivia was the unofficial relationtip of the term, and was so real that it hurt. Other ships include Moss and Audrana, but of course you can see the full list on the RelationTIP page.

Both the artwork for the front and back cover were done by members of Meredith's RC group, Emily and Beth (respectively).

The theme for term 2 was Under the Sea.


Term One


(shouted by TAs after every meal when it was time to leave the dining hall) ........ why is this so empty? We were not the boring session. Stuff happened. Like people dated ( awkwardly for 2 weeks/2 days), religions (Johnism, Holy leader F-F, Snurch) were born, SO MANY COOKIES OMG THEY WERE SO AMAZING I PHYSICALLY CANT THOSE CURLY FRIES IM LIVVING, a shower basically turned into the great flood, and the dances omg we cried so much. I can't do all of this. We won't ever forget what happened with that prank but Im no getting into that rn. Best summer ever. ... Alyson's RAG won TIPSync. suck it everyone else. jk we practiced like twice and we kept on fighting. Also makeup issues But actually everyone was amazing, like especially Christian's and whichever group did another one bites the dust and the rick roll one. In the end a kid had a panic attack and it was sad but over all it was so fun. Incredible memories.

Term Two

An amazing talent show(coolest MC's around)(BROKEN SPOON BANDITS FOREVER), no small share of drama, and an experience no one will be forgetting soon. Endless TIP puns. Lots of complaining about phone rules. Jenna (RC) takes all phones. RAG groups take trips to "NotAMall"s and Target.

On the last day of class, the Art and Tech class and the Spec Fic class had a song battle between the two class songs: The Dirt Song and Karate Alot. (Spec Fic won. Definitely.)

This term had a lot of relationTIPs lol (we also used the term tip ship waaaaaaay too much)

Also everyone's obsession with JJ saying potato

Puns can get emPEARassing. You may even say they were unPEARable (I started this by bringing a pear to the practice mock trial lmao)

The songs for this term were definitely Tunak Tunak (the shrey song) and Death of a Bachelor and riptide, I bet you if you play riptide in front of a trinity term 2 tipster they will cry. Also ispy was kinda on the dl but it was there.

May or may not have had a major cryfest in the second floor lounge on the last night. So much sadness in one room (JJ's Fault)(This also happened on the third floor lounge tbh)

Also a few people tried to box jump the brick wall outside of prassel and had to get stitches(JJ again)(and David) (Yes, it happened more than once. Man are we dumb), someone pulled the fire alarm and we all got questioned by the police for like 4 hours, it was a mess. I didn't get any sleep, and there was a lot of sneaking up and down to different floors and people's rooms. In conclusion, best term ever.

10/10 will miss everyone. 10/10 do miss everyone.

JJ approves of this


So apparently we actually did play TIPial Pursuit and didn't know it...

Also this is cool hat man Ik im like a year late but I also approve this message. If there’s any tradition I want to be passed down it’s forever 21 and doing Sweatshirt at tip sync (has to be a boy group. No exceptions).

And how did we not mention someone punched a hole in the dorm wall. Like actually, how could we have missed that.

It's been a year and honestly people need to make it a tradition to sleep over in other people's rooms at the end of terms, I did it last year and again at term II in 2018.

Lolll I love how we’re still adding to this a year later lmao


  • American Pie (DIE! DIE! DIE!)
  • Stick your tongue out to the side when you wink at someone 😜
  • Extravagant Tony Wen
  • Alec = Bob's Burger character🍔
  • Rakgan
  • "where'd you get ____?" "THE TOILET STORE?"
  • Time Warp
  • "Hey Tipsters, guess what time it is!"
  • Forever 21(at the last breakfast of term 2 2017 we fit 21 people into one booth it was great) (from 2017: YALL FROM 2018 BETTER HAVE DONE THIS) ((from 2018- WE WEREN'T ALLOWED IN THE BOOTHS)) [2017: we Weren’t either that didn’t stop us now did it ]
  • BAKU (RC malik)
  • Going to the emergency room after making friends with a brick wall (*cough* JJ *cough*David*cough*) (yes, it happened more than once)
  • The insane stairs at Prassel
  • Being TIPpropriate
  • dancing to the Shrey song (Tunak Tunak)
  • doing the butterfly dance (or is it a bird?)
  • eating salad after going to the emergency room(*cough* JJ pt 2 *cough*)
  • being interrogated at midnight!1!!1! (Let's not make this a tradition @trinity tipsters of 2018)(we didn't) ((don't worry))
  • swimming in fountain during morning run
  • clapping and singing happy birthday to no one at every meal (please be cool and keep doing this @trinity tipsters of 2018)(we did.)(someone dropped a plate yesterday and we all started sarcastically clapping until they told us to stop)
  • Doing "sweatshirt" at TIP sync (Thanks Caleb RC group)(If at least one guy group doesn’t do sweatshirt and throws their sweatshirt into the crowd imma be sad)
  • "Madatory Fun."



Term One

Term 1 was definitely not boring either so I’m disappointed in everyone for not updating. There were a lot of chill RCs and Annie and Nailah (neighboring RCs) on the third floor were definitely the most lit and chillest . BioChem ruled even though their TA hated them (our instructor hated us more...just felt like pointing that out) and they got EVERYTHING stuck in the tree(they also learned you can’t ship people that already have a boyfriend [no we didn't; I still ship jazstine! -Sally <3]), nobody would talk about what happened last year, and we did a lot of crazy stuff. And Mock trial smoked Psych and lost to BioChem in debate, and a mock trial kid tried to explain what DNA was. BABIES ARENT LEGOS PYSCH CLASS. Engineering had the most shipping and can be summarized with duct tape, popsicle sticks, and more duct tape. Modern Med learned about many complicated diseases with long names like Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva!!!! There was also two dissections with the Brain class. Spec fic confused everybody with their inside jokes. They were the smallest class, and therefore most confusing. Check out more on the speculative fiction page, because SPICYFIC FOREVER. Nobody got to fountain hop but Nailahs RC group got to run through the sprinklers because she’s super chill. Nailahs group also got the most buttons. Annie's RC group got to make buttons and watch The Office which was super awesome and we got the chance to make smoothies on RC group night. (So I guess the conclusion is that both Annie's and Nailah's RC groups were the best ones at Trinity) Wisdom was definitely the wisest person I’ve ever met, although his metaphors were often confusing. It was often his birthday. Beyond Baker Street was an amazing class. I learned more about Dorothy Sayer than I ever thought I would. Lily was the best TA of all. She had long blonde hair in braids and her seewanee robe flowing behind her. She taught about the Battle of Hastings and made her own jewelry. The best part of class was when she went off on a tangent, usually because of Jason. Let’s go Tyler! Let’s grow taller!

  • I’d vacuum
  • There was Moose (anyone from this term reading this, MOOSE, get down and say it)
  • There was nature (road too, but that wasn’t RC approved)
  • Buffalo (chug that drink)
  • There was Mr. President and lots of bananas
  • Ombre drinks were a thing and the soccer camp tried to copy us (they did?)
  • Izzy was the undefeated ERS Queen, not even beat by Shawn and his huge hands and hard slaps
  • Carly was just the Queen. No explanation needed.
  • Leave room for the Jesus noodle
  • Singing and telling people happy birthday when it isn’t their birthday(see Erik’s door)
  • Water is NOT wet and a high bun is a hat
  • "Big sad" and other synonyms were said a lot
  • The Amoeba of De'ath is a thing
  • Many people need a therapy session
  • Be careful with your sunshine words
  • Lots of Nutella chugging (Nutella shots?)
  • Chicken Friendship Offerings
  • (unclear) gang war
  • Beware the canoodle noodle
  • Salt and Pepper shakers confiscation
  • Parodies of Take on Me (Take your Meds)
  • Be Tippropriate

There were two upside down crosses drawn on the inside of my closet door. Beware room 347!


Red team(3rd) called themselves Texan Tomatoes and rolled around on the ground while yelling "Go Tomatoes Go!" Blue team(2nd) had a super long name (Superior Turquoise Bluebird Smurf Penguins Called Jennifer or something like that [and had the best banner]). Green team(4th) liked to dance (our original chant wasn’t tippropriate apparently). Grellow(1st) was grellow and something about gorillas and the jungle.


The winning group did 'Gaston' (Wisdom’s Group), second group did 'Tell Me Why' by The Backstreet Boys, and third place was Tori's group who did 'Kung Fu Fighting'.
The spec fic teacher, Ms. Jackie, was a judge and became Simon Cowell.

While term one is not yet done, here is a picture of an RC named Erik's door, thanks to the evening activity "Random Acts of Kindness". (Let me include it is not yet his birthday.)

IMG 0199.jpg

Term Two

Term 2 2018 has been a fun term. We started off on the first few days everyone was clapping in the dining hall. Web Applications had some of the most fun when our instructor Ryan wasted food everyone including half a dozen RCs told Ryan to stop wasting food. Modern Med had a lot of fun and played many card games. Art and Tech literally just watched Anime all day and pretended to be doing things whenever someone came in (My Hero Academia was great (And no, Maddox, we will not watch Pokémon, Episode One “Pikachu I Choose You”)). Creative Writing was legit the most fun class in the entire term, hands down (everyone there either started out depressed or became depressed but we're all fine). But, like Speculative Fiction, in contrary to their really boring shirt, was a really weird class. Like, REALLY weird. Psychology had a great time watching youtube videos after lunch and dinner and also spreading the "NO ANIME" propaganda". Live after 5 was amazing when an RC Jacob started doing ship captain. Sadly about half a dozen people injured their legs and had to use crutches (All of Annie's group (Tofus), except for Tofu, Ashlyn, Cici, and others).

In tigerfest the blue team (THANOSDIDNOTHINGWRONG) got 1st place, grellow(grellow puff girls)got second place, red team(sponsored by Coca-Cola) got 3rd place and green team(Gucci green) got 4th place.

In the talent show, Max Rantilla and Jacob (RC) both performed good magic tricks. Cici hunter did an absolutely amazing performance of my reflection. John Dryden played guitar with Gordon (RC) for the song Jenny by The Mountain goats and John also played My Shot from Hamilton with Maddox Mayo and Tony singing. Brie sang Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and blew everyone away (Cuz she's amazing). Ashling played We Will Rock you on violin and got everyone clapping along. Zach Fagala sang Mine Diamonds (A Take On Me Minecraft parody). Hope Hanson sang A Million Dreams. Asher (Yes him) did impressions of multiple RCs and the one and only TA Tommy Martin (also known as hipster Santa and Tommy Tofu). Nathan Wang did some tricks with a Chinese yo-yo. Psychology class performing the brain song with TA Ellama. Kennedy (A.K.A Flying Goat) did an emotional dance to I Don't Believe You, with TA Ellama performing the final song of the night, “Rivers and roads”.Bree sang Yellow Brick road beautifully, but not the wizard of Oz one. There were multiple other acts that were very good (If anyone remembers the other acts please write them here with the name of the person performing and what they did).

Kayli had to leave Duke early because of health problems and we all felt sorry to see her go. On the final night, there was a massive party in the first floor lounge with over 20 people and there was a Mario Kart Tournament to get snacks. However, the tournament stopped when half the snacks were thrown across the room (Zayan & Connor) Algebra 2 was littttttt. Harrison thank you for taking forever to finish the final exam cause I never laughed so hard before (Zayan acting like a mosquito). Main event was awesome as well. Katrina and I (Aditi) found this smash a shark game and we racked up 500 points to get stuffed animals in no time, we were kind of cheating all we were doing was smashing sharks and killing them.

Now some highlights of the Term:

  • THE FUCKING MACARENA DANCE FOR THE WHOLE FIRST DANCE (ur welcome thomas, love u no hetero. -betsy)
  • The Donald Trump play performed by Sophie, Motif, and other( if you remeber who, please edit who.)
  • Have you been drinking ... wAtEr?
  • BEWARE THE BANANAS! Members of the banana cult: Maddox, Maddox Mayo, Zack, etc. have all managed to eat a banana in one bite, not an easy task but can also have extremely detrimental effects on your health and all who have attempted this feat have regretted it (Maddox A. got to 20 bananas in one day).
  • Getting 6 RCs to tell Ryan not to waste food
  • Half the camp learned how to play new cards games like Mao and blackjack
  • Getting Jackie to roast Connor (And everyone else, like, literally everyone) at Tip Sync
  • the creative writing cult.
  • The creative writing class freaking out other teachers.
  • Saying eggs banned in tigerfest meeting
  • Kayli carrying around her Pineapple and Cantaloupe like they were her children m
  • Final day party where someone threw stuff everywhere
  • Getting Jacob(RC) to dab at RC meetings
  • Roblox church services after Micah's RC meeting (Father Micah, Jesus Maddox, Cardinal Mayo, etc.)
  • Wesley Chandler getting 4(maybe 5) Blackjacks in a row in Blackjack
  • Beware of the Canoodle Noodle
  • 2x0= Psychology
  • The debate in creative Writing. ( Motif and Sophie V.s. Cici and Betsy, it was awesome.)
  • The brain song (Sikeology talent show song)
  • That sad day when there were 3 breakups. :( (Betsy dumped Samantha, John dumped Brie (that’s a big oof and v controversial), Erin dumped Collin)
  • Meal times with Harrison (Nailah's RC group will understand haha)
  • John being a male thot
  • Kiran dating Cici (bet)
  • Gordon's RC group winning trivia hunt (and Aisha's getting second place)
  • Many RCs (and one TA)(And Ms. Jackie) getting "pied" by frisbees full of shaving cream
  • A certain ship of two RCs
  • The rampant spread of | || || |_ (especially at Art and Tech)
  • Mock Trial lunches (brother Sean, brother Phineas, sister Brenda, sister Olivia, sister Nicole, and sister Amanda)
  • mock trial recess w/ four square (“total Garbo”-sister Brenda)
  • Thomas gives good hugs
  • (Above) Agreeable
  • Gordon is god (Gordian of the galaxies)
  • the tofu's crying in the lobby and sharing a group hug.
  • Wisdom is wise
  • Nik wears good Crocs
  • Engineering Problem Solving liked communism and Waluigi (Share the leaf) (oh we had a lot of communism conversations in term one too ~someone from nailah’s term uno)
  • The Donald Duck Cult (Creative Writing wearing orange masks) staring at people as they walked by
  • Hush hush or you get the shoe
  • Micah's RC dinners where Maddox would shove bananas down his throat, with the assistance of Jonah
  • NO ANIME (except Shrek(5 2019))
  • The number of times the happy birthday song (to Jonah) was sung in the last week even tho it wasn't his birthday
  • All the salt being thrown around by certain and specific people that were peculiar
  • Sikeology getting told not to walk and put their body parts in the Fountains near the art building during class-break-time (TAPAN CATCH THE GOD DAMN FRISBEE)
  • Jonah almost hitting a little 2yr old girl with the frisbee during psych breaktime
  • Tapan jumping/falling into the fountain (lots of lol's)
  • The amount of fame the game ShellShock got
  • Yeeting/yoting bananas every once in a while outside of Mabee Dining Hall (Tony and Jonah)
  • Father Micah banning the assertion of dominance via T-posing
  • Connor having to dance with Juuls for ten bux.
  • Betsy saying we stan or doing the Betsy pose or believing in mass homicide
  • Mine Diamonds
  • that whole drama between John, Kayli, and Brie. ( a lot of people attempted to make matters worse by saying Cici liked John. Let me just say... not true.)
  • Communism
  • Dancing to Mine diamonds in front of JC's door on the last day.
  • 4 Minecraft and Roblox dances during tipsync.
  • Cicis weird addiction to the game concentration. She made the creative writing class play the game almost everyday.
  • the tofus bawling in the lobby at 2 in the morning.
  • Sam starting a stranger things craze between john, his gf, kelsey, betsy, Cici, and icecream.
  • Tofu group staying up all night doing prank calls and Cici going crazy with monster drinks.
  • Rubik's cube group (Algebra 2)
  • Father Micah's Roblox meets
  • The crab invasion of the third floor
  • Finnley is a Beast
  • Didn’t Asher snort pepper??
  • Grace almost getting sent to the ER for not eating her bananas
  • ^Then having to eat like 10 bananas every day
  • ShReK 5 2019!!!11
  • "RaCcOoNs LaY eGgs"
  • yo is this loss ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------⬎

TIP sync results:

  • Nailah's group: 1st place, performed "Belle" introduction (The winners of TIP sync last term sang Gaston so I think the judges have a thing for Beauty and the Beast)
  • Aisha's group: 2nd place, performed "Revenge" (Minecraft parody) (Chosen and choreographed by none other than Andrei himself)
  • Annie's group: 3rd place, performed "Friday" (We had like two and a half hours to actually practice because of drama, so third place was better than any of us expected. We literally started off with people screaming at each other to all of us laughing at random jokes from annie. We started off all fighting abd ended loving eachother like sisters.
  • The theme was memetastic melodies and the group who did "Belle" naruto ran onto the stage. It was great, someone slipped and fell catching croissants too.

^Yes, actual croissants that were yeeted into the air

                                                                                                                                                                                   |       |
                                                                                                                                                                                   |       |  |
                                                                                                                                                                                   |       |  |
                                                                                                                                                                                   |  |    |
                                                                                                                                                                                   |  |    |
                                                                                                                                                                                   |  |    |___


Term One

=Term Two

Probably the best term yet. First off, Carmen's RC group deserved to win TipSync and Psychology eARNED THE DANKEST MEMES SPOT ON JEAPORDY! Sean and Charlotte (of psychology) were a thing AND THE KING AND QUEEN OF THE DANCES. Now on to the important part. M O C K T R I A L Referred to our TA (Zach, he did biochem Term 1) solely as ZZ Top, ZZ Hair, Ed Sheeran, ZZ, or Cardi Z. Mock Trial was very very loud, with constant shouts of LWOP as they crossed campus, which was challenged by Psychology with shouts of 'bro wall’ often. To be fair you lost to Creative Writing chanting "Savory Comfort" (and I have the scars to prove it). They worshiped Tom Cruise and honestly were the most emotional and closest class. (12 ppl!!!) Also they did talent show together and it was great Psychology had the holy brinity, a religion that was comprised of 'bruh' 'breh' and 'brah' RC Emily was infamous for her aBsOlOuTley NoT