Tigerfest at Trinity

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Term 2 tigerfest was an interesting event. The red team cheer was barely TIPropriate (edit: um the red team cheer was the best #notdeadlast), and the black team (Kerrigan, Caetlind, and Trent's RC groups) burned to death in the sun (although they, by far had the absolute best cheer. Thanks Trent!)(and they had the best war paint) (also from the second the black team walked in we all knew they were gonna win and that's when red team decided they're goal was to not be dead last). Black team won, and received ice cream and the chance to make custom buttons. All the whipped cream from the cheese puff toss melted into people's ears and eyes. Organization was not the best, due to the notorious unspoken of Term I "prank", which caused much of old staff to be fired. In conclusion water day was much better than tigerfest if you weren't on the black team.


Term 1 featured 4 teams; Red, Blue, Green, and Grellow(Grey and Yellow). Each competed in several events. In the end, red team came in last and ended up getting first to dinner for the rest of the term. Green and Grellow competed in a tiebreaker for 2nd place, and in the end Grellow won. They got the ability to dress their RC for the final dance. Green team picked the mystery prize which was...1 BUTTON!!! Finally, Blue took 1st and chose an extra term book page. They ran across the field cheering. It looked dumb.

Term 2 featured 4 teams; Red, Blue, Green, and Grellow. red won ;) by a landslide. However, after the full team events at the beginning, red was losing very badly, causing some members of Red to joke they were in fifth place. But during the next few rounds, red started climbing the leaderboard rapidly. Red kept going, and eventually took first place, creating the internal chant of "Fifth to First!"

Those were the days...


Red- Dressing up their RCs for the last dance

Blue- Staying up until 11. (that means allowed to be in the hallways until 11)

Green- Rocks. A bunch of rocks, and one pin...

Grellow- Pouring water onto their RCs.


Term 1 had 4 teams which included Red, Black, Green and Blue. Tigerfest ended with Blue Team in first, Red Team in 2nd (which many people were surprised about because Red Team had gotten fourth place in almost everything, but the cheesy puffs saved them.), Green Team in third, and Black Team in last. The mystery prize that the Green Team chose, however, was a loaf of bread for each RC group, so Black Team gloated about recieving a better prize (Extra time before lights out) even though they came in last.

Term 2 had four teams: Blue, red, green, and grellow (grey/yellow). The outcome of this Tigerfest actually became irrelevant because the prizes were random. Grellow got 4th, but they got to pie their RCs. Green rekd everyone in tug-o-war (even the RC's/staff), but only got a loaf of bread in the end. WHICH WAS COMPLETE BS


Term 2 was characterized by the close race between Red, Blue, and Grren. There were actually five teams competing in the 2014 edition: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Grellow The first round saw Red with a fast spot, taking first in two of the first four events. In the second round Blue gained back some lost ground, and and the third round was a break for both sides, and Green actually took the lead. In the fourth and final round of regular competitions, Red swept first, allowing them to take their first commanding lead over Blue and Green, but Blue beat Red in both Day at Trinity (aka ), which Blue won, and Tug-Of-War, in which Red finished last and Green won. The final score was 55 for Red, 52 for Blue, and 51 for Green. Green never got over the fact that they took third by one point and stayed mad at Blue for the rest of the term.


The teams competing during term 1 were Blue, Green, Red, and Grellow. Blue team had a moment of shame during interpretive dance when one of their teammates who went by the name of "Happy Fun Time" humped the ground calling it part of the dance and stating that "it wasn't his fault because no one told him not to".He also yelled about the judges even though they were only three yards away. Blue team was disqualified from this event, however they made a comeback and took home 1st. #Blueteamswag


Every year at Trinity University, TIPsters get to do something called Tigerfest. It usually takes place on the second weekend of camp. All week, the teams get as spirited as possible. Each team is made up of multiple RAGs, and each team has a color. Some examples of spirit were, this year at Trinity in Term 1 the Green Team posted green signs on their doors and applied lots of green face paint on the day of the competition. The Green Team also wanted to put green signs on the other teams' doors, but unfortunately this was considered to be "vandalism." The Green Team still had lots of spirit, however, and at the Games they made up many creative cheers that insulted the other teams--Most memorably at "Grellow," which was constantly mocked because it was not a REAL color.

NOTE: Some 2012 Term 1 TiPsters on the 3rd floor will remember the Green Team's loss as the fault of the Showerman. However, later the blame was transferred to RC Nick during the "Blame Everything on Nick" stage.


First, RAGs compete on Saturday in sports like volleyball and kickball. At this point, anyone who is not on your team is considered an enemy and receives lots of glares. Then on Sunday, TIPsters gather in the atrium where the RCs tell them the rules. After this, each team goes to a specified area. (Usually one of the lounges or fishbowls, although being in the fishbowl is an obvious disadvantage.) Here, after the TIPsters enthusiastically yell about how they are going to win for a few minutes, the RCs get "overwhelmed" and make the TIPsters stop and help form a "walk-on" routine to perform out in the lawn. After the routine is perfected, all TIPsters storm out of the lounges and down into the lawn outside Prassel (dorms). The TIPsters get into their teams and one by one perform their routine to be judged. After this, they do tons of crazy activities that are also judged. They usually result in screaming from the losing teams.


(If I got the names of any of these wrong/missed some please fix)

TIPsters do many unique events at Tigerfest, like:

  • The Dizzy Bat: Teams of 4 participants run about ten feet to where a baseball bat is lying in the grass, put one end of the bat on their forehead and the other on the ground, and spin around 10 times. The team who completes this the fastest wins.
  • The Cheese Puff Toss: Teams of 2 participants from each team line up facing each other. One teammate slathers their face in shaving cream,(using the whole bottle for best results) then the other teammate throws cheese puffs at their face, trying to make the snacks catch in the shaving cream on the first person. The team with the most cheese puffs on their catcher's face wins.
  • The Jello Snarfle: As all TIPsters know, this is a revered event, mostly because it's funniest to watch and "snarfle" is a TIP-invented word. In this event, partcicipants lay on the ground in front of a bowl of jello. Then, they attempt to eat (snarfle) the Jello as fast as possible. The team who snarfles the Jello fastest wins.
  • Day at Trinity: It was a relay thing with different tipsters doing a bunch of random things including putting on way too many clothes and throwing goldfish into others' mouths. Also, the participants get to write math equations made of chocolate syrup on their teammate's face
  • The Mystery Event: One person per RC group is chosen and not told until the moment of the event that they throw a paper plate full of whipped cream into the face of their RC.
  • Greasy Watermelon: Ten people from each team pass a greasy watermelon down and back a line. The event lasts seconds but stays until you shower.