Mabee Dining Hall

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Mabee is the dining hall at Trinity University, located in San Antonio, TX. Most famously known for their cookies, Mabee has a huge selection of food, including customizable stir fry and sandwiches, to pizza, soups, hamburgers, pasta and basically anything you can think of.


The breakfast usually consists of bacon, eggs, sausage, potatoes, biscuits, gravy, donuts, toast, lots of jam, and peanut butter that is usually stolen and hoarded in the TIPsters' dorms. There is also coffee and pancakes, as well as a large selection of cereal and 2 different types of milk. There is a huge fruit bar and some yogurt, cheese, and boiled eggs. Sometimes they also serve omelettes. Many TIPsters skip breakfast to sleep in and eat ramen or hoarded peanut butter in their rooms.


There are always new dishes at lunch and dinner, so the menu is usually unpredictable (although it usually contains some kind of pasta, rice, meat, veggies, and a vegetarian dish). The food each day usually follows a theme (Tex-Mex, BBQ, Italian, etc.) However, the constant items include; hamburgers, hot dogs, corn dogs, fries, pizza (although there are different toppings everyday), customizable sandwiches, and customizable stir fry (which always has a huge line and is AMAZING). There is also a salad bar/fruit bar and 4 drink fountains, and for some reason, there is still yogurt, cheese, and boiled eggs. The cereal and milk is also still there, so if you'd like to eat breakfast for dinner, feel free.

Dessert (Available at lunch and dinner)

The cookies(best when hot and fresh-you can smell them a mile away) at Mabee are all the rage. The chocolate chip is usually gone in seconds. The sugar cookies take a few more minutes than the chocolate chip, and the oatmeal raisin are never touched and are very despised among the TIPsters because many of them mistake them for chocolate chip. The popularity of the cookies has caused quite a bit of trampling and a few riots due to cookie shortages. Other desserts include ice cream which is included everyday along with the cookies. There is usually a different type of cake every single day and some muffins or cupcakes. There are also homemade rice krispys and sometimes cobbler, woopie pies, brownies, etc.

Other Info

The staff is amazing and super nice. The bathrooms are very clean, and there is hand sanitizer at the front. There is conveyor belt to put your dirty dishes on, which sometimes breaks down and causes many accusations and pointed fingers about who broke it. The TIPsters only have about half the dining hall. The other half is reserved for military and other guests. Outside of Mabee, Sunkist the cat is usually sunbathing on the bench or walking around. (DON'T FEED SUNKIST!!!) Usually at dinner, TIPsters sit at there normal table with their RC group(if you get a good RC you can sit wherever you want by the 4th day), at breakfast it's usually free seating, and same with lunch after the first week .