Trinity Special

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On the last night of camp, the "popular" group at Trinity University (which consisted of Emma, Andrew, Gunnar, Tess, Madison, Kate, Jared, Zach, Bryn, Vinit, and Hank) decided to create an energy drink that would top all of the others. Now it is presented too all of the tipsters for them to use and put their own twists on it. WARNING: Do not drink more than a quarter of the bottle. Hank made this mistake and that night he had violent tremors and did not sleep at all. It was not a pleasant experience.

How to make the Trinity Special


  • 2 Liter Bottle
  • 4 assorted contraband Red Bulls (Energy drinks were outlawed)
  • 4 assorted contraband 5 hour energies
  • 1/2 bottles of sprite
  • Mixed Candy


  • Pour all in bottle, shake and enjoy, and by "enjoy", we mean suffer from shivers and jitters for the entire night.