The Fast Cards

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The Fast Cards were Ryan S's (Ryan R. Ryan) RC Group during the 2014 2nd Term at Trinity University. Originally called the Cabbage Crew, they placed 2nd in Tiger Fest and performed "Rude" for TipSync.

The Name

Originally when voting for a RC Group name, the Group chose The Cabbage Crew over the other option: The Handerpants. The Group Name was then later on changed to "The Fast Cards" to compete (and mock) their rivaling RC Group: "The Fast Cars" (Lead by RC Alex). For TigerFest, the RC Group temporarily changed their name to "The Roman Legion" and added the Roman "SPQR" Motto on their flag to reflect their name change. They were on the blue team.

The TiPsters

The RC Group Consisted of 14 Members:

  • Ben (Waldo) (A very active supporter of Hillliary Clintin)
  • Yash (Yo Yo Yocrap, i'm so sorry ben!)
  • Philip (Felipe)
  • Ethan (Tina)
  • James (J-Dubs)
  • Amol (Sheila Ki Jawani)
  • James (Joimes)
  • Waun Ho (Monsiour Ho)
  • Arron (A-ARon)(hitler-putin for president 30035 AD)
  • Dawson (The Lady Pleaser)(backstreet boy)
  • Ahkil (Wait dude...)
  • Robert (Bobbert)
  • Sam (hat boy)
  • Keegan (TiPsync director)