Paper Plane Incident

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During Trinity Term 1 in 2016, Sergio's RC group (as it's called by measly 1st and 2nd years), decided it was an amazing idea to throw paper airplanes off the balcony. All of the TIPsters in the group gathered into a single room and threw the planes off of a single balcony, landing some in private property just across the way ;) Note: Two of the planes were labeled with the phrase "Allahu Akbar". To little surprise, the planes were found by a member of the Admin and all of the boys in Sergio's RC group were called down to the arcade/fun room on the first floor. Alex and Navid's RC groups were also called down, as they lived on the same hall/end of . All the boys were lined up as admin interrogated and struck fear into the eyes of these little TIPsters. Eventually, answers were found by admin and punishment was dealt out. That night, all three RCs talked about the incident (separately) during the RC group meeting, especially Navid's group due to the terroristic phrase, as Navid is from the Middle East. Balconies were therefore banned for the rest of the term and even into Term II.

(Y’all ruined it for everyone, now even in 2018 we can’t use the balconies :p)