Prassel Residence Hall

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Prassel Residence Hall is the main dorm at Trinity University, located in San Antonio, TX. It is usually called Prassel for short, or Prassel Castle. Prassel houses all the Tipsters, RCs, and TAs. The instructors reside in a different residence.

The Pit (Ground Floor/Atrium)

The pit is the bottom floor of Prassel. It contains many tables and sofas. Most announcements are made in the pit (with the RCs addressing the tipsters from the first floor). It also sometimes hosts the dances. Other parts of the bottom floor include the game room, laundry room(which smells like sulfur), public bathrooms, and vending machines.

1st Floor

Technically the 2nd floor, the first floor houses some of the boys and their RCs, as well as all the TAs. The first floor lounge contains many chairs and sofas. It is commonly referred to as the living room. There is also a railing overhanging the pit, where the RCs usually address the tipsters from.

2nd Floor

The second floor (technically the third floor) houses the rest of the boys and their RCs. Like the first floor, their are railings overhanging the pit. The 2nd floor also contains a fishbowl, or a room with completely clear glass walls, officially referred to as the second floor lounge.

3rd Floor

The 3rd floor (technically the 4th floor) contains all the girls and their RCs. There is also a fishbowl on the third floor (third floor lounge). Instead of overhanging the pit, the third floor has a nice roof deck area. The roof deck is very annoying because you're not allowed on it and it's always locked.


Two people share each (enormous) dorm at Prassel. 4 people share each suite, which means 4 people share a toilet, shower, two sinks, and a porch. Two people share a closet, a large desk with two chairs, two beds and bedside tables, some cabinets, drawers, a fridge and a microwave. Note that the balcony is off limits due to safety reasons.

The Elevator

The elevator is reserved for RCs only. Tipsters must use either the main staircase, or the sketchy staircase (which is not recommended). Tipsters are allowed in the elevator only on move in/move out day, with permission of a staff member, while injured, or if they are disabled. Sometimes the RCs will allow you to ride the elevator if you are carrying laundry.

Other Areas

The Sketchy Staircase: The sketchy staircase is located on both ends of Prassel, and unlike the main staircase, leads up to the boiler room. The sketchy staircase is a secret sex location. The staircase is used only on rainy days or if the dance is being held in the pit. The sketchy staircase also leads to the parking garage.

The Boiler Room: The boiler room is located at the top of the sketchy staircase. It is very hot and tipsters are not allowed in it. It is also a secret sex location.

There are also some rooms on each floor that have a stove, TV, oven, and couches. They are usually used for movies, RC group nights, or evening activities that include use of an oven or stove.

The Game Room, located in the pit, has the vending machines, several couches, a TV, a foosball table, a ping pong table, and a pool table.


The balconies at Prassel are great. They give you an amazing few to the city, grass, air, and fig trees named Jorge. Don't eat the figs, or you'll regret it. It's always nice to go on the balconies, though...

However,' the TIPsters from Term I 2016 were no longer allowed to use their balconies due to unfortunate events. There are many conspiracy theories as to why this happened, such as certain incidents including flying paper airplanes and ghosts. Most of us go for the ghost option, although we all know what really happened. It's unfortunate.

The Ghost of Pegs Prassel

Also known as Albert by Lauren G., Bella F., Megan P., and other girls from Emma's RC Group in Term I 2016. Sometimes referred to as Voldie.

The ghost of Pegs Prassel is known to haunt the elevators, making them open and close at random times without buttons being pressed, opening and closing windows and swaying bedsheets. She also moves shoes. Ask Lauren, Bella, or Jenna for more information on it.

As of Term 2 2017 the ghost keeps people up all night because of all the noise it makes. The girls on the third floor find it impossible to sleep for the first few nights(note that some people on the 3rd floor slept just fine except on particularly windy nights)