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Secret Sex Locations are areas where TIPsters can peacefully engage in sexual activity with little to no fear of being caught.

Each year, the TIP staff tells TIP students that sexual activity will not happen at TIP. This is a huge LIE. Sexual activity runs rampant throughout the Campuses, even with threshold rules in place. If a solid secret sex location is found, a TIP Baby may result.

As a general warning, TIP does not condone sexual activity, which is probably why they banned it during the terms.

And keep in mind that TiPstaff are aware of the wiki and they do read this page and especially patrol these areas much more often during freetime because it's on the tipwiki. (As confirmed by RCs and OSCs)and honestly some of these suggestions are really silly. If you manage to get away with some of these ridiculous locations, kudos to you.

Secret Sex Locations by Campus

It should be noted that all campuses include dorm rooms as Secret Sex Locations with some sneaky moves and a cooperative roommate, especially on the last night of the term.

Duke West

Kilgo Quad

  • 1st Floor Nook in O
  • L103 (it has a couch)
  • The alcove (if sneaky)
  • N Commons (it has several couches)
  • Unoccupied rooms (depends on the term- 3rd Floor K, basement..)
  • O commons, u wont
  • The Dustbowl (The dust will hide you)
  • Under the bench in Kilgo and N Quad
  • The purple alcove across from P301
  • Morning Run (Wallace Wade has lots of benches)
  • The aptly named "Sex Alcove" located across from L308 (note: name changed to forni-corner or fornication corner term 2 2011)

Few Quad

  • Tower(6th floor GG)
  • 2nd Floor HH Commons (if you're sneaky)
  • Unoccupied room in GG 1st floor(107 I believe)(2017 this is the office. Kudos to those who can)
  • The Laundry Room(if you go late enough the TAs should be asleep/be in their rooms waiting for laundry so the machines could be loud enough)
  • Basement Common Room(its in 2 sections that can be closed off to each other, and one has a pool table just high enough for two people to hide under)
  • The Gender Neutral Bathroom(the one in the knights of the round table section of GG, in the long, narrow stall that has no lights above it)
  • The unlocked room next to the water fountains by GG101
  • Under the ridiculously high raised beds(there are shelves/dressers blocking the view from your room mate)


  • The sex box, or the place above closets where suitcases go
  • The Ice Room under the basement
  • The side staircases, if you were careful.
  • Behind couches in the lounges, if you are VERY VERY careful.
  • In the actual ice makers. Can it be done?
  • (unproven) behind the vending machines in the basement
  • Union 3rd floor- no on ever goes there.
  • The wood by the field, as long as you don't mind the poison oak.
  • Basement secret rooms (down the hall) they are always unlocked


  • there's a stairwell you're not supposed to use because it messes up the AC flow.
  • you can hide people in your closest because they're so big
  • bathrooms are a NO NO unless it's during an event or nightly activity. the bathrooms have no privacy and NO locks
  • cafeteria bathrooms are always safe
  • common rooms aren't good ideas ever. there's always someone lurking... (believe me I got in trouble for just canoodling with someone)
  • you can hide people under beds
  • RC rooms during the day if you can figure out how to get in... RC's only sleep in their rooms. nothing else.
  • never the laundry room... it's on the same floor as all the head staff
  • bathrooms of the class building
  • elevators never get used
  • there's a computer lab on the 4th floor of the class building down the hall from the forensics classroom
  • any time AFTER 1:30 AM
  • dorm walls are thin
  • in a closet
  • there's a lounge room in the downstairs cafeteria that is usually in use... don't try it. it has glass walls
  • basically everything at rollins has glass walls
  • top floor classrooms of the classroom building
  • bathroom by theater classroom


  • Anywhere after 11:15 (Terrible idea. The RCs often dont go to bed until long after midnight.)
  • End of hall forbidden staircases (Terrible idea. These are patrolled extremely often.)
  • Basement (Not suggested as there are security cameras and ghosts.)
  • Unlocked rooms on the first floor
  • Bathrooms during Talent Shows acts
  • Piano lobby side rooms
  • Inside the bell outside of Snelling
  • Bookstore, amongst the racks of clothing. Or on the top floor of the bookstore because nobody goes there
  • Conference room D
  • The bathroom of the medroom
  • Inside the piano (Terrible idea. We started playing music on accident.)
  • Back balcony
  • study rooms on the third floor
  • His pants
  • Her pants
  • Elevator rooms
  • Vending Machine room
  • Kitchen/Laundry rooms (fun facts: also great places to dye/cut hair)
  • The roof of the piano room. (Bad idea, you will probably get a rash from the tar.)

Duke East

  • Nooks and crannies of Ninth Street
  • Upstairs bathroom of the dining hall
  • Meeting room in third floor of Bassett
  • Little-known study room down at the end of one hall on the third floor of Bassett
  • Clever corners in the hallways if you keep an eye out for RCs
  • Locking bathrooms on ground floor of each dorm
  • The tunnels
  • Baldwin basement
  • Roof of the Union
  • Under Aycock bench lol
  • Anywhere if you eat dinner quick enough
  • On the right side of Brown, second floor, the corner room has roof access. 2 foot walls over the archways, and uncomfortable floors, but you won't get caught.
  • Practice Rooms in Biddle (stay by the door so people can't see in the window)
  • The mail rooms in the Marketplace. There is a long hallway down the side and a shorter one to the left all the way down. There are no cameras there and no one goes down there.

Texas A&M

  • The showers after lights out
  • Any dorm room after lights out: Although it has not been done before (possibly) A group of 3 guys did sneak the third party into their room, stating that with timing and planning, anyone can have an extra TIPster in their room. An addition to that statement should be that roommates should switch, as to leave the couple alone, and that another bright idea is to have a double roommate romance(roommates involved with another pair of roommates).
  • The laundry room (duh)
  • The vending machine room
  • Sbisa bathrooms
  • Pie Are Square bathrooms!!!!! (Best location!---usually no rc's and you can avoid TA's and instructors easily)
  • awk upstairs room of pie are squared
  • anywhere while evening activity is going on.... usually no RC's around..
  • Any hallway where no RCs are around... DUHHH
  • EDIT: Whoever wrote the above statement is in the control group. One cannot canoodle safely in the laundry room, as it has windows, and is directly across from the constantly staffed TIP offices. Also, the vending machine room is either always locked or always wide open. Nice try.
  • Note about the Dorm switch. My third year of TIP, Someone I know switched rooms with my friends roommate. It was simple, just make sure that you do it later in the evening while the two of you occupy the same floor when RCs have stopped opening doors and checking roomates that your door is locked AT ALL TIMES (an unlocked door equals an RC discovery of your crimes and be sure to be quiet).
  • EDIT TO THE EDIT: The laundry room is where a lot of canoodling happens, especially on Sundays. And dorm switching's a piece of cake. Do it after room checks and get the extra individual out of your room while others are leaving to go run.
  • in 2011 there was an unassigned empty room on the 4th floor used by many Tipsters to participate in inappropriate activities. It technically wasn't a boy's room.
  • It is well known that RCs go to bed by 2:15am. The Moses Lounge is empty.

Trinity University

  • Fishbowls/Glass lounges on last day (WORKS REALLY GOOD EVEN THOUGH ITS GLASS.)
  • Sketchy stairway on the ends of the hall.
  • Boiler room at top of sketchy staircase. (Really hot though. Emphasis on hot XD)
  • Corner lounges on the ends of the hall (Behind and around the brick corners part)
  • Darkened floor lounges on the last day party (Also WORKS REALLY GOOD. Make sure to post sign, "DO NOT ENTER")
  • Closet in the 2nd floor vending machine room. ( Sam hallway on 3rd floor is better because no one will try to go the vending machine be there isn't one on the 3rd floor)
  • Behind vending machines in the Atrium/1st floor if you are skinny because the space is super small
  • Laundry room works for making out if you watch the door. (It's usually empty on weekdays)
  • Hallway to bathrooms at Mabee
  • The bleachers/darkened staircases in the gym during dances
  • Bathrooms in Atrium (people are almost never in them)
  • Creepy hallway behind laundry room
  • Bathrooms during TIPsync
  • When getting food during basketball game or using bathrooms, everyone will be in the bleachers watching the game
  • Kissing at dances isn't recommended even though it's super dark, the RCs will smack you with their baseball bats
  • Bell tower works if you can get in

Georgia Tech

  • Legitimate locations will never be found; this place is a prison. EDIT: Prisons are probably easier. Here's to you, term 2 kids...
  • If anyone can compile data that lists watch rotations, monitoring patterns, different strategies the RCs use then please list them below. With the power of numbers and creative schemes we can figure out a plan.

lol good luck nerds we are 5 steps ahead of you

>:D Challenge accepted

Good job. We started having to keep our doors propped open during free time. YOU ANGERED THEM, YOU FOOL!

  • Even someone's room on the last night does not work because the RCs go around knocking on doors if they haven't seen the members of certain relationtips in awhile. Yes they actually made a list and tracked us throughout the night. In Term II, they didn't even let third floor kids sleep in other rooms, because the OCs were patrolling that night.
  • so have fun with the sarcastic suggestions below, most of them contributed by the RCs.
  • Residence Staff have eyes and ears everywhere. We know you've been talking about this page. Be warned.
  • On the quad in the middle of the day. So obvious, nobody will notice. Also a shed off in the woods if you don't mind getting dirty.
  • In your RC's room (spoiler alert: they aren't there all day!)
  • On your desk during class, because why not?
  • The elevator (never mind that it's glass and very, very transparent)(but hey if you took the elevator to the ground floor there's a wall there so nobody would see)
  • the lounge (again, never mind the glass windows)
  • the first floor of Hefner (even though it smells like Axe and desperation)
  • the staff lounge (but ONLY if the staff are sleeping) (they are never sleeping. No fair!)
  • Laundry Room when no one's in there, it has no windows (but someone's always in there...)
  • already tried the desk one worked very well thanks
  • the volleyball court (sand-ugh)
  • Second floor/balcony in the lunchroom. (There is a large row of tables and couch to use) (but people are always eating there, so good luck)
  • ACTUALLY PAY ATTENTION TO THIS: (Unless you're an RC) During the student-staff tournament of Ultimate Frisbee they let you go back to the dorms. This means that most of the staff will be at the game. On the quad. Which means that they are not in the dorms. (Actually, they didn't let us go back during Term 2 2014...)(Oh okay then but they might do it again next year)(I blame you guys... What did you do in Term I that got them so cautious?)(I dunno we just watched movies the whole time)
  • Laundry rooms might work too, but on weekdays, not weekends. (there's always someone in there...)(And also it gets really hot and stuffy really quickly)
  • The beds. (duh!) The six-feet-in-the-air beds that are almost impossible to see from the ground. But not if your relationTIP is on the wiki, because the RCs track the relationTIP page.
  • The HLC, but I mean, it's locked most of the time (It was never locked when I went down there... I just used my card to open it...)
  • Just Do It (doesn't matter where just do it) Love is a powerful thing

Wake Forest University

  • In your mom
  • in the laundry room
  • In the media room, behind the rolling chairs towards the back.
  • In the room with the training dummies
  • 1st floor bathroom
  • Up in the luggage storage shelves
  • In the staircases at the end of each hall (no one's there and no cameras)