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A TIP Baby? What's That?

A TIP baby is defined as a child conceived as a result of sexual activities at TIP. TIP babies are not to be confused with Baby TIPsters. TIP babies are also not the result of sexual activities that took place outside of TIP in which both the parents are TIPsters. TIP babies supposedly also come to TiP themselves, as they have genius in their blood twice over. (Edit: It is also theorized by some students that TiP babies are actually shrunk down Mormons)

It is the job of all staff members to prevent TIP babies at all costs, thus the rule four feet on the floor and the new visitation policy. Many believe that the phrase "TIP Baby" was originally coined in the late 90's, although many argue that the term goes back much further and the idea of TIPsters having babies certainly goes back to the very beginning of TIP.

How a TIP Baby is Made and Why It Used to Be Easier, Although It is Still Not Difficult

As stated above, TIP Babies are created in violation of the Law of Conservation of TIP: "that life shall be neither created, nor destroyed, while at TIP." They come into existence when two TIPsters create a baby while they are at TIP. If two TIPsters get married in life, they will likely have a sweet child; unfortunately, this does not make them a TIP baby.

In the past, TIPsters were not required to attend Mandatory Fun, rather, they could write D/Q (Dorm/Quad) on their sign-up sheets and roam freely. Additionally, the boundaries in which TIPsters could roam were not limited to the archways around the quads and down to the bus stop, but rather all the way to the far wall. One might venture so far as to say that it would be hard not to make a TIP Baby- but please remember, these are TIPsters we're talking about. Condom-carrying, birth-control taking TIPsters.

Nowadays, as we all know, TIPsters are forced to participate in the aptly-named "Mandatory Fun." But we still have good amounts of free time, and there are plenty of places in which TIPsters can get it on. The last night in particular is known for this.

So Are There Any TIP Babies Out There?

There is only one confirmed TIP Baby. Mark Marvelli was the son of two tipsters, and was guaranteed employment, an offer which he readily accepted, being a TIPster himself. This was confirmed by an RC and a PA [Edit: APA] at Amrita's RAG night at East Term 1 2009. Mark was conceived early during term one of a past year and was born in February, only a little premature, so there. [Edit: According to Peter Sloan, this story, however fantastic it might be, is blatantly untrue because, judging by the current age or Marvelli's parents, they would have had to be, like, 40 year old TIPsters. (sources: Peter Sloan at TIP Lore, term 1, 2010)][Edit of the edit: however, nobody cares. In the minds of gullible TiPsters (which is all of them), Mark Marvelli was, is, and will always be the symbol of the considerable collective sex drive of TiP.]

Another related rumor that is only partially substantiated is that TIPsters at Duke West 2002(?) made a pornographic film with a student's video camera (The Trinity places this at Duke East Term I 2003, at TIP Lore). According to a first year fourth year from Duke East Term I 2003, it was entirely possible that a pornographic film was made, but that the intention was not at first to make said film. Rather, it happened as a matter of circumstances. One must wonder, were passion drops involved? [EDIT] According to one staff member, this story is obviously untrue. She claims that the truth is that tipsters were found watching (teenagers and porn? what a surprise!), and the rumor escalated to the "porn video" claim that we know today. (Edit: there were TiPsters caught in the act by other TiPsters but no camera or staff were involved.)

There are two unconfirmed TIP babies, one made at A&M Term 2 2013, with Sam Wright is a witness, and one rumored TIP Baby made at LSU @ Rice Term 2 2019, with an unknown witness.


Logan Wall: I heard a different story about the reality of TIP babies, from, I believe, former Davidson RC Kevin and a former Duke East RC (also named Kevin, who had attended TIP at the same time as the previous Kevin). They claimed to have been attendees at the final year of "real TIP" -- before Mandatory Fun was implemented for a large portion of the time TIPsters were not on campus, and when there were co-ed RAGs. The story goes: In one year, there were 2 TIP Babies at Kansas and an ADF-TIP baby from East. When the sponsors of TIP heard of this, most pulled their funding, and those that didn't demanded more effective prevention methods at TIP (rather than giving out contraceptives, though, they limited free time and did away with co-ed RAGs). The reported TIP-ADF baby is also the reputed reason for the ban on TIP-ADF communication/contact.

During the first week of East Term II 2006, the OSC, as well as several counselors, believed a certain TiPster to be 'with TiPbaby'. Alas, this was not true. Hanna Hope was believed to be pregnant because she was seen purchasing pregnancy tea. Rumors rumors rumors......

It should also be noted that in 2004, a TIPster did come to East eight months pregnant. She got air conditioning. (Edit: Coincidentally, my daughter's last name was also Duke and the air conditioning was pretty sweet. However, I do NOT recommend any activities that would create any babies of TiPsters, whether at TiP or otherwise. It makes being an ultra-genius tough and kinda puts a cramp in your style. Source: myself, the one and only-I believe-pregnant TiPster, ever.)

Yeah... plus if you get pregnant at TIP they can ban you from coming the next year/being an RC.