Four feet on the floor

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"Four feet on the floor" was a rule initiated by the Main Office in an attempt to reduce non-TIPropriate behavior among the TIPsters, the theory being that if four feet are on the floor, the likelihood that TIPsters will make out and the likelihood that TIP Babies will be created go way down. However, the unfortunate wording of this policy has led to some fairly creative arguments for how to get around it, such as "What if there are more that two people in the room, but four feet are always on the floor?", "What if you kiss standing up?", and other such niceties, many of which if mentioned will get the writer in trouble with Timmy. The first question is usually answered by a swift rewording of the rule to "all feet on the floor." Suffice it to say that it's contested, difficult to enforce, and like many rules at TIP, it goes quietly into that good Last Night and fizzles out at around sixish. It is also rarely enforced for TIPsters simply sitting on high beds. (Lying down on those beds is different.)

This rule is no longer enforced alone, but is included as a part of the New Visitation Policy as of Term I 2006. As of 2009, this rule was no longer included in the Visitation Policy, now the policy states:

  • only guys in guys rooms, only girls in girls rooms
  • when in your room, lights must be on and door must be open
  • no more than one person in a bed at any time

2017 Duke East Update:

  • only you and your roommate are allowed in your room

The current regulations have resulted in a lot of negative commentary from Tipsters. And of course, these rules have completely prevented all non-TIPropriate activities. Like completely. The administration justified their new rules by saying that Tipsters had been complaining about loud visitors brought in by roommates. Campers suspect this new rule was actually because of the surge in the gay population. (or the surge in its visibility to the administration)