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TIPropriate is appropriate for TIP. Alternatively spelled Tippropriate or TIPpropriate.

  • The first known use of the word "TIP-propriate" in Kansas was by during his reign of terror. It may go back further. (It goes back WAY FURTHER (before 2000))
  • Definition: Something appropriate to say/do in front of RC's, TA's, Instructors or anyone in charge.
  • Usage: "I don't think discussing poopsex with the first years is TIPropriate, Amanda.", "Planning on the roof of the Union is non-TiPpropriate."
  • Note: TiPropriate may possibly be the most hated word ever created. Any TiPster who actually takes this seriously must be forced to wear a toga and tied to a tractor, as per the TiPster rules.
  • Davidson Term 2 2012, there was a camp-wide chant: "That's not TiPpropriate, very inTiPpropriate, that's not TiPpropriate, rah, rah, rah."
  • This was brought to East Term II, 2013 by the lovely Grace Williams (bae) and all of the second years of the year chanted it a lot and succeeded in annoying all of the older tipsters.
  • This continued to East II 2014 and was chanted loudly at Jack Stafford multiple times during the opening events of Quadfest.
  • At Trinity Term 2 2014, the term "TIPpropriTIP" was more commonly used and was even more annoying than the actual word.
  • At Trinity Term 2 2018, if you were caught being non-TIPropriate by Sara, you would get her special version of the naruto run and a voice-crack filled shriek, "tHaT'S NOt TiPRopRiATe!"
  • The word TIPropriate is almost never unironically used because of its ridiculousness. Honestly, using the word is just so messed up. It’s cringe when anyone says it or uses it in vain.
  • There exist very dedicated hateclubs against the word because of its propensity to be used by annoying RCs when trying to tell TIPsters what they can and cannot do.

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