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For each TIP class, there are two staff members: a main instructor, who heads the class and is considered the true 'teacher', and the TA, or Teacher's Assistant, who handles evening class sessions and is generally closer to the student body. The instructor's name is listed in TIP mail and booklets, and unlike the college-aged TAs and RCs, the instructor is an older adult, often a college-level professor in the class's field. A bare minimum of a bachelor's degree and one year of teaching experience is in place for instructors, although typically professors or doctoral candidates with years of educational experience within the field they teach at TiPmake up the majority of instructors.

Notably cool instructors include Dave, infamous instructor of Abnormal Psychology at East '06, Ali, teacher of Rethinking American Society at TIP '05, Rolin, the Screenwriting instructor, Mike Tye, Psychology instructor, Patrick (aka Dr. Pat), the "hipster" Apocalypse Soon instructor, and Meg (The Meg) teacher of many courses most notably Literary License without Limits at East T2 2018.

The Duke employment information for instructor can be found [here]