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A TA or Teaching Assistant helps the instructor teach a course.

Some are great, some are lame. Some are former Tipsters/RCs, some aren't. If a RC is required to leave, a TA may take their place for the remainder of the summer.

2011 TiP West Term I TAs

  • Forensic Science: Rachel
  • Nanotechnology: Jimmy
  • Neuroscience: Claire
  • Primate Biology: Nichelle the Australopithecine and Pelvis Queen
  • Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Ethics: Nina (a disappointment to her grandparents but it's okay)... and a traitor to her precious Tar Heels for going to Duke for Law School! ... She could have even been a professional basketball player and was known around TiP for her exceptional dunking abilities.
  • Bio of Cancer: Ian
  • Social Psychology: Joey (the Doctor)

2017 TiP Rice Term II TAs

  • Architecture in the Urban Environment: Dan (the man with a plan in the van) See Also: Obi Dan Kenobi and Darth Bader