List of intippropriate behaviors

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Follow these rules and you shall be saved by Jesus.

What's not TIPropriate

Things that are NOT TIPropriate include:

  • Death (obviously)
  • Eating children
  • Eating fries without salt
  • Being unvaccinated
  • Shitting in the urinals
  • Shitting in other people's dorms
  • Shitting on your RC
  • Pissing on the sheets
  • Fuck, shit, n*gger, f*ggot, f*g, cunt, slut, bitch, ho, whore, essentially any bad word or slur you get the idea
  • Suicide
  • Self harm
  • Using "gay" as a derogatory term (and you will deservedly get lynched!
  • Cursing (mostly disregarded on the last night)
  • Condoms (sold in the downstairs Union at east, Lobby Shop at West)
  • Sexually (suggestive) activity or speech (ex. "O-R-G-Y what does that spell? TEAMWORK!")
  • Graffiti
  • Fireworks
  • Build A Fort Friday
  • Pets
  • Drugs, or "asking who's got the crack"
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • not having all four feet on the floor
  • stealing mattresses and hiding them in the girls' bathroom
  • taking down pictures of George Bush.
  • TIP babies
  • Also added to the famous Basset (Duke East) cheer "How do we do it?" during the 2005 Term II Quadfest. Points were being deducted for the non tip-ppropriatness of doggie style.. So the cheer was changed to "How do we do it? Tippropriately!"
  • Keatonin'
  • Anything with a reference to nuclear weapons or explosions (as seen Duke East Term II 2011, with the class Words that Matter)
  • Sneaking out of the dorm room at 2 am and making out with some guy on the couch of the basement lounge.
  • Anything alike the Term 1 Toilet Terror at Rollins
  • Creating a Coke rocket
  • Saying Bob when lengthening the o.
  • Discussing politics in Biology Of Cancer though only applies when the class is taught by Nasir Butt
  • Anything that happened in the first RAG night of Tehilla's RAG Term 1 2017.
  • Anything Naliah does
  • PDA (Brandon B and Abigail A ;) )
  • Vehicular Manslaughter
  • Everything that happens in Lounge 222
  • Spilk
  • Being a pedophile
  • Watching pewdiepie or anime
  • Not leaving room for Jesus
  • Swimming
  • Carving NOT-sunshine words in to lounge doors
  • Kicking rocks into the fishbowl window and breaking it.
  • Mopeds, but not electronic scooters

A general rule that establishes tipropriateness is If you're sad, go home which was made into a bit of a joke between the east 2 '05 Llama posse

This of course, does not mean that you do not do non-TIPropriate things while at TiP, you just avoid being caught. Being caught results in a stern look from the nearby overseer, free time spent in the office, early bedtime, or, at the worst, being forced to voluntarily leave or getting kicked out. Arguing with the overseer about being punished will result in more punishment. However, all of these rules are thrown out if you are friends with the RC/TA/OSC/RHL/Teacher who might happen to be within hearing distance of the non-TiPpropriate action(s). Essentially, do whatever you want, just don't get caught doing it.

Due to a group of students at East term II '09, biting, wearing or bringing leashes and/ or collars is not TIPpropriate

Sarah Kate defined "Tipropriate" quite well at West I 2011 by saying to her RC group, SKater's Gators, "Stop getting caught making out!"


  • Making out should be okay, as long as all four feet are on the floor and the activity stays vertical. "this ( | ), not this ( --- )." (EDIT by Tom: Making out with a member of the opposite sex seems to be okay, given the amount of it that goes on. As far as making out with a member of the same, rules on making out vary by RC. As proven by Andrew the RC this year, if a same sex couple is making out during a dance, they're going to get busted. This happened with two third-year boys this year at the second dance. However, Katie the RC testified that she would not have broken the boys up.) (Actually, they seem to be much more tolerant of PDA by same-sex couples than by straight couples. They got mad at the straight couples for sitting in each other's laps, but not at the same-sex for doing that same while practically making out. This was at Davidson.)
  • Making out seems to be ok... it has happened at multiple Davidson dances in II 2005 and in the last dance at Duke West in II 2009. It was obvious and no one got in trouble. Honestly though, it happens everywhere at TIP. When nerds get together sparks fly™ At dances, in hallways, staircases, and yes, occasionally even across thresholds, at minor league baseball games, and sometimes even during class(you don't wanna know). Don't get caught and you're fine. And most of the time if you do get caught you're still fine(unless you've engaged in one of the aforementioned obviously not TIPpropriate times. for example, in class? I wouldn't advise it.)
  • You can almost always get away with making out. At UGA, I suggest the side stairwells (Not the banned ones) or, during the dances, on the upstairs couches, behind the upstairs couches, in corners, or anywhere, really. During dances, the only consequences is getting squirted with a tiny water gun. I was making out with a guy nearly constantly during the second dance in full view of the RC's and they didn't care. Just be careful around J-Dawg. Almost no one got in trouble for PDA's so basically, at UGA at least, TiPropriate is a loosely used term. Though you may get a fellow TiPster yelling it from across the room. At KU, I heard of absolutely no PDA's so you're all clear. There were many TiP couples that were making out "( --- )" this way directly in front of RC's and they didn't care. Basically, do whatever you want, just don't get caught. ;)
  • Charmee Mehta, a third year pegramite in 2008, was quoted as saying "Anything's TIPpropriate until an RC sees you".
  • PMB (Public Making of Babies) is highly encouraged. Except in class. Please don't PMB during class. Please. You will have beanpole Asians yelling at you from across the room. I can speak from experience.( you’re probably a Virgin whoever wrote that)