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Rollins College, founded in 1885, became a TIP campus for the first time in 2015, where it hosted a Term I and II for that year. The courses offered there didn't have any set theme, ranging from Medical Science to 3D Printing. Due to being a fairly new campus, not much is known about it, other than what's kept in the minds of the TIPsters who attended. The secrets of the campus could be locked away forever...

The fountain area outside of the Rollins dining hall

General Information

With its slight overbalance between nature and buildings, the campus is utterly cluttered with wildlife. It has an abundance of lizards, squirrels, and various types of bird of prey. You really can'y go anywhere without seeing some sort of wildlife. The weather is hot, humid, and nearly daily afternoon thunderstorms. This is unfortunate because it causes tipsters to not be allowed to leave the building during the thunderstorms, although creative solutions are a TiP specialty. The buildings mostly look the same, aside from structure. McKean Hall was where every student attending TiP was housed (how they managed to fit everyone in that one hall is beyond me). Floors one, two, and three were female floors and floors four and five were the male ones. The laundry room was located on the right side of the first floor. The library was a library, with a door on the right side of the room you first encounter once stepping into the building; that room was used to house the Creative Writing Class. The library connected into a tower above it, which houses areas full of enormous navy blue beanbags known as Quiet Zones. Quiet Zones are the best view on campus (rivaled by the 5th floor of McKean). These were frequently used by the From Wonderland to Hogwarts (AKA Wonderwarts) class. The dining hall, which was large and fancy, had flags from most countries hanging from the ceiling. The dining hall was shared by tipsters, girl's volleyball camp, boys' basketball camp, and Tech ID kids. This lead to much conflict. For example, once a member of The Breakfast Chaches threw a tater tot at a Volleyball girl because they had stolen all the french vanilla from the coffee machine--again. The Dining hall also housed the second Term I 2015 dance due to a thunderstorm preventing people from leaving the building, and housed all the dances in term I of 2017. The room is usually decorated based on the theme of the dance, aside from the chairs that were lined up on the sides for people to rest on and the tall tables where you would almost always see a group of kids playing ERS. There is also a small lounge area with board games and such that people would use to get away from the dance. Then there was the building which housed many of the classes, the Bush Science Center. It's also home to the auditorium, which is used for the Talent Show, Quiz Bowl, Orientation, TiPsync, and various activities as needed. Also see: Rollins College list

Term One Toilet Terror

2015 Term 1

The very first term on the Rollins campus went pretty well. The campus was happy to have young, bright, genius, tipsters around. It was mostly a smooth run through besides one little hiccup. I guess you could say it's because of the whole fourth floor being stinkers (pun intended). The boys on the fourth floor had one guy who went the whole three weeks unnamed but will always be remembered. This kid must have had a phobia of toilets because he rarely used one. Instead this kid would do his business in other places, whether it was in the middle of the bathroom floor or in the shower, and by business I mean number 2. The first time it happened everyone thought it was a joke. All the boys on the floor were pushed to confess but none of them did. Then the second time it happened the boys of the floor got a nice talking to (I was on the third floor and it didn't sound like very much fun), and the boys had to go to bed early that night. Everyone thought it was all over, especially the boys on the fourth floor, until the day someone walked into the bathroom to take a shower and, there, smeared all over the wall, was the poop, yet again. This time the boys all had to write personal letters to their RC's telling them why they would never find it funny or TIPropriate to poop in the shower. For those boys it was somewhat of a nightmare, but for everyone else at TIP Rollins Term 1, it was the laugh of the century. Some boys on the third floor even made a rap about it.

Term Two Insanity

2015 Term 2

The Breakfast Chaches have a lot of information about what went on during this term.

The link above should give you some major insight on what occurred during the second ever term at the beloved Rollins College campus. Other than those adventures listed, there were a few other quite unforgettable moments at TiP. For instance, we had the fire alarm scandal. Someone at the campus was coming out of the shower when they were pushed and stumbled into the alarm. Nobody knew this incident was an accident, of course, so the entire building was in turmoil. Each RC tried their hardest to manage their wild and chaotic group, but were unsuccessful, eventually giving up and allowing the TiPsters to leave the building in a "calm and quiet" manner with two RC's leading them safely out. They lead us to the quad, an enormous, circular patch of green grass, and waited for all the RC's to arrive, taking attendance of their own groups. There were people in their pjs, regular clothes, some with socks, others barefoot, the lucky ones in shoes, and a few unfortunate boys and girls who were only wrapped in a towel as they were in the middle of taking a shower. After a while it was confirmed that the incident was, in fact, an accident and the student who mistakenly pulled it had come forward.

There were other events that weren't as major but as a common courtesy to the history of TiP, they will be listed. There was a point in time where the fourth floor (or the fifth; I may be mistaken) was banned from playing ERS in the common room because the floor below it was sending in noise complaints; it turns out the boys were playing so aggressively that the chest was making too much noise. Another event was in which a boy named Trinton wore a dress at TiPsync to portray the fabulous Dancing Queen. There was also a famous incident in which a girl dropped her entire tray in the middle of the cafeteria and every single person stopped and turned to stare at her, and she was in tears. Her roommate, not knowing what to do, shouted "OPA!" and the cafeteria began to clap, making the girl feel much happier about the whole situation. Josh, an RC, was obsessed with whipping everywhere he went, causing a few frenzied girls to tape colorful signs inside the ENTIRE building with phrases like "No whipping allowed at this point", "Josh can't whip here", "Whipping? NO", etc. Soccer was played in the halls often.



Term 1-June 7-27

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Aquatic Biology, Conservation, and Policy
  • Choosing Sides: Debate and Persuasion
  • Crime Scene Investigations
  • Design Challenges: Physics and Engineering
  • From Code to Construction: the Many Layers of 3-D Printing
  • Introduction to Medical Science
  • Mathematical Problem Solving
  • Psychology
  • Theater Arts

Term 2-July 5-25

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Aquatic Biology, Conservation, and Policy
  • Choosing Sides: Debate and Persuasion
  • Creative Writing: Express Yourself
  • Crime Scene Investigations
  • Design Challenges: Physics and Engineering
  • From Code to Construction: the Many Layers of 3-D Printing
  • From Wonderland to Hogwarts
  • Introduction to Medical Science
  • Psychology


'Term 1- June 11-July 1'

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Aquatic Biology, Conservation, and Policy
  • Creative Writing: Express Yourself
  • Design Challenges: Physics and Engineering
  • Engineering in the Virtual World
  • Math, Money, and You
  • Psychology
  • Theater Arts
  • The Human Body


Term 1 : June 9 - June 29

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Aquatic Biology
  • Crime Scene Investigations
  • Design Challenges: Physics and Engineering
  • Engineering in the Virtual World
  • Human Body
  • Math, Money, and You
  • Mock Trial
  • Theater Arts

Term 2 : July 7 - July 27

  • Aquatic Biology
  • Choosing Sides: Debate and Persuasion
  • Crime Scene Investigations
  • Engineering in the Virtual World
  • Math, Money, and You
  • Mock Trial
  • Myths and Legends
  • Mock Trial
  • Myths and Legends


•The Songs of TiP, played at the dances: Time Warp, The End of the World as We Know It, We Are Young, Bohemian Rhapsody, Don't Stop Believing (2017) and American Pie

•Staff vs. TiPsters Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

•FoxFest. [Rollins' equivalent to Quadfest, Hootfest, Pitfest, Marshfest, Roofest, etcfest]

•TiPsync, which in 2017 Term 1, Kelly's Jelly Bellies made people question their sexuality with their performance of, "You Can't Stop The Beat", where Mary Rudd and Sara Whitman preformed the most iconic dance move of TIP history.

•Talent Show, which gave birth to Margaret, the Ratchet Queen.

•Themed Dances (surprise)

•Spirit Week, or as some called it, Insanity Week

•Lexism (best cult ever)

Suggested Packing List

Some things that you should (and shouldn't) bring that might not have been on the list. This is an imperative topic, especially for the first year tipsters.

  • T-shirts will all the primary colors (and maybe green) for FoxFest
  • A fan! The windows in the residence hall don't open and sometimes the AC is not enough
  • Musical Instruments- The students at Rollins tend to be very musically inclined, with many people bringing drums, ukuleles, guitars, pianos, and even a mandolin to the campus. Instruments make way for amazing jam sessions and great collabs during the talent show.
  • Cards- can be used to play ERS and always make for some awesome bonding experiences during free time and dances
  • If you're taking Aerospace Engineering, it's a good idea to bring a laptop for research, looking up any math stuff you might not know, and for playing Kerbal
  • it is a good idea to bring as many pairs of shorts as possible. Rollins is an extremely hot and wet campus and if you aren't used to sweating whenever you step outside, it'll be some real trouble.



Term II

  • "Aye aye, captain!"
  • "None of that"
  • "The sky is never the limit, since we live in an endless cosmos where we are nothing but specks of dust. :D"
  • "I'm just a dancing queen, with hype man ambitions."
  • "I'm really feeling it!!!1111!1!!1111!!!"
  • "Everybody is better than Aquaman"
  • "Same"
  • "Roy's my boy"
  • "Y'all are tragic"
  • "In a past life, I was Mickey Mouse"
  • "You're a cute 'lil patoot"
  • "If you want to be a space cowboy..."
  • "Notice me Benpai"
  • "Notice me Jo-senpai"
  • "Girl Banana!"
  • "Who's the kid who always changes his voice?"
  • "Who pooped in the shower again?"

Term II (Breakfast Chaches Edition)

  • gr11
  • m11
  • h11
  • rip
  • dead
  • h2O is life
  • ,,,,,,,,,,,
  • you put me in a coffin
  • boobested
  • the heart code
  • brain eating amoeeba
  • what even are you?
  • fuack
  • hore
  • my grandparents are a restaurant
  • noice
  • voice cracks
  • anushka luvs 69
  • puberty moose
  • scrub/scrublord
  • hydrosexuals
  • skrub sin
  • chaches (the best one)
  • scrotch
  • lord and savior jesus scrub
  • parkour
  • can i have yo number? the back of yo head is RIDICULOUS
  • tony is a goalie
  • mcdreamy & mcsteamy
  • you're not even nice
  • roasted
  • you dumb chicken nugget
  • tighten up
  • get wrecked
  • the finger thing
  • #longdickstyle
  • the HEIGHT
  • famihy
  • squadily
  • slutty towel
  • volleyball whores
  • laurpe
  • rap battles
  • omgoodness
  • leaving to cuba bye
  • cojones
  • melevator
  • rated r for rare pepes
  • roommate talk
  • roaster strudel
  • dank memes
  • the rarest pepes are the ones in your heart
  • straight savage
  • netflix and chill ;)
  • fetty wap
  • obama's daughter
  • mom's spaghetti
  • you look like a pear, you make people stare
  • 212
  • shaving company
  • laundry room
  • mints
  • shi labeouf
  • grape you in the mouth
  • don't hug me i'm scared'
  • paranoia
  • whip at every dance for every song
  • football drills
  • papa johns
  • i asked for dominos and got papa johns
  • keep it tippropriate guys
  • cries in spanish
  • cries in every language
  • you don't even Pg = Δt / (Tg • C2)
  • star wars spider
  • la gringa
  • la dinga
  • phalange
  • #bless
  • babyface
  • pirate
  • fuze tea
  • poof in it's final form
  • drops plate instead of mic
  • jesus soap
  • feels trip
  • #done
  • gey
  • yeg
  • pencil? i thought you said mentos
  • THE DOCTOR (is a strong 9)
  • slore
  • walmart and target need to find their inner chill
  • does everything in spanish
  • you got kik?? ;)
  • brother zoned is better than friend zoned
  • chill level = -666
  • send candy in the elevator
  • 100 bottles of beer on the wall
  • minions are an abomination
  • smhd
  • tony will always get roasted
  • join the club? i AM the club
  • rip roasted or tip toasted??
  • so toasted it's burnt
  • what are you gonna do, kick me out?
  • i'll shove an umbrella down your throat and press the button
  • pudding (makes annika and laura gag)
  • you know what's hotter than an iron? a gluten allergy
  • you know what's hotter than a gluten allergy? ultimate frisbee
  • you know who has a gluten allergy and plays ultimate? anushka


Term I

  • ”Parkour!”
  • ”Bun huns.”
  • “Say sandwich again and I’m calling your parents.”
  • ”Do not actually eat shit.”
  • ”Yeah, I always wanted to get married with Shrek.”
  • ”Pene pasta.”
  • ”I don’t like tea cake!”
  • ”Work those glutes Brenda.”

Term II

  • "You f***ing heathen"
  • "BUCKETS!"
  • "Gluteus Minimus"
  • "Hi, my name's Julian.. and I'm really scared of pads.."
  • "Hey girl.. Can I get your number?"
  • "Pit of doom! Pit of doom! Pit of Doom!"
  • "Who's your daddy? RON!"
  • "How about we just put Ron Swanson's face... on a cow?"


Term 1

  • "MINGO"
  • "3 MILLION"
  • "Is this the hallelujah line?"
  • "Mystery Cups"
  • "Galactic Overlord Rita Paixao"
  • "Lead Male Mary"
  • "Respect your elders"
  • "Boys night out/in"
  • "Chicken"
  • ”Pocket Boys” - Isabelle Milford
  • ”I’m Bisexual F***ing deal with it” - Oliver Boyd
  • ”So Feste was like a total savage” - Taylor Smith
  • ”Wait What Just Happened? Oh there was a gay shark wedding. A gay shark wedding? Yes it was the girls idea” - Oliver Boyd and Taylor Smith
  • ”XD Funny Memes” - Dylan’s Believers
  • "Gucc succ" - Aerospace
  • "VSSHHHHHH" - Aerospace
  • "SpaceX does it better" - Aerospace
  • "Fokker planes" - Aerospace
  • "Danger Noodle!" - A phrase formed when Aerospace Engineering found a snake in the bushes outside Bush Science Center. Danger Noodle became a myth/legend all over campus, and only select classes have every seen him in person.

Term 2

  • "F=ma"
  • "Yellow Kitchin"
  • "Humerus, Radius, HA HA HA"
  • "It's a blue whale"
  • "Physics is Phun!"
  • "You said what... BEKFAST!!!"
  • "Chicken is real"
  • "Kitchin is god"
  • "Lawnmower/debt collecter"
  • "spidget-finner"
  • "dear Senpai, rawr xD"
  • "paw patrol fan fiction"
  • "can you DANCE?"
  • "pro-pathos"
  • "that's debatable"
  • "lexism"
  • "lanyards = collars"
  • "UNIFORMS!!!" *cue eye rolling*
  • "that's ratchet"
  • "Larry Harry Derrick, the TiP baby!"
  • "Ribeye"
  • "body sauce"
  • "moist/juicy"
  • "noodles"
  • "Luci's brush"
  • "Crazy KZ"
  • "Nepal's flag"
  • "squad fam"
  • "let's go see the emoji movie"
  • "ipads"
  • "our spidget-finner company is worth sextillion dollars"

RC Groups/Squads


Term 1

RC Groups

-Addie's Illuminati

-Becca's BAEgals

-Hayley's Llamas

-The "Nun-touchables"

-Maddi's Wild Things

-Christian's Cheetahs

-Andrew's Puller Posse

-Josh's Chipmunks

-Shakeal's RC

-Tonte's Terrors

-5th Floor SQUAD

-Brandon's Group

Term 2

RC Groups

-Addie's Baby Crocs

-Andrew's Little Einstiens

-Average Joes

-Becca's Unitatoes

-Brandon/Brad's Group

-Christian's Chickiees

-Christian's Cheetahs

-Hayley's Hedgehogs

-Ijele's Pineapple Fam

-Jo's Boys

-Josh's Pears

-Leah's Cupcakes

-Maddi's Wild Things

-Shakeal's Boys



-The Breakfast Chaches (the one and only)

-The Kawaii Yee Squad

-The Grape Squad


Term 1

RC Groups

-The Mulan Fam

-The Gabsters

-Hailey's Soccer Moms

-Dog Pack

-IZ's RC Group

-Josh's Ace of Spades

-Leah's Ballerz

-Maggie's Swaggies

-Morgan's RC Group

-the HIT the QUONS


-Stacey's Scouts


Term 2

RC Groups

-Ben's Breadstick Boys

-Hayley's Supercalifreaks


Term 1

'RC Groups'

-Kitchin's RC Group

-Calandra's Hot Tamales



-WIll's RC Group

-Bek's group (the loud ones)

-Hallie's Flawless Girls

-Annie's Rugrats

-Shaq's Kings

-Kelly's Jelly Bellies (the best RC group)

-Sydney's RC Group "Garebear & the Rico Suaves"

-Hayley's 10 Million Fireflies


-The Country Of Mingo (Only the best country ever tbh)

Term 2

'RC Groups'

-Hayley's Ladybugs (best RC group)

-Dylan's Group

-Hallie's Savages

-Will's RC Group

-Chance's Girls

-Annie's Pineapples

-Kelly's Group

-Shaq's Group

-Bek's Group/ BEKFAST

-Kitchin's Kitchen

-Calandra's Gurlz