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Campus(es) East, Davidson, Kansas ASU, Austin College, Trinity University
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This class is intended to replace a standard college introductory course to Psychology. However, you will probably find that based on your teacher/TA/peers you will invariably accomplish nothing. Expect inside jokes to rise exponentially, especially those involving Freud and his outdated theories about the mind.

Also, you will receive a book that you may not even look at (depending on your instructor), not that it matters. It is called: 40 Studies That Changed Psychology. Very good book, if you're actually interested in psychology it's fun to read. It appears as though recently the TIP Psychology curriculum has changed, however, for students at Davidson, Austin College, and ASU have reported receiving the textbook called Exploring Psychology (Eighth Edition) by David G. Myers. There has been much speculation as to why exactly this book has been chosen instead to educate young children of approximately 13 years old, for its pages are filled with comics and "jokes" that are meant to be humorous (but are not) and almost every other page refers to something suggestive or sexual. Also, if you try to explain why you drew a comic by saying it was in the book, it will not be accepted. At Davidson, it is a Psychology tradition to sign the blank pages at the back of others' books like a yearbook on the last day of term.


Units covered in the psychology class include:

  • Overview of psychology
  • Research methods
  • Nervous system
  • Sensation and perception
  • Consciousness and dreaming
  • Learning
  • Memory
  • Psychology as interpreted in ancient times
  • Schools of thought
  • Cognition
  • Development
  • Motivation
  • Emotion
  • Personality
  • Social psychology
  • Abnormal psychology

Random Inside Jokes

Post your inside jokes here. Just label what term and campus you were in when they were created

2006 Term 2 Davidson

  • Taught by Dr. Chuck Nikles, but students just call him Chuck.
  • We are just overly awesome and you can see the coolness flow as we walk to class, led by our TA, Matt, and his monkey, Cheeky.
  • Freudian Smiley Face
  • Pink Giraffes
  • "That's Bogus!"
  • That one time when Dylan picked up Nick and spilled his textbook out from under his desk.
  • Arnold has cooties
  • Chuck defeated green Satan!
  • Matt and his "sharkness"
  • Kevin never understood anything
  • Steven tends to (tends=always) ramble

Term 2 of 2007 - Davidson

  • Taught by Lori Mack and Dana Norton.
  • Burrhus!!

(as well as Burrhus has a dent on his head).

  • Dana's on Facebook!
  • "Your mother can't tell the difference between a quasi-experimental design and a post-hoc analysis!"
  • "You maladjusted Freudians who suffer from tardive dyskinesia have no heuristic value and are epiphemonal to the human race!"
  • Stephomax
  • Who would win in a fight... Burrhus the giraffe, burrhus the person, watson, adrianna?
  • What does the human brain taste like? (duh, delicious limey goodness)
  • PHOBIAS (I'm not going to list them all, I do have a life.)
  • Jolly Rancher comments!
  • Psych class (WOOT WOOT!)
  • Your grade is AUTO FAIL!
  • Nertz (Lori got us addicted)

Term 1 of 2008 - Davidson

  • Taught by Alex Pagnani , with Billy Brady as the TA.
  • We dissected sheep brains, and engaged 2 of them to be married.
  • Billy would buzz. Like a bee. Instead of humming, he buzzed to himself.


  • We only use our powers for good though.(Yea right Emily...)
  • The members of the Cutest Class ever(also known as Psychology at KU term II '06) are...
  • The Paul-loving Blair Foster!
  • The Infamous Paul Gardener!(who needs the second button on his shirt)
  • Jillian Foster, who has the coolest voice...ever!
  • Volina Solomon, the one named Rhonda...
  • Deliza Elizee, The 3 year old 14 yr old...
  • Vicky Luh, the only one with fashion sense...
  • G AKA Jiten, the one who is ALWAYS late.("Where's Jiten?!")...
  • Kaitlin Hallahan, the silently sneaky one...
  • Jasmine Chigbu, the one who always smiles(wonder what shes thinking)...
  • Georgia Belk, the happiest Southern Belle alive...
  • Lindsey Osimiri (the one typing when this was typed), who thinks everything is frickin sweet!except walking to fraser and the person who invented stairs.

and of course are our awesome teachers...

  • Emily, the happiest intelligent life alive(who happens to be from )
  • Dana, the one who just cant stop experimenting.

Term II Davidson 2011

  • Via (V-ee-ah or V-eye-ah?)
  • "I know a guy...."
  • "Phenomenon(al)"
  • "Ergo"
  • "FUNFACT!"
  • "If you get racists together and let them be racist for a while...."
  • "Me? Is this a personal question?" "Yes." "I don't answer those."
  • "Can I have a yacht? Can I have a dollar?"
  • "Because you are a fleshbag..."
  • "What if you find a hair in your Krokadil?"
  • JASPER and OLIVIA forever
  • Popsicle stick jokes! :P

Term II ASU 2009

  • She's a freaking nun!
  • Mice on drugs!
  • Everybody remember what Amari woud do?
  • Varring stages of MASCOT WARS with Algebra I
    • WE GOT PATHAGAPUS!!! [however you spell his/her name]
    • We lost pathagapus
    • We lost Benji Jr.
    • WE GOT BENJI JR. BACK!(and are very angry with America and the World)
  • Freud is a horndog! (only a few people heard that, but still.)
  • The cinnimon toothpaste factor:
    • Person one- It smells like Chirstmas!

Person two- But it doesn't taste like Christmas!

    • I never want to brush my teeth again! At least not with cinnimon toothpaste!
    • I have a new respect for anything that puts the toothpaste into the tube
  • Evening study in our special room
    • Austin! Get off of facebook!
    • This site links to celeberty sex tapes!
    • JOSH wake up
    • certian phrases typed in chat by Andrew that may or may not be TIProptiate... even if the intent was clean
    • OHMYGOD *insert male class memebers name here, occasionaly female, but only once* what are you looking at! [and variatons on this]
    • Adamtastic is banned from chat
      • Adamriffic is banned from chat
  • And I suppose you want a class list: *AKA- The Psychos* *In the order we sat in* *If you want a nickname/comments, add it yourself!*
    • Adam- NarcMan!
    • Will
    • Samuel
    • David- Edward Cullen
    • Kathy
    • Austin- best gorrila/best clown; we want to know if he suffered some serious brain damage after eating toothpaste or if he was always like this...
    • Carissa
    • Josh Bogart/Never gonna get any taller Malaguti
    • Adi
    • Autumne
    • Andrew- "Strapless" Sanchez
    • Patrick
    • Emily
    • Shelby
    • Amari
    • Jeff
    • Naomi
    • Annie
    • Ryan
    • Instructor "She's a freaking nun!" Hedi
    • Friggen Hot TA Holly

Term I Austin College 2012

Taught by Tiffany Taylor and TA'd by Marian Yu

    • Don't Fear The Fur...
    • We know your PIN number
    • Your green is my pink
    • MARSHMALLOW!!!!!!!
    • We are living in the past
    • Sereques the Psychology Monster
    • Devil's Advocate
    • Don't laugh at your mom's funeral
    • Sometimes I mistake my wife for a hat
    • I keep prisoners in my basement
    • Got shingles?
    • Stress will KILL you
    • RESPECT!

Term 1 Davidson 2012

Taught by Chris Head, pro skateboarder and TA'd by Beth

  • I'm usually a Humanist, but then I walk into Walmart
  • I'm gone come at you like a spider monkey jacked up on mountain dew!!
  • I like the way you cook... I enjoyed her clothing, or rather her lack of it.
  • Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar...
  • Matt - Most likely to never have a conversation with Yasmine
  • Rachel - Most likely to fall asleep in class
  • Yasmine - Most likely to have 100 boyfriends in one Duke TiP term
  • Annelise - Most likely to be optimistic
  • Katie - Most likely to get high off of water
  • Emily - Most likely to do work out of class
  • Joel - Most likely to become a cat-petting mastermind
  • Addie - Most likely to have a mural on her face
  • Yoon - Most likely to throw someone out of a window
  • Rachael - Most likely to apologize for meaningless things
  • Alex - Most likely to start a tangent
  • Madison - Most likely to be a model
  • Kayla - Most likely to end a tangent by talking about home stuck
  • Laura - Most likely to become the CEO of a gum company
  • Raymond - Most likely to be the lead singer of a boy band
  • Reid - Most likely to manipulate the world (Unofficial Superlative - Most likely to be accused of rape by Beth)
  • Chris - Most likely to like the way his wife cooks
  • Beth - Most likely to make her own rules
  • The class in general - Most likely to start a flash mob

Term 2 Davidson 2012

Taught and TA-ed by the same people as Term 1

  • Let's just write cheese on him...
  • So your cowboy looks like...
  • Gotta find Jason!
  • You failed all your stages
  • From a Freudian POV...
  • Keep talking, I'm psychoanalyzing you

Term I Trinity 2013

Taught by Jeremy Saenz and TA'd by Ryan Donaldson (EMMA WATSON!!!)

  • What's your favorite toothpaste?
  • You should... SING MICHAEL BUBLE!!
  • Med-olympics
  • Dr. Kim
  • If my neuroticism is 76%, does that mean I'm mentally unstable?
  • RELSEY!!!
  • It was only an innocent experiment!
  • Hammered a sock into a wall
  • Sass her!
  • "Famous Youtuber"
  • Sam the "Greatest" (not)
  • That's exactly what the murderer would say
  • Platypus
  • Do the cup song, Walid!
  • His chosen power would be... To figure out all of the riddle!
  • Papaya/A yaM

Term II Trinity 2013

Taught by Antonia Krueger and TA'd by Ryan Donaldson. RELSEY ALL THE WAY!

  • P-words...
  • We're case studying you.
  • Da-leaks
  • Hashcrab meninigitis
  • Got 1% on Agreeableness!
  • Snaps for menopause!
  • It's not stalking if you get paid.
  • Five hour energy.
  • When you say magenta, people listen.
  • Will stuff.

Term II Trinity 2014

Taught by Margaret with TA Blake.

  • Butter Dance
  • Who forgot the blueberries
  • Blake being Bobby's father

Term I Trinity 2015

Taught by Ryan Donaldson and TA'd by Aly Mann

  • Nobody likes guys who play saxophone
  • Ryan plays saxophone
  • Ryan sniffs preschoolers
  • Aly is an amazing speller
  • It's not an odor, it's a fragrance
  • The back middle table is apparently comfortable
  • How many older brothers do you have?
  • Only one person per zombie apocalypse hole
  • '*hiccups* Stahp it guyz! *hiccups*'
  • But no, it HAD to be Galapagos Blue
  • Ship Aly with everybody
  • Mexican lemons prevent highway deaths
  • Teaching 24 year olds to count
  • Mamby pamby
  • Catching is Nacho thing
  • PSY- CH <<I can't believe you guys put this in the inside jokes, I mean it was a pretty horrible chant but still
  • Oh no Ben joined the other team now we're gonna lose
  • Challenge all the classes to kickball
  • Feral children and house penguins
  • Ryan still likes Emma Watson
  • Fiddling with your equipment (Ryan trying to say masturbation)
  • We're all Aly's ducklings
  • Ryan is actually Justin Bieber
  • Aly, you might not wanna accept those follow requests on instagram...
  • It was the's not our fault!
  • We need to trap Creative Writing in our pit
  • Ryan is a vampire and a crazy cat lady
  • Fishy smelling stairwell (LITERALLY)
  • Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf
  • Ornate Toothpicks


  • Ryan: Most likely to be a crazy cat lady
  • Aly: Most likely to captain an armada of ships
  • Chandana: Most likely to get hair caught in a fan
  • Emily: Most likely to use tissue box as a purse
  • Morgan: Most likely to carry closed umbrella in the rain
  • Isabella: Most likely to have a bedazzled brain
  • Taylor: Most likely to name a unicorn sunshine
  • Riley: Most likely to get tatted up
  • Michael: Most likely to be the next Freud
  • Devan: Most likely to die in a wing suit accident
  • Connor: Most likely to have honest hips
  • Nacho: Most likely to tell cheesy jokes
  • Elana: Most likely to be betrayed by raisins
  • Jessica: Most likely to punch someone while doing the whip
  • Brooke: Most likely to be highly disagreeable
  • Sruthi: Most likely to be "unintentionally" sassy
  • Audrey: Most likely to traumatize instructors with youtube
  • Shalin: Most likely to live in a lonely ditch
  • Nicole: Most likely to say 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, "OH! 10"
  • Mikea: Most likely to hunt 3 black swans

Term II Trinity 2015

Taught by Ryan Donaldson and TA'd by Alyson Mann

Psychology enjoyed breaks filled with TiPs, kickball, and the occasional crab walk race requested by Aly for her amusement. Also, by the end of term, psych had created a rivalry with many of the other classes, the most prominent being the dispute with Biochem. There were games of kickball and rapbattles throughout the term, concluding with a giant rap battle including 10 (?) of 18 classes. Psych was definitely the spirit of this term. The class also created a giant shared folder in google drive featuring pictures taken throughout the term as well as a touching slideshow made by the one and only Micky G to remind them of the great times they had (and also to cry over at one in the morning in their beds all around the country while stuffing their faces with chocolate and rattling off psych cheers.

Psych Cheers:

  • P-S-Y C-H
  • Best friends! Yeah!
  • Go psych, psych, go psych, psych, go psych, psych, go psych, psych that class rocks the best, so much better than the rest! We're second to none, just add Raly and you're done! That's crazy girl, I swear! There's so much learnin' there! ps-ps-psychology what? ps-ps-psychology why? because you psycho, you psycho, your mama says you psycho! When I say Sigmund, you say Freud! Sigmund Freud, Sigmund Freud! Go psych!
  • What team?! Psychology!! What team?!!?!? PSYCHOLOGY!! WHAT TEAM!!?!?!?!?!?!? PSYCHOLOGYYY!!!!!1!!111!!!1 (GET YOUR HEAD IN THE BRAIN!)
  • I! I! I believe! I believe!! I believe that! I believe that!! I believe that we will win! I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!! I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!!1!!1!1

Inside Jokes

  • Bruises are masterpieces
  • Segway king
  • Let's Make a Date
  • Maggie's pet, Lampy
  • The fab four (Margaret, Regina, Maggie and Anna)

Rapper Names (for the psych boys)

  • gold money
  • lil wayne
  • big sean
  • mickey g
  • and then there's alex

Most Likely To...

  • Ryan (Instructor): be a Segway King
  • Aly (TA): be a Cult Leader
  • Raly (Ryan+Aly): Get Married with 18 Kids
  • Sasha: Die in a Cry-Laugh Incident
  • Victoria: Be a Sassy Undercover Spy
  • Molly: Win
  • I$han (LW): Be 8'6
  • Miche@al (MG): Be Framed for Sugary Murder
  • Holly: Be a WNBA Princess
  • Hannah: Come in Like a Wrecking Ball
  • Abigail: Take Over the World
  • Maria: Trip Over Imaginary Shoes
  • Mia: Pilot a Helicopter Hat
  • Erica: Be a SCANDALOUS Talk Show Host
  • Gold!n (GM): Be Lost in Everything
  • Regina: Be Arrested for Disturbing the Peace
  • Ale# (just alex): PURPLE!!!
  • I$han (BS): Drop a Diss Track on his Sister
  • Maggie: Have a Pet Lamp
  • Margaret: 404: Item Not Found (she's so amazing that we couldn't put a label on her)
  • Anna: Splurge at the Trinity Store

Rollins Term 1 2017

Inside jokes

  • stop! don't touch me there. that is my no no square!
  • kayla and her drugs
  • sajjy
  • the black market
  • buying lobes
  • jalberto
  • too many zoos
  • mouse party
  • essential oil vapes
  • lunch! brunch?
  • spem
  • smexy JFK
  • inspeminate me

Most likely to...

  • Shana- to respond to Chandra
  • Sander- just most extra
  • Devin-to get a call from the IRS
  • Joss-to jump out of a plane
  • Anna- to wear color
  • Sarah- just most unexpected facial expressions
  • Aiden(Dr.Chang)- to make origami during class
  • Kathleen(Sally?)- to buy a lobe off the black market
  • Kartik- to give a random fact
  • Sam- to dab
  • Olivia- to destroy a cup
  • Jacob- to interrupt class with paper
  • Sara(john)- to say "respect your elders"
  • Ngan(Dr.Ching)- just most extra
  • Kayla- to ask hypothetical questions
  • Danielle(TA)- to be afraid of danger noodles
  • Jordan(teacher)- to misspell


  • When I say lunch! You say brunch!
  • LUNCH!
  • LUNCH!