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Last Name M

Annie Ma

Davidson I '08

Duke East I '10

Annie Ma is a wonderful, wonderful human being. She can hold intelligent conversations, but she's also really fun and enjoys dancing awkwardly.

Kyle MacDonald

KU Term II(2010):

Intro to Med Sci A

Kyle was known to be "K-MacDaddy" and was loved by everyone in the class, especially Haleigh and Bailey. He was also known as "McLovin' MacDonald".

"I swear you were a little black boy in the shadows over there! You kept looking at me and I was about crap mah pants!" -Kristen Thiemann

Sydney Maes

Aditya Mahadevan

Duke West Term I 2011

Aditya, also more famously known as Squeaker, walked into the Great Hall on the first day of his third year and reunited with his favorite person, Ellen Yuan. Squeaker's third year was most definitely his favorite. He enjoyed watching people in pain, and loved to mess with people; giving people his unique High Fives. He liked taking fourth year lanyards, and pretending that he was legit, and grabbing people's hair and pulling out their hair ties. Never give Squeaker a bite of your cone thingy at the Great Hall because he will salivate all over it, and give it back. However, the thing Squeaker enjoyed the most was sitting in OSD Lisa's office. Squeaker spent many good hours in that office for various reasons. Squeaker was a very changed boy from his second and third year at TIP. Not only did he get hurt slash everything, he was also VERY mean. The list would go on forever if every single mean thing that Squeaker did slash said were to be named here, but that was all out of love. Squeaker is in fact a very cool kid. He was known as that Indian Justin Bieber, and is a true TIPster. He is so cool that he escorted Ellen Yuan, along with Samir Gadre down the red carpet at the last dance. He was very kind and loving to his roommate, Jeffery Chen,they did many things together and often played Peacock by Katy Perry to set the mood, he also shared his Loco Pops that he bought with his own money!

Jonathan 'Sparky' Major

KU 2010, UGA 2011-2013

Jonathan Major is an incredibly awesome TiPster who famously "goes by the name of Spaaaarrrrrkkkyyyyyyy". At the beginning of second year, before the name Sparky caught on, Jonathan was known as J-Biebs because of his long, perfect hair. However, the nickname Sparky quickly stuck after some fourth years in his class (Sports Psychology Term 1) compared his seemingly endless amount of energy to that of a dog prompting his perhaps most famous quote as a fourth year "I'm a f***ing dog!". In his fourth year Sparky constantly got on his RC Geoff's nerves because of his incessant talking and disregard for most rules. As a result, he was in a constant state of "sleepy" and was sent to bed early more times in his fourth year than all of the other 12 members of his RC group combined. Jonathan hails from the Buckeye State of Ohio where he currently holds the record for the youngest player to score a touchdown in state high school football history. This could have contributed to the fact that he was the infatuation of so many female tipsters of every color lanyard, especially during his fourth year. Despite this, he only had two RelationTiPs. One was with Katie Dempsey his fourth year for the last week or so, but his much more consistent RelationTiP was with Josh Bielenberg whose love constantly overcame the distance between them and whose PDA exceeded that of even famous power-couple Morstin. Jonathan was the life of every dance, often arriving dressed like a normal human being, but quickly removing his shirt to reveal a long red cape and a bro tank that read "#TeamTurnt". Despite all of Jonathan's accomplishments as a TiPster, the TiPsync efforts of his RC groups consistently fell flat. As a fourth year his RC Group received the worst score of any of the performers that night and as a third year his group's lip sync literally just consisted of Jonathan, Josh Bielenberg and Brad Koblitz chasing Mac Schelstrate around for a couple minutes. Seriously, there was no lip syncing whatsoever. However, Jonathan is a phenomenal person and a phenomenal tipster, who constantly enhanced the experiences of his peers and is the best, and arguably only, reason to go to Ohio.

Lauren Major

KU II 2006 Aerospace Engineering

KU II 2007 Writers' Workshop

KU II 2008 Writing With Power

Draco Malfoy

Davidson Term II 2011

Draco Malfoy was the commonly known form of Kasey Carlton. There is much controversy about why the name 'Draco Malfoy' was chosen, but everyone eventually adapted it. She would often break into song, was known for talking a lotttttt and of course- THE FAMOUS PINK GLASSES. No one really liked the glasses, but they were constantly worn by others just to annoy her. Draco was also the first and only person to enter quarantine under pink eye circumstances and read the magazines she had an enormous number of times. She was constantly stalking people with Haley Mae Campbell. Sade Alford, her RC, would also argue that she, Becca Moran, and Ubin Jung had formed the Bad Girls Club. Favorite Sayings Include: 'Tough!' 'It happens' 'Sade will you hug me?' To Haley Mae, after she played a terribly out of tune song on the Ukelele 'See, I can play too!' and most often, 'No, I will not take my pink glasses off.'

Maddy Malik

Georgia Tech I 2016

Maddy Malik was a TiPster who took Genetics at Georgia Tech term I. She was a first year fourth year (and severely regrets not coming to TiP for her first three years). She would constantly be either singing or rapping Hamilton. She was well known for wearing her white BMW baseball cap backwards (a.k.a the "double hat"). Maddy was one of the 1AM Martyrs who self-sacrificed to save three more fourth year students. Favorite sayings: 'Rip', 'Jesus frick', 'Oh heck', 'Crazy? I was crazy once! They locked me in a room...', 'But wait! There's more!', and last but not least, on the second to last day of TiP Maddy uttered the words, 'No, I'm not going on the morning run!' only fifteen minutes before she was dragged from her bed and forced to go on the morning run by Cara Li. Rip in peace Maddy Malik.

Miriam Maloney

KSU 2008- Psychology Lauren's RAG Duke East I 2010- Writing with Power Lily's RAG

Luis Malberg

Duke East I 2010

Luis is a TiPical Chilean dude! He loves soccer! If u ever lose him during world cup time, just go to a tv with a world cup game on it, and u will find him! Luis was also in a relationTiP with Alex O'Brion. Luis took Algebra II. As a thrid year was forced to dance embarassingly in front of everyone at the dance by his RC Scott. It was a punishment for participating in a particularly sketchy game of truth or dare.

Krista Manche

  • Wake Forest Term II 2013
    • Mary Willoughby's Rag (The Wallabies)
      • Most likely to invent a new hairstyle
    • Algebra II
      • The Next Maria Sharapova

Ishrat Mannan

Duke East I 2010

Ishrat is one of the coolest cool cats to every walk the campus of Duke East! Ishrat is a funny little chic that is always happy and hyper! And a fellow brownie member who shares the GREATEST childhood stories. She is a fan of Jon LaJoie.

Mads Mansfield

Reid Mansur

Austin College 2013, Term 2

Reid Mansur was in Creative Writing at his first campus. He was also known as,"Teddy," "Pooh Bear," "Pooh," "Winnie the Pooh," and "The TIPoetry Laureate." He was an avid reader and is an active fan of Harry Potter, Doctor Who, The Hunger Games, Divergent, and many more. He was part of Charlie's RC group. So far, Reid has not been in a relationTIP, but many possibilities were speculated.

Chirag Manyapu

Duke East I 2011 Term 1

Davidson | 2010 Term 2

Chirag was a second year in WPOW in 2011. Known to be frequently put into awkward situations by Luis.

Smith "Smitty" Mathieu

Davidson 2005, Duke East term I 2006-2008

Smitty was a founding member of the ill-fated 2007-2008 Ultimate team Team Hugo. He was half of a relationTIP in '07 and '08. He took Avatar in his 4th year.

Marisa Mariencheck

Davidson II 2009

Duke East I 2010

Marisa is an awesome, amazing, adorkable, sweet, kind, nice, cute, lovable chic! She is famous for stalking the halls and stairs of Alsphaugh with Chica! Marisa is also addicted to gum and people (mainly Chica) mooch gum off of her regularly! Marisa is also an amazing singer. Marisa is there for u like a wife/husband! Once u get attached to Marisa, u never get unattached! She is an amazing and unforgettable girl. She also has the most adorable accent! She is known for saying Hun in the cutest way! Once u know her, u cant forget her!

Emmy Mariner

Duke East I 2010

A first-year fourth year, Emmy took Despots, Kings, and CEO's, and was madly in love with Mel Weyant. In fact, if Mel denied her love, Emmy would cry on demand. She was Russia during diplomacy, and wore the Russian hat as often as possible, even in unrelated situations. She attacked England with giant sharks during Diplomacy after Russia was hopelessly invaded. She was also in a bromance with Hannah Imberman, and they would sneak out of bounds to the Shell station on the sketchy side of town to buy "The Slammer", Afrika Rubba-Bandz, and slushies. They often brought Andre Allen along in order to have the protection of a black man... and also because they needed three people.

India Martinez

KU Term II (2010):

Intro to med sci A

Manuela Martinez

  • Wake Forest Term II 2013
    • Mary Willoughby's Rag (The Wallabies)
      • Most likely to be a fire hazard
        • One night, she burned Easy Mac in the microwave and caused the entire floor to become smoky. She would've set off the fire alarm, but she and a couple friends noticed the smoke before it became fire. Woops. Afterwards, a common phrase used was, "Manuela, what did you burn this time?
          • best bathroom mate/ alarm clock ever love you :P -Kate
    • Class: Algebra II
      • The Next Equestrian
  • Georgia Tech Term II 2013
    • Livy's Tiger Cubs
      • Most likely to horde food
        • She had a constant stash of food in her room from her RC's supply. As a result of this, the Rice Krispies ran out in the second week.
        • On the last night, Annemarie Cuccia and her were seen together at all times, hardly separating. This was the result of knowing how it felt to be separated from each other once, and hating the fact that they had to go their separate ways again.
    • Class: Writing With Power
      • Fashionista Extraordinaire

Shelby Marquardt

ASU Term I (2010)-America and the World A&M Term I (2011)-Criminal Law and Mock Trial East Term I (2012)-Revolution and Terror East Term I (2013)-History of the Future

Mary Elizabeth Marquardt

Mary Elizabeth started her time at TIP as a scared first year on ASU's campus, and finished her time as TIP Moses at UGA Term 1 2017, considerably less scared but also considerably more sad. She was in a Nerdquest winning Philosophy class, coordinated Dogtags her fourth year, was a part of the UGA Holy Trinity that had a legendary relationship with the Res Life staff, and was in two relationTIPs. Her favorite TIP memories are designing the Philosophy class shirt, standing in the fourth year circle at TIProm, and winning TIPSync her first year, when she was JB singing "Baby".

ASU Term I 2014- From Wonderland to Hogwarts

  • Kimberly's RC

UGA Term I 2015- Pen as a Weapon: The Art of Satire

  • Cassidy's RC

UGA Term I 2016- UGA Foreign Policy

  • Taylor's RC

UGA Term I 2017- UGA T1 Philosophy 2017

  • Erin's RC (the Emma Stoners)

Emma Marx

Duke West | 2011

A first-year second year, Emma went around the campus with an unnatural air about her for being a ginger. She has in fact a soul (though the ginger haters tried to prevent her of thinking that) unlike many other gingers or just the stereotypical ones. Whenever she could she would in fact spout off into ginger songs such as Teach Me How to Ginger, Peanut Butter Ginger and Don't Hate Me Cause' I'm Ginger. Often while walking to class her and Patricia Lin would burst off into spurts of giggles; giggling about finger waves and pasta. Known the be the sheltered one by the lack of her knowledge of such things as orgasms and blow jobs, Emma made up for that in the social aspect of things. She was always to be found in her RC's alcove playing cards with Madeline Landry (a fellow ginger), Mae Weigbreit and Kelly Carey-Ewend. Sadly she is most likely to contract skin cancer in her life (said by her fellow classmates Shyam and Austin; but will not be getting it, because her favorite person, Ellen Yuan, left her something in her last will so that Emma will not be getting skin cancer.) Emma lives a happy life, knowing she's a ginger and being proud of it. She is also an all around amazing person and an amazing ginger. Teach me how to ginger, te-te-teach me how to ginger....

Erica Mast

Duke East 2012, 2013, 2014 Erica was the Sexy Mama in 2014 and passed it on to Maddie Daniel. She was a member of the Lazer Dragons for both her third and fourth years and made the game winning catch her fourth year. Brought a kazoo to camp and played the chorus of Wiggle, it created a dance that can only be described as wiggling and it was great. Also was in Tipsync her third and fourth years with the same group of awesome girls, came in first her fourth year. Generally awesome and sarcastic, said weyho a lot.

Nick Mast

Duke East I 2010 and Duke East II 2011

Nick is amazing at Ultimate and will be the captain of the student team next yr! Nick is fun to hang with and nice to everyone! He also enjoys to wear sweatpants and pajama pants! One of the most cherished TIPsters.

Plus, he is awesome...bossome :)

During Term 2, Nick was still as awesome as ever! Since he wasn't there for Term 1, Nick got to become co-captain of the Term 2 Ultimate Team: The Lazer Dragons!!!! Not only is he super fun, nice, and exciting, he is also one SMART dude, always leading the class discussions in AFUNC. Also, ALWAYS REMEMBER THE DUKE SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (WADDLE WADDLE)

    • Edit: It's the DUCK song(:

Nick was known as the Hottie Monster... for obvious reasons ;) We thought he didn't know until it was written on the back of his shirt @ the ultimate game.

Lindsey Maxon

A Term I East TIPster from '05 to '07 whom nobody has recorded any information about, except for this one sentence which tells you that Lindsey was a Term I East TIPster from '05 to '07 whom nobody has recorded any information about.

Kathleen Mayer

Courses: Philosophy, Books We Read Too Young, Thinking the Unthinkable, Controversial Politics Attended: 2002-2005, at Duke East and Davidson

Kathleen was the 2005 East 2 Llama Mama. She was the host of the Talent Show, along with Conrad Schott and Melanie Weyant. She is known for her humor, general insanity, and of course, for her kickin' Oh-noetry skillz. The first to write any purposely bad oh noetry.

Supriya Mazumdar

Duke East I 2010

Supriya (aka Sushi) is one of the most friendly TiPster ever. She is always kind and is fun to hang with! Sushi also has amazing hair! Sushi won Miley Cyrus at Quadfest! She also serenaded people from her window along with her roomate (Rebecca Skolnick). They both preformed at the talent show together. Sushi was in Kings, Despots, and CEO's. In that class's uber-intense and occasionally violent rounds of Diplomacy, she was Austria. She lost. Miserably. (After a long, hard battle.)

Matt McAlister

Duke East I 2008

Chris McArthur

Duke East I 2008

Billy McCormick

TIPSter Index/M-R
Campus(es) Duke East
Attended 2005, 2006
Course(s) , Bach to Rock
RAG(s) Alex's, Xiao's
Roommate(s) {{{roommate}}}
Social Media

Currently a 2-2-2, Billy McCormick is one goodlooking and witty guy. He has been linked with many girls at each term and was spotted canoodling with a select few of these ladies in various locales (such as ). Funkapalooza was indeed the brainchild of this man, but recieved help from and Charley Synder in promotion/flyering/marketing/being awesome. He was spotted wearing silver dance pants of Freakin Tight Pants Friday Term I 2005. Often seen dancing, even if music is not present. was his roommate Term II 2006. He is indeed one noteworthy TIPster due to his actions, wit and general lovableness.

Kyle McCuller

Duke East I 2008, Duke West II 2010

Dillon McDermott

ASU 2008, UGA '09-'11

Dillon is an amazing person who learned the TIP spirit early on despite having a psychopathic roommate his first year. He eventually became the first TIP Moses, and will hopefully be remembered for such an accomplishment for many terms to come.

Anna McDonald

Duke East I 2008

Alec McKee

Wake Forest 2016 Term 1 Did the Mock Trial class at Wake Forest. Not many knew him but he was pretty dope.

Amanda McLamb

Duke East I 2008

Bert McLeod

Duke East I 2008

Katherine McMillan

Texas A&M I 2008-09 Duke East I 2010-11

The coolest chickadee on campus. Her purple sparkly antennas were the envy of everyone on campus. Her style: ridiculous (in a good way). Her personality: ditto (in a good way). Her talents: too various to list. Most notable, though, was her 2011 Talent Show talent, performing "Edge of Glory" on the piano. At the end of the talent show, she handed down the TiP relic of the Pokemon hat to Peter, resulting in him nearly having a heart attack. All in all, a hoopy frood of a girl.

Emma McNairy

Duke East I 2008

Katherine McVay

  • Wake Forest Term II 2013
    • Mary Willoughby's Rag (The Wallabies)
      • Most likely to fall in love with a poster
        • In the second week, her family sent her a bunch of posters from home, and she taped them up on the wall. The night before her birthday, which happened during the term, she went to bed while the other girls secretly stayed up a little later decorating the outside of her room. The day of her birthday, while she was out of her room, the girls once again went in and decorated her room with balloons and strings of all colors.
    • Algebra II
      • The next Foot Model

Pratyusha Medikonda

Duke West I 2013 (Abnormal Psychology)

Pratyusha was the most fabulous, rad chick around. She starred as Doctor McCoy in the Star Trek-themed Doctor Doctor skit, with the iconic closing line "Goshdarnit, Scotty, I'm a doctor, not a mortician!" She is also a main player in .

Patrick Meek

Uga term 2 Made infamous by being first relationship as well as dating two girls over the term and his hat his hat is awesome Sadly patrick was not able to attend duke tip his third year , hopefully he will come back for his fourth

Eleanor "Slut Muffin" Mehlenbacher

Duke East I 2008

Sonali Mehta

Duke West I 2014 (Social Psychology, Unknown RAG)

Duke West I 2013 (Biology of Cancer, Stapor's RAG)

Davidson I 2012 (Geometry, Kathleen's RC Group)

Trinity I 2011 (Creative Writing, Bet's RC Group)

Izzy Mendoza

See Izzy Mendoza

Evan Mertz

Davidson II 2010, Duke West II 2011

A proper description of this person would be a super-nerd. Having played or seen many games both classic and modern, he can talk for hours upon end about (including but not limited to) Donkey Kong, Mario Bros. 1, Mario Bros. 2, Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Paper Mario, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Super Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Luigi’s Mansion, Tetris, Legend of Zelda, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance 2, Sonic Advance 3, Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Unleashed, Kirby’s Dream Land, Kirby’s Dream Land 2, Kirby’s Dream Course, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, Kirby and the Crystal Shards, Kirby Air Ride, Mother, Mother 2 (Earthbound), Mother 3, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days, Dragon Warrior, Dragon Quest IV, Dragon Quest VIII, Okami, Okamiden, Pokémon Channel, Pokémon Coliseum, Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness, Pokémon: Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire red, Leaf green, Diamond, Pearl versions, and many more!

Being such a nerd makes TIP all the more enjoyable for him and he really appreciates coming each year. Striving to make fourth year fourth year, Evan refuses to miss an opportunity at TIP. He is currently wishing he was still there…

too bad almost every sentence he said had something to do with the video game 'Mother' and halfway through the term before he even started talking everyone would shout 'WE DONT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT MOTHER' He also has mad skill with rubix cubs and took apart blondejon's baby

Maya Messinger

Duke East I 2013: Dictators, Kings, and CEOs: The Evolution of Empire Duke East I 2014: History of the Future

Kaitlyn Mi

Georgia Tech II 2014: Writing with Power, CTodd's RAG

Georgia Tech I 2015: Biomedical Engineering, Callie's $quad

Georgia Tech I 2016: Neuroscience, Angel's Angel

Also known as Thirsty, Kaitlyn was a third year-fourth year. A squad wasn't complete without her and her superb naming skills (Friendship Corner, Talison, Smallyson, etc.), awkward jokes, laundering skills, and magical hair. Her perfect pitch-ness and her moderate scoliosis distinguished her from her peers, along with the fact that she had basically seen no movies, like, ever. In addition, she was a member of Friendship Corner, contributed to the Wall of Quotes, and was a 1am Martyr. Perhaps her greatest accomplishment was never being peer pressured into running. (*coughs* Cara)

John Mijares

Davidson II 2013: mathematical problem solving

Davidson II 2014: Cryptography, Code breaking, and the Mathematics of Spying

This kid was pretty wierd. I. 2014 he wore suit pajamas on fancy friday. Also walked around during the slow dances yelling leave room for jesus, I ship it , or save room for Dumbledore.

Jesus Miller, III

KU II 2011 (Psychology)

Texas A&M II 2012 (Neuropsychology)

Texas A&M II 2013 (Modern Medicine: Disease and Immunology 2)

Rice II 2014 (Cold War: From Allies to Adversaries)

Jesus is a really cool and interesting person. He is very out going and quite the Rastafarian. His real name is James, but he became Jesus when Lynne braided his hair and renamed him first year. He is commonly found lounging about the dorms singing "Low" by Flo Rida or playing his tiny recorder. He has also got mad chopstick skills and ate his lunch with chopsticks every single day third year. There is not much else to say because it is impossible to capture how awesome Jesus is in a few sentences.

Allie Anne Mills

Duke East II 2012

A very very extraordinary person. She is a 1st year 3rd year. She is very well known for being an expert drummer, a very sexy sex panther, and one of the most quirkiest people I know. She is a very hardcore troller along with Tommy Bui. If you make her laugh hard enough, she'll snort. She has a lot of guy friends including Jesse Shadowen, Malcolm Landrieu, Henry Saussy, etc. But out of all her guy friends, there is the sexiest of them all: Tommy Bui. On the first day, she thought he was going to be a giant douchebag, but it turned out that they would have the greatest friendship since freaking Harold and Kumar. I said biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch, this was pretty hardcore shit. On the second to last day, Allie gave him a shirt the says "White County, I love You". To this day, he still wears it.

Warren Mo

Duke East I 2010

Warren is a kind and sweet dude that took Algebra II. He is a great friend and has rockin moves!

Viktoria Mochnacky

Davidson I 2014 (Modern Medicine: Disease & Immunology)

Duke West II 2015 (The Human Dimensions of Biotechnology)

Georgia Tech I 2016 (Neuroscience)

Paola Moctezuma

Trinity I 2011 (Psychology) / Duke West I 2012 (Social Psychology) / Duke West I 2013 (Psychology of Decision Making)

Paola was the resident crazy Batman fan at all campuses they attended, (they literally only wore Batman T-shirts) so much so that they were often referred to as "Batgirl," especially among people who were not actually acquainted with them. With such a reputation, of course, all of their RAG- or class- assigned superlatives ended up being "Most Likely To Be The Hero Gotham Deserves," which they were totally cool with, mind you. Their best friends were Pratyusha Medikonda, Anna Glassman, and Johanna Smith-Palliser. They were also the 2013 term's semi-official LGBT rights announcer, as the crucial DOMA and Prop 8 cases were being heard by the Supreme Court during the term. In addition, Paola was the discoverer of the so-called "Perfect Strawberry," which was found and consumed at breakfast in the Great Hall during the second week of the term. No strawberry shall ever live up to that little morsel of unimaginable, juicy bliss, but it will remain forever in our hearts.

Blake Montgomery

Duke East I 2008

Participant in the Trans-gender Cell Block Tango and original owner of The Fishnets.

Austin Mooney

Duke East I 2008

Chandler(Not Zoë) Moore

1st of all if you are talking to Chandler always call her Zoë, I mean Chandler, or she will go ape on your behind. Chandler has a natural hate of Zoë, only sometimes though, that it was unfortunate that they were roommates this year at West I. Zoë is pretty cool not unlike a curtain TiPster Samir Gadre, but that is against the point. Chandler was always known as the 5th wheel. This was because she was always seen around two friends (Horrgan and Zoë both of whom had relationTiPs). Zoë was one of the most generous and kind TiPsters I met at West. She was always willing to lend out NikeTiempo shorts to well deserving and needy friends. Even if these friends stank the shorts up worse than when they got them in the first place. (Yes. Chandler had some stinky shorts. Jkjk.) I liked Chandler because she was cool to talk too. I was the 6th wheel and while friends were "doing stuff" we talked and ate food. Two of my favorite things. One the last night of TiP I remember we couldn't find Chandler anywhere. Little did I know that she was going around looking for someone else's term book that she had supposedly lost. The point of this story is that even on the last day she was thinking of others rather than having fun her self. That in my mind is very respectable. You rock Zoë I mean Chandler. Don't change!!!!!!

Donald Moratz

This page was just created by Jeff Zhao. More to be added soon.

Katie Morris

Davidson | 2009 Duke West | 2010 Duke West | 2011

Katie Morris took Modern Medicine at Davidson and AbPsych and Anatomy at West. She loved all her classes, especially for those awkward conversations and field trips. She enjoys creeping on people, playing frisbee, dancing, choreographing dances, eating children for breakfast, and being a truck. She loves all her friends from TIP, especially those who enjoy partaking in her creeping activities. She has been in a relationTIP with Greg since 1st term 2010. Katie was a member of Olivia's Big Girls, the best RC group ever at TIP!! She is an honorary egg and loves awkward palm trees. If you haven't met her, I'm sorry, because all who have love her amazingness. Every. Single. One. That is all. :)

Lilli Morris

Duke East I 2008

Abby Mrvos

KU 2009

UGA 2010

UGA 2011

Abby loves TIP and all the amazing friends she made there! TIP = <3

Louis Moten

Davidson 2017 term 1

Super funny had the most lit playlists and loved listening to music really good rapper, wrote a rap for the talent show had some of the best dance moves in all Davidson, could always be seen flossing or doing the milly rock at the dances

Katherine Mullin

Duke East I 2008

Kevin Murgas

Davidson l 2009 Duke West l 2010 Duke West l 2011

Kevin Murgas is a one-of-a-kind Tipster. He's loud and crazy and always gets a good laugh out of everyone. He is known well by the RC's since they were usually getting on to him for Playing his music to loud, swinging his lanyard, or PDA. He could often be found plugged into his iPod wandering the halls in search of his countless friends. Kevin was an all-around ladies man and was rumored to have relationTips with not only Rhiannon, but also Sue, Julia, and a bromance with Peter Cha-Chung. None were ever confirmed. Kevin always had a new idea for a prank or practical joke in his head. The phrase "Murgasmic" was coined by his love for the breakfast biscuits during Duke 2010. He partied like no other. You havent lived much at all until you have met Kevin Murgas. Kevin and his legacy will be with Tip always.

Last Name N

Megan Nastasi

Appalachian term II 2009 Uga term II 2010

megan is like the coolest person ever!!!!! she is really sweet and a great friend :) plus she has the best laugh ever!! i love her like crazy and she is freaking awesome!!!!!!! :):):)

megan was one of my first friends at our first year of TIP, I hope to stay with her all four years because she is one of my best friends. She is so adorable and spaces out frequently hahah (: i love you megan!<3

Chris Nettles

Duke East I 2010


Jack JDawg Neppl

Davidson Term II 2006


  • Louisa Helen Kirk AKA Lulu-Lulu was one of Jacks best freinds at TiP. She was the one who nicknamed him JDawg. Having always wanted to call somebody that but not knowing anyone with name beginning with J. She also helped fix the way he walked, but she could do nothing about his dancing. The two hung out in the basement even though they lived on the third floor and on the last night were yelled at by Aimee the basement RC for being disrespectful. It was the ultimate trophy.

Jack Neppl was in architecture. His roomate was creepily quiet.

Ra Newmark

Duke East I 2008

Janey Capers Newland

University of Kansas, Introduction to Medical Science(A) 2010 Term 2

University of Georgia, The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity 2011 Term 1

Ellie Newman

Connor Newton

  • Personality

Overall Connor's a naturally cool guy. He's extremely funny and made a lot of friends. But as his close friends know, he held a lot of emotional pain. With RC Stallings' daily "Rose-and-Thorn" sessions along with a little deep conversation with close friend Vince Mitchell, he was able to get rid of a lot of this.

  • Friends

Connor normally hung with David Myers, Jack Margolin, Josh Stevens-Stein, and Vince Mitchell. On the girl side, he was friends with Madeleine Boudreaux, Cara Lynn Clarkson , and his true love Emily Slavin. He had hundreds more friends though. Cara Lynn tried to make a sexual advance on him, but he denied this for Emily.

  • Basic Info

RC Group - Emily Stallings Roommate - David Myers

Phu Nguyen

Trinity 2009 Duke West I 2011

Phu had fun at Trinity, probably. At Duke West, he was the most chill guy in his Neuroscience class. He had a fetish for opening doors for everyone, even if someone pressed the wheelchair button so that the door would open automatically. He belonged to Nick's RC group, aka Nick's Gamers, and for some reason everyone in his RC group loved yelling his name. Because of this, many people learned his name even though he did not know theirs. He loved playing frisbee, and you could pretty much see him every day on Main Quad throwing a frisbee around with his RC group (they were pretty tight). He participated in the event A Day at TiP in Quadfest (representing the green team, yayuhh) and bravely took on the task of reciting the Pythagorean Theorum while pouring chocolate syrup on his face. At the last dance, his friends Faith Yu and Maggie Caruso set him up to take Megan O'Connor down the red carpet. Thankfully, they both enjoyed it. In the end, Phu is a cross between a koala bear, a typical asian, and Chuck Norris.

Emma Nohara-LeClair

Wake Forest term 1 2014, 2015, Duke East term 1 2016, Georgia tech term 1 2017

Sam Northenor

Wake Forest | Marine Lab 2017, 2018, 2019

Sam attended Wake Forest Forensic Anthropology her first year before moving to the Marine Lab her final three years. She attended Near Shores and Oceans her first year, Estuaries and Marshes her second, and Oceanography her third year there. It should be noted the classes got worse as time went on but the best instructor by far was Jaime in Estuaries and Marshes (we love you Jamie !!). She met some of her closest friends at the Lab, Charlotte Boyd and Beth Peebles as well as Katrina Borgen and others. She had a relationtip her third year with Andrew Sports and her fourth year with Nathan Henderson. She’s the most gorgeous person and full of actual sunshine and TIP is her safe place. A quote which really helps to understand her is, “Who can’t help really having a small crush on Sam?”

Kyle Norton

ASU term 2 2008, UGA term 1 2009,2010,2011

Kyle Norton was a funny, and overall pretty awesome guy. Although sometimes he would say things without using his mental filter, he genuinely cared for everyone at TIP. he was a mediocre Frisbee player but was funny to watch on the field. He did in fact score a point in the Student staff ultimate game of 2011. He was well liked by all who knew him. And while he did not have the best flirting skills, he still managed to get the ladies of term 1 to fall in love with him. He was smart and added a lot to class discussion, but also very loud (sometimes excluding the quieter tipsters). He was the co-founder of "SHIRTS OFF!" and he proudly wore the infamous dress (a dress passed down from 4th years to 3rd years and then worn on cross dressing day). He was a good listener and was always there for anyone that needed him. He will be missed in the following years, although he did pledge to visit as he lives near by.

Julia Norton

ASU term 1 2013, UGA term 1 2015

Julia Norton was Kyle Norton's little sister. She continued his legend as the "diamond cutter" by being the Nerdquest Trophy bearer until 2016. She was good at getting along with everyone and had the same sense of humor as her older brother. She was famous for her perfect winged eyeliner and laughing at everything. She took Psychology and Philosophy and although she got sad every once in a while, Julia was a generally positive and friendly person. She will be attending UGA term 1 2016 and has yet to determine her course.

Nadia Nyota

Nyawira Nyota

  • Wake Forest Term II 2013
    • Algebra II
      • The next American Idol

Last Name O

Alex Obiol

Aine O'Connor

Davidson II '06 -- Myths and Legends

East II '07 -- World Religions

East II '08 -- PPL: Politics and Philosophy in Literature

Ben Olasov

Duke East I 2008

Lindsey Oliver

Duke East I 2008

Keridan Ogletree

"OH MY GOSH I LOVE KRISTEN SOOOO MUCH!" -Texas A&M Term 2, Entrepreneurial Leadership

Kieran Opela

1st year (2016): App State Term 2, took Psychology, was in Brandy’s RC group.

2nd year (2017): UGA Term 2, took The Brain Intelligence and Creativity, was in Keilah’s RC group.

3rd year (2018): UGA Term 2, took Intro to Vet Med, was in Erin’s RC group.

4th year (2019): UGA Term 2, took Spec Fic, was in Samiya’s RC group.

At the end of her third year, Kieran recieved the tradition of “Mao Master” from Scott Saurs, and went back as a fourth year to perform certain responsibilities as a Mao Master. That’s all she can tell you about that.

Justin Ortlip

Duke East I 2008

Charlie Osborne

Duke East II 2011

Charlie is a very excited and fun TiPster who decided to take Advanced Function Analysis with Mathematical Modeling (AFUNC) during Term 2 of East. Charlie is A BEAST when it comes to Ping-Pong and earned Brown 2nd place in the Ping-Pong tournament. He is also a beast when it comes to Super Smash Bros. on the N64 and Pokemon Stadium on N64. He's always up for anything and everything, except the dances which he does not like. Also, "Charlie still doesn't get it."

Leland Ott

Duke East II 2011-2013

Sex on Legs 2012-2013

Margaret Overton

click here

Tucker Owen

Duke East I 2008

Member of the legendary G.O.A.T. RAG.

Zack Owens

Georgia Tech 2 2017

Avery Owings

Duke East I 2010 -- Celluloid Visions

Duke East I 2011 -- Big Screen, Little Screen

Duke East I 2012 -- From Bach to Rock

swimming pools (drank)

Last Name P

Nik Padinha

Duke East I 2008

Adi 'the Legs' Pall

Adi was popular throughout TiP during his first year( Duke East Term 1 2007), where he was Peter Sloan's RAG (Sloan's 11). He took Writing with Power, yet refused to wear his shirt on the last day of class. He was commonly seen around campus wearing European clothing and getting away with it. Adi was also know as "The Legs" and "The Naked Gypsy," due to the fact that he looked better in short-shorts on gender-bender Wednesday than most girls, and that he was Hungarian and enjoyed walking around shirtless. He was also often seen wearing Julia Ganzi's aviators, except for the time they were loaned to Peter "Jesus" Cornick, were lost, refound, and then given back to an angry Julia. Adi lived in Brown, 3rd floor, and was roommates with Gordon Glober. They played together on Team Amurrica (lost in the finals) during the Ultimate Tournament, which was Adi's first time ever playing ultimate. Adi is an incredibly good dancer and was one of the Bee Gees (with Peter and Gordon) in the TiPocalypse Costume Contest at the 3rd Dance of East Term 1 2007.

Nick Pape

TIPSter Index/M-R
Campus(es) Duke East
Attended 2006, 2007, 2008
Course(s) Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Macroeconomics
RAG(s) Dad
Roommate(s) {{{roommate}}}
Social Media

He wasn't able to come back for his 4th year due to paperwork issues and missed out on his love being LlamaMama (and Swine Flu). Got told off pretty badly by one of those second years named Elise. She really did not like him. Part of Dad's RAG. Nickname: Germany.
Generally thought to be somewhat annoying.


  • 1st Year -- None (Wanted Serena)
  • 2nd Year -- No-homo Tom Palmer
  • 3rd Year -- Carolyn/Alli

Visit his Website!

Misha Parfenoff

Misha Parfenoff is a creepy crazy fun kid! He dyed his hair blue in the last couple days of the term and was Justin Bieber at QuadFest. He was in a relationTiP with Yuki Inaba. He also has very long eyelashes, hence the nickname, Eyelashes. Coolest Russian EVER.

Max Paris

Davidson II 2011 - Modern Medicine

Max was a high spirited camper who was the chant leader in Jim's group and created the Jim fan club. He was known for a lot of things. One of the most memorable things was on the first day, he chased people around second floor Cannon screaming "Jerky!" later to find out he is a vegetarian. Also, Max and his friend; Tyler Tinari, carried signs around claiming there were free hugs from Max and deluxe hugs for $2.50 from Tyler (which wasn't known to be the same exact thing by other people...). He also handed out free crackers toward the end of camp. He made friends easily and was a fun person to have around. He was voted "Most likely to start a Jim fan club" by his RC group. Half of his group also wanted his superlative to be ," Most likely to sue Sam Peddicord". Other things Max and other people from second floor Cannon enjoyed to do was watch asdf movies on YouTube. Some memorable quotes from those videos were ,"I like trains, Screw gravity!, How did I get here? (Desmond the Moon Bear), PIE FLAVOR!, and I AM PUNCHING YOUR SALAD!". Max saw his friend failing at drawing, so he decided to show him how to draw "Bert"... and about another 2 pages of stuff, but according to Max, "We shall avenge him". Max also told me to write about tacos in this... so, yeah.

Aerin Parker

Aerin Parker was a fourth year fourth year who was known to always be either laughing or complaining about her scoliosis. She spent most of Term 1 2016 in the 2nd floor lounge in Woodruff playing rap music or in class listening to Shawn Mendes with Katie and pretending to be good at coding. She was part of the 1am Martyr Squad (and doesn't regret it at all).

  • Wake Forest Term 2 2013 - Stones and Bones
    • Rupali's Rag
      • Most likely to discover an ancient artifact
  • Wake Forest Term 2 2014 - DNA
    • Erica's RAG
  • Georgia Tech Term 1 2015 - Genetics
    • Hannah's Hobos
  • Georgia Tech Term 1 2016 - AI
    • Angel's Angels

Amaryst Parks

Duke East I 2010

Amaryst Parks is fly like a G6! She is the one who can the song stuck in ur head for days! Amaryst is an amazingly fun girl! She is sooooo much fun to hang with! She also worries about the "smog" at TIP. Though there is probably more smog at Duke TIP than in "Alabayama," where's she's from. She is also a firm believer in the presence of a face behind one's face, inside one's head. According to her, you switch between your faces between night and day. One's alternate face is the opposite gender of your day face. During the night, Amaryst Parks turns into...ESTEBAN.

Evan Parks

TAMU 2013 Term 2

He was frequently hunted by groups of ravenous girls and frequently took solitude in his room. Also spent the majority of his free time either walking up and down the stairs in Moses or staring/laughing at the sample picture of the koala on any Windows device. He is also most well known for his large variety of awesome pajama pants.

Rice University, Term 2, 2014.

Evan is still hunted by groups of ravenous girls, though this time they want his hugs. He still has a variety of awesome pajama pants. He attended the Art of Satire. He is obsessed with Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, which is understandable. His roommates for that year were Stu Bennet, Sam Jones, and Paul Zoeller. He got along very well with everyone.

Mira Patel

Georgia Tech I 2015

Miral Patel

Duke East I 2008

Samip Patel

Samip was a third year at west term one in 2010 and a fourthie at west term one in 2011. He, alongside Kevin Murgas, is the one credited for the introduction of NASCAR to the Tip West Community. Although some did not know his name, they knew him as the "tall indian kid who says nascar a lot". He was also the one who started all the mosh pits alongside Barry Snyder in his fourth year term. He was a Jer-Bear to the core and still is to this day.

Pooja Patel

Pooja Patel attended her first year of Tip at Davidson Term 1 2009 where she took Modern Medicine. Her second year she went to Duke West Term 1 and took Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Ethics. Pooja was always known as the girl to fix everyone's problems and brighten your day with her Billion-Watt smile! She also rocked it on the dance floor with her AHHmazing dance skills. She met her soul sisters and two very best friends in the whole world Rhiannon Akins and Kat Lane at Davidson Term 1. She also made another bestfriend her first year at Davidson named Sherron Fontes, who was in her RC Group. At Duke she met Aditya Mahadaven and instantly became besties with him! She loved Danielle Dauchout's legs.(no homo) Pooja will be remembered long after her last years at Tip.

Anabelle Paulino

  • Wake Forest Term 2 2013
    • Mary Willoughby's Rag (The Wallabies)
      • Most likely to create modern art
    • Class: Mock Trial

Adrienne Pearson

Duke East I 2010

Adrienne was one of the best girl RC's you could ask for! She was known for loving to hear about all the TIP drama and offering really good advice to her rag.

Claire Pearson

ASU 2013

Georgia Tech I 2015

Duke West I 2016

Beth Peebles

Beth attended DUML in 2017, 2018, and 2019. She took Near Shores and Oceans (still the best class!) in 2017 where she met her best friend, Charlotte Boyd. She is a member of “The Porch Squad” and “The Meme Squad”. She took Estuaries and Marshes in 2018 where she met her relationtip and ex boyfriend, Alex Erdin. She was made a JRC in 2018. In 2019 she was babe of the day on the last week.

Charles Pennell

Duke East I 2008

Member of the legendary G.O.A.T. RAG.

Wade Phenicie

Duke East I 2006 Enlighten Me! Duke East I 2007 Abnormal Psychology Duke East I 2008 Apocalypse Soon

Alex Perkowski

inevitably terms before, but most notably Duke West II 2012

As 4th year: Made most everything sexual (esp. at dances), Blue leader @ Quadfest, total douche-canoe, and (source of fame) GOT 'EM!

Kelly Pierce

ASU Term I 2009 UGA Term I 2010 UGA Term I 2011 UGA Term I 2012

As a fourth year fourth year, she did her best to make it a good year for herself and the others around her. Caleb Hall and she bought "dawg" tags for all the fourth year-fourth years they had attended TIP with. At the time of UGA Term I 2013, a fourth year from that time also bought tags for their group, so it seems she helped make another tradition. (Also, forgive her for writing all in third person. She enjoys it at times.) Quote from Graye Castleman, her third year (as stated in her fourth year will): "Goddammit, Kelly." Nickname: Twitchy/ Spazzy. (Given to her in her 2nd year from "The Asian Triples": Max, Kamchi, and Dennis. Also, she was "the Fourth Triplet")

Nick Pierce

KU II 2010 TAMU II 2011 TAMU II 2012 - Glorious Leader and Founder of Chisrael, All Hail Chisrael! - Amazing Rapper, name: White Platinum - Poet of epic proportions, see Fire and Cheese - Self-appointed Dance Monster - White, but considers himself "light black"

Carly Pittman

East Term 2 2012- Haunted Places

East Term 2 2013- Utopia Dystopia Myopia

Really true facts:

~She contributed to the invention of shoulder cookie

~She put a banana in her pants to scare Ian English on Thug Thursday, with whom she had a super gross relationTiP with her 3rd year.

~She's hella rad and an awesome white girl dancer.

~She invented bananas and is the supreme ruler of uranus

~Savannah "Lilli" Eubank is her lover and best friend 5ever

~She has a below average IQ and above average standardized test scores

~She enjoys the Vermonster (both)

~She taught some how to swing dance, and many how to dance sexually. But not well.

Carly Pittman was well known both years at TiP for her relations with those of the opposite (and sometimes same) sex. Her third year, she had a gross relationship with second year Ian English, while she was living in Basset with the fourth years, which led to much confusion by many. Fourth year she did not have a relationTiP, although there was a substatial ammount of flirtation with a select few. Carly was one of the founding members of the G+ gang, and another crew that were born of the group.

Cappy Pitts

Duke East I 2008

Robert Plant

Robbie Plant is one of the sweetest guys with such a genuine personality. We all miss his southern accent, cuddling, and funny drawings. He's wise and can stop a conversation with any point he makes. I know that Robbie will do great things someday.

Marshall Plumlee

Marshall Plumlee didn't attend TiP, but there is video footage of him saying that he is a Jer-Bear. Ask Samip Patel if you are interested in seeing this footage.

Katherine Poinsatte

Duke East I 2008

Maddie Pollack

Duke East Term II 2011, 2012, and hopefully 2013

Maddie is one of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet! She is a perfect roommate so whoever gets her in 2013 should be pumped. Maddie took Words that Matter her second year, and International Relations her third year. She is going to be returning to East Term II in 2013 as an amazing fourth year and is a definite member of the 2013 Llama Posse. Mattie had a RelationTIP with Logan Laird from the very end of their second year until the first week of her third year, in which he did not return. She then had an adorable unofficial fling with Evan Palmer during her third/his fourth year (2012). Maddie was part of the only 3rd year RAG in Bassett in 2012, and should probably apologize for their obnoxiously loud workouts and music at 6:30 in the morning.

Ralf Popescu

Duke East Term I 2008

Cecilia Poston

Davidson 2013 Term II

Cecilia was this really smart girl who had very dry humor. She was in Modern Medicine and liked her chocolate icecream.

Seth Pottle

Duke East I 2008

Sara Powell

Duke East I 2008

Kelsey Powers

Pranav Prabu

Duke West Term 1 2011

Davidson Term 1 2010

Johnny Pribyl

Duke East I 2008

Member of the legendary G.O.A.T. RAG.

Lauren Price

Lauren Frances Price was a 4-1-1 who attended Duke East during Term 1 of 2006. She is from [what she likes to call] O-Town, or Omaha, Nebraska. She is renowned for her elite haircutting prowess; so much so, in fact, that she is often told that she should attend Dana's School of Cosmetology (which, upon further, unrenumerative investigation, appears to be nonexistant). Also, she is noted for her extremely quirky and unique personality that one can't help but love. She took the class Enlighten Me!, and many students were awed with her insightful and thought-provoking comments. She is also famed for being a member of the exclusive . In general, TiP would have been very lame without her.

Vicki Pruente

Duke Marine Lab Term 1 2009 Coastal Geology, Duke Marine Lab Term 1 2010 Marine Biology Vicki was known for her random squeals and screams when tipsters Maxwell James Duncan and Patrick Tarrant would poke her in the stomach and yell "BABY!!" She was also known for her rap music and dancing, which resulted in others calling her an "inside out oreo." She was always getting chastized by the RC's for having her light on and just trying to go to the bathroom after lights out. At the end of her 4th year, she stole Maxwell James Duncan's water bottle and took it home with her, and sent it to Carly Fox in 2011 when she returned to the marine lab. She is also noted for being yelled at by an RC after calling her roommate's tie dye shirt gay.

Subhanshu Pyne

Davidson 2009 Term 1, West 2010 Term 1, West 2011 Term 1 - Subhanshu is a babyish tipster. He was known for his soft skin (awkward) and squeaky voice. His nickname soo soo also means urine or piss in other languages.

Last Name Q

Luis Quintero

Texas A&M Term II 2007-2009, Term I 2010

Luis is quite possibly the most famous Term II TIPster of A&M. Devestated as the Term II TIPsters were he could not return for his 4th year, they were proud to know he had at least returned for Term I helping to defeat the staff in Ultimate and gracing the Term I TIPsters with his costume genius! His 3rd year he was unbeatable in costume competitions, putting the Green Team in 2nd place for Ag Fest. Luis will forever be remembered at A&M

Willian Qin

Trinity University Term 1 2017

The most famous TIPster in term 1. He flooded the bathroom multiple times, made songs about flooding the bathroom, and microwaved a tide pod.

Last Name R

Anjali Raghuram

Duke East I 2008

Yasmine Rahmat

Duke West I 2010

This chica is crazy. I actually have pictures of her with demon expressions, along with Chandler Moore. They were taken on the very last night of Tip, West 2010 Term 1, when a friend Joella told them to keep their eyes wide open to avoid blinking in the flash of a camera at night. These fools listened, turning out with crazy eyes. Yasmine's laugh is ridiculously cute, and makes everything much funnier. She is extremely funny, and is obviously boy obsessed. This girl is as Tipster as you can get, and sadly could not make it this year. However, we all look forward to having her this upcoming year, as a fourth-year. However, I will warn you that if you are an Eastie, she will constantly bug you about the secrets of the Seal Joke. Do not give in. These are confidential, and die-hard Westies are not allowed to view them. Even though this girl is infected with Westness..... she is still pretty cool and you should get to know her!

Lauren Rasch

Lauren's gorgeous. Don't get her confused with her twin, Hilary. They don't look too much alike, but some idiots get them mixed up. Lauren's pretty opinionated, but she's a ton of fun to be around. She rocks the mini skirt-tennis shoes look like nobody's business. She has a tendency of dotting her hands with her pen. It's endearing though. Also, she attends an all girls catholic school in Texas. Its cute, isn't it?

Shane Reagan

Shane is one of the most die-hard TIPsters in history. Shane was an incredible TIPster and did innumerable things during his 4th year at TIP. For more information on Shane, see the page on Shane Reagan.

Duke West Term I 2010

Duke West Term I 2011

  • Class: Nanotechnology

Duke West Term I 2012 Roommate: Aditya (Squeaker)

Indraneel Reddy

Duke East I 2008

Member of the legendary G.O.A.T. RAG.

Peri "Bitch Muffin" Rehm

Duke East I 2008

Heidi Reinhardt

Duke West I 2011 Genetics

Mary Reishmann

Duke East I 2008

Alex Reynolds

Possibly the second best TiP BAMF evah. For serious. The epitome of tiptasticness. :D's noted for her and Ariana Stone's tipstravaganzas during the talent show. Noted for being all nimbly pimbly and jumping from tree to tree...on to unsuspecting first years. Suffered a frisbee head shot at PiT fest '06. Wanted to poison the freshmen on the quad in musical form. member of the seven. Philosophic Quest!'s best anarchist.

and finally alex reynolds will take your hand, we'll make it I swear, wooaaahh livin' on a prayer

Dru "Salty" Ricci

Dru Ricci was the absolute saltiest person to ever go to TiP, and this was shown especially at Georgia Tech Term 1 2015. Without her, many salty jokes would have gone unsaid and TiP would have not been the same without her. Her first year she went to Davidson and her second Duke West. Her space in Friendship Corner also must be noted. She spent everyday there, even after being poisoned by tapioca. What a trooper.

Danny Richey

2 time Vermonster Champion. Conquerer of the Marketplace One. Indubitably the best looking TiPster on East Campus during the 2009 Term 2 Snoutbreak. Insane debater. Follower of the great Brian T. Fobi. Half of East's 2nd greatest all-time Bromance with Mehul Mehta (behind Peter Sloan and Will Harris, of course). 4 year 4th year (all Term 2) who spent two years at Davidson College before moving on to Duke East in 2008. Eagerly awaits more additions from devoted fans.

Morgan(Horrgan) Ringel

Morgan like many other TiPsters (Samir Gadre and Squeaker) is AMAZING. However, she is also very STUPID. Morgan can't spell very well either. We all thought she had AWS (Attention Whore Syndrome) but in reality, she just had AHS (Attention Horr Syndrome) for her lack of a W or an E and the addition of another R into the word whore. In all seriousness Morgan is a NICE (ville) person.

Danielle Rioux

Duke East I 2008

Natalie Ritchie

Duke East I 2008

Elizabeth "Sarcasm" Rivers

Duke East II 2010

Elizabeth Rivers was quite simply the coolest person in Criminal Minds; she also had a thing for calling Zac "emotionally suppressed". Also, ITS BIOLOGICALLY POSSIBLE! She was known to have a fondness for chocolate cake. She currently resides in Atlanta, whre she is facebook stalked by Zac. Let it be known that, as of this latest edit, she is eating chinese food.

Grace Robbins

Davidson Term 2 2013-Creative Writing

Member of the Collective Collective, Kara's RC Group (Boys Are Bad!) also photographed just about everything (including a very interesting pudding challenge).

Amber Roberson

  • Trinity 2009 - Creative Writing
  • Duke East I 2010 - The Undead
  • Duke East I 2011- Symbols and Structure

Thought to be the most awesome person on the third floor of Alspaugh by her RAG-mates. Not to mention she is the bestest roommate EVAR because she's willing to sing Ke$ha early in the morning and let her friends abuse her only son, although that was only because they were all secretly plushies.

Clara Roberts

Duke East I 2008

Lauren Robertson

  • Appalachian State II 2009 - Theatre Arts
  • Duke East II 2010 - From Bach to Rock

Sasha "salsa" Robertson

  • Trinity Term II 2016 - Spec Fic

Georgia Rogers

Sam Rosenthal

  • Wake Forest Term II 2013
    • Algebra II
      • The next Zookeeper

Duke East II 2012-Topology, Duke East II 2013-Game Theory

Mary Elizabeth Rudd

Appalachian State University term II 2016 - Science on the Appalachian Trail, Imani's RC Group

Rollins College term I 2017 - Aerospace Engineering, Kelly's Jelly Bellies, The Country Of Mingo

University of Georgia term I 2018 - American Foreign Policy, Alyssa's RC Group

University of Georgia term I 2019 - Criminal Law & Mock Trial

Davidson I 2007, Duke East I 2008, Duke East Term I 2009, Duke East Term I 2010

Dylan Russell

Davidson Term 2 2011 - Architecture - 2nd Floor Cannon, Sam's RC group; New College Term 2 2012 Algebra II - Upper V dorm, Jeff's RC group

At Davidson, Dylan was known for having worn a beanie almost all the time. In fact, he was voted, "Most likely to wear a (black) beanie in 115 degree weather. He was also well-renowned for having a large scar on his leg from an accident. He seems really intimidating at first sight, but he's a pretty chill person once you get to know him. VVV below me is my bro

See Dylan Russell

John (JJ) Russell

Duke East II 2011

John, also known as JJ, Russell is a very cool TiPster. This was his first year at TiP and he took Symbols and Structures. He's a bit of shy and didn't really like to dance, but after some encouragement from his friends, he finally did "American Pie" at the last dance. His kindness and passion for reading really made up for his shyness. Although he may not even be one of the most popular TiPsters, he is a great person to talk to and get to know.

Lucas Ryan

  • Trinity II 2010
  • Duke East I 2012

Kierstin Ryder

  • Georgia Tech I 2015
  • Duke West I 2016