Kelsey Powers

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Kelsey Powers
Campus(es) Duke East term II
Attended 2012, 2013
Course(s) PILF, International Relations
RAG(s) Sydney's Cracked Eggs, Tara's RAG
Roommate(s) Michelle Peng, Ellison Hersch
Social Media

Kelsey Powers is a Tipwiki admin. She was a Tipster at Duke East term II from 2012-2013, and an RC at Trinity in 2016.

Time as a TiPster

Kelsey wrote the Quadfest song for her respective dorms in both 3rd and 4th years at East, emcee'd the Talent Show her 4th year, and survived her time as a Tipster without getting in trouble for anything (which isn't to say that rules weren't broken).

Time as an RC

Kelsey's Term 2 2016 RC Group has its own TiPwiki page, located here.

Preceded by:
Emma Starr and Jackie Keaton
Emmachino Barista (with Leland Ott) Succeeded by:
Mia Weathers-Fowler and Nicole Googe