Leland Ott

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Leland Ott
Leland duckfacing because why not
Campus(es) Duke East term II
Attended 2011, 2012, 2013
Course(s) Celluloid Visions, PILF, 'Topias
RAG(s) Jordan A., Chris, Rick
Roommate(s) ?, ?, Josh Sacks
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(This small section of page written by old friend of Leland)

Leland is and always has been incredibly funny and a great person. We were friends from 1st through 5th grade, and were both part of the Gifted and Talented program in school. I do not, however, remember this beard he now sports. I remember Leland for a few things that his TiPster friends may not know:

  • He can count from 1-20 in German. Probably not any other words, though...
  • The kid loved (loves?) Pringles. And any other snack our class brought, including but not limited to Rice Krispies. Get him some for a holiday/birthday?
  • He played the Hydra (mythological being) in our Destination Imagination group in 4th or 5th grade by covering his face with a painted paper plate mask
  • He got a concussion in ~4th grade and went around EVERYWHERE wearing a bike helmet for a pretty long time
  • Was obsessed with FunBrain's "Mighty Guy 2" game. Mightiest accomplishment: once was able to end the game with the motorboat hovering mid-screen
  • Pokèmon was also a thing, and either Leland or another friend had a folder with cardholders full of Pokèmon cards
  • Was Accelerated Reader point champion for entire school in 4th grade

I have yearbook pics, which may or may not mysteriously surface on Facebook when Leland graduates.

(End memories section. Sorry, Kelsey, if this text is inappropriate for a TiP page, especially that of a Sex on Legs, but I couldn't resist.)

East 2011: 2nd Year

I don't know anything about Leland's second year other than the fact that he had longer hair and took CV.

East 2012: 3rd Year

Oh god I can't write this it's too much responsibility

East 2013: 4th Year

This started off so well and now look at it. Someone else please write this.

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