Alli Schloeman

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Alli Schloeman
Campus(es) Davidson/East
Attended Davidson: 2007; East: 2008 through 2010
Course(s) Revolution and Terror, Bach to Rock, Writing with Power (WPOW)
RAG(s) Nola's, Melissa's, and Emily's
Roommate(s) {{{roommate}}}
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Alli Schloeman is the 2010 Llama Mama and the best one so far. TIP pays her to go here because they broke her foot and then broke her spirit with Swine '09, the year of the swine flu. Basically, she is a saint. She loves glowsticks, vuvuzelas, long walks on the beach, Nickelback (lol not) and painted representations of petting zoo animals, among other things. Once she smiled and the Durham Bulls automatically won the game. She does not condone the tackling of RC's. She is the strongest TiPster to ever grace Duke's East Campus, and her biceps are made of steel. She has some shutter shades that may or may not give you a seizure. She has never created nor destroyed life at TiP (so far), for which all are thankful.

She is from Texas, and mail arrives from her mother addressed to "Miss Alexis Schloeman." Do not be fooled; this is her alter ego who only pretends not to have bionic strength and the brassiness of a horn section.

xoxo -Llama Great-great-great-grandmama

On a related note, it's known that she iced Peter Sloan via the USPS post-TiP, the first recorded incident of this nature.

Preceded by:
Colin Groundwater
Llama Mama Succeeded by:
George Saussy