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They are by far and away, the greatest instrument to ever grace East's campus. During Term II 2010, many people ordered the vuvuzelas online and played them whenever the mood struck them. John's RAG, aka The aka the greatest RAG ever, went so far as to order 13 vuvuzelas to play all the time. Unfortunately, the company never received the order so two weeks of stalking the UPS man did not pay off. The goal of ordering the vuvuzelas was to try and get them banned. Maybe it worked, maybe it didn't only time, and more vuvuzelas can tell.

The only successful shipment of vuvuzelas arrived for one Alli Schloeman and were almost confinscated by Emily Hanna MANY times.

The prevalence of vuvuzelas also led to a streak of vuvuzela jokes, all of which end in a crowd of people shouting the vuvuzela noise, which unfortunately cannot be represented in type. Perhaps the closest rendition is something like: Bphweaeaeaeaeaeaeaeeaeea!!!!!!!!!! For instance: What did the vuvuzela say to the French horn? Bphweaeaeaeaeaeaeaeeaeea!!!!!!!!!! What did the vuvuzela say to the clarinet? Bphweaeaeaeaeaeaeaeeaeea!!!!!!!!!! Why did the vuvuzela cross the road? Bphweaeaeaeaeaeaeaeeaeea!!!!!!!!!! If a vuvuzela falls in the forest and there's no one to hear it, what sound does it make? Bphweaeaeaeaeaeaeaeeaeea!!!!!!!!!! And the most famous: A seal and a vuvuzela are sitting in a bathtub full of waaaaarm crisco. The seal turns to the vuvuzela and says "Hey! Could you pass the soap?" to which the vuvuzela replies, "Bphweaeaeaeaeaeaeaeeaeea!!!!!!!!!!" This was told at the talent show, East II 2010, by Emily Hanna, to great effect.