Emily Hanna

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Emily Hanna is a former TIPster and a 3-year RC (2-year RHL). In 2007, she was an RC at Davidson. In 2008, she was an RHL at Duke East (Alspaugh). In 2009 and 2010, she was an RHL at Duke East (this time Bassett). Emily has a great love of sci-fi/fantasy. She is probably the world's biggest fan of Lord of the Rings, having been nominated for three MEFAs. Emily is probably best known for the amazing activities which she runs, most notably mafia, murder mystery, and Doctor Who Night. In 2009, she designed Quadfest's Scavenger Hunt. She also frequently dresses up as a pirate. Emily has a sarcastic wit and a great sense of humor, but some TIPsters find her unapproachable (mainly because she is nerdier than they).

She is known for her amazing ability to terrify TIPsters, and had proudly given at least four tiny TIPlets nightmares. She has also been known to monologue people back to their halls, when they are off hall after 10:15. She also has been shown to roam the halls with a water gun. That's terrifying, guys. Terrifying. She is also quite strict, to the great annoyance of several of her TIPsters.

2010 was almost certainly her last year working at TIP, much to the dismay and relief of several tipsters.