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Basically you get a list of things to find, with points, and you have to go and find them around campus. Whoever gets the most points wins.

Note: Sporks seem to be on every list... that, or Matthew likes them a lot. (Bags of Sand, Too) They have been at Davidson II 2005, East I & II 2004, and East II 2005. Do also note that scavenger hunt judges, for the most part, don't accept or appreciate sporks that have been made out of plastic spoons by snipping triangles out of the end.

East II 2004 list:

  1. The Lifeblood of TiP - A cleaned and emptied Snapple(TM) bottle - only valid if your flavor is unique (no credit for either dorm if they both bring the same flavor) (10 points)
  2. Can I see some ID? - Any kind of official ID card (college ID, driver's license, pool pass, etc.) from as many states as possible (5 points per state, no repeats)
  3. My hero - Matthew the OSC's autograph. Extra points if on a piece of TIP memorabilia/merchandise/letterhead (5 or 7 points.)
  4. Why Would You Have This? - A 100-sided die (32 points)
  5. Rebel Yell - Billy Idol CDs (10 points per CD, no repeats)
  6. Accept No Substitute - Discraft(TM) 175g discs. (5 points per disc. No limit. 1 point for every non-Discraft(TM) disc, regardless of weight. "Disc" in this context refers to a circular, plastic object used for the sport of Ultimate or general recreation, not a compact disc or computer disk.)
  7. America's Best Guitar - A Fender Stratocaster(TM) (75 points)
  8. East Campus Is Probably Hotter - An illustration, drawn by a team member, detailing the layout of Hell in Dante's Inferno. Pieces will be primarily judged on attention to detail, but, of course, creativity is important as well. (60 points for the best illustration; the judges may issue partial credit at their discretion)
  9. Yesterday...- Termbooks from previous TIP terms. (5 points per termbook, points are doubled for every year old they are: 2003 termbooks are 5, 2002 termbooks are 10, 2001 termbooks are 20, etc. No limit.)
  10. Greatest Invention Ever - A Spork (15 points)
  11. Greatest Food Ever - Blazing Sea Nuggets (2 points each. No limit.)
  12. No, really, where are they? - Iraqi weapons of mass destruction (biological or chemical; double points for nuclear)(40 points per device)
  13. Highest Court in the Land - The opening paragraph of any majority opinion from the US Supreme Court written by Justice Scalia. (20 points)
  14. TiPsters of the World Unite - A copy of the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx. (5 points)
  15. Fair and Balanced - A copy of Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith. (4.9 points)
  16. Because You Can Only Eat So Many Blazing Sea Nuggets - Menus/flyers from local dining/delivery establishments. (10 points per menu. No repeats.)
  17. Tee-Hee - A Tickle-Me Elmo(TM) (85 points)
  18. To Be, Or Not To Be - Give a lecture detailing the history of the United Federation of Planets from Star Trek. Accuracy of dates and names is important. Lectures are ranked according to the facts contained therein, organization of content, and skill of delivery. Media aids may be appropriate. (30 points for first place, 20 points for second place, and 10 points for third place.)
  19. Ummm... yeah...- A can of Tab(TM) cola. (50 points)
  20. Beach Party - A bag of sand (NOT DIRT.) (27 points)
  21. Find Your Muse - One team member must recite the poem "The Tyger" by William Blake, without any external aid. (40 points to the team reciting the most consecutive, error-free lines. Extra points for skill of delivery)
  22. Lineup - A list of the all RCs (including RHLs), arranged by height. (40 points)
  23. A True Art Form - Origami animals. The judges may reject any animal not made with sufficient skill. (10 points per animal. No repeats, no limit.)
  24. Relax - A bag of green tea (35 points)
  25. In the Name of the... - A TiPster from your dorm who is an ordained minster, with proof. (40 points)
  26. Mmmm, Math - Today's date (month, day, and year) in binary. Show proof (i.e., the math you used for the conversion.) (10 points)
  27. Rules, rules, rules - On one sheet of paper, write the Ten Commandments, the Five Pillars of Islam, the Eightfold Path, the Seven Deadly Sins, and the Bill of Rights, in summary form. (25 points.)
  28. Out of Print - TiP Casino money. (5 points per bill; max 5 bills. Double points for bills from a previous year. Vouchers are not acceptable.)
  29. Good luck - The One True Llama. No substitutes accepted. (50,000 points)
  30. Everbody... Everybody - Apparel from (5 points per shirt, 10 points per hoodie, 15 points for other articles of clothing. Double point if it portrays Strong Sad, and triple points for Homsar.)

Davidson II 2005 List:

  1. Harry Potter Series - Limit 1 of each book, 15 points each
  2. CVS Receipt - Dollar Value on receipt is value of points earned, no limit on receipts
  3. Bandana - 5 points for each of a different color
  4. Hershey's kiss - 5 for milk chocolate, 10 for caramel, 15 for dark chocolate, 25 for limited edition double chocolate and chocolate vanilla cream, all others 10 points. Limit one piece per kind.
  5. Names of Housekeeping and cafeteria staff - 30 points each, no limit.
  6. Sunscreen of 30 SPF or more - 10 points for SPF 30-40, 25 points 45+. Limit 1.
  7. Water - 10 points. Limit 1 bottle.
  8. Aluminum can - 10 points for coke and pepsi products, 25 for cheerwine, 15 points all others. Limit 1 can.
  9. Hanger - 5 points. Limit 1.
  10. Ginko Leaf - 30 points. Limit 1.
  11. CD of any kind - Up to and including 1995, 30 points. Post 1995, 10 points. Limit 2.
  12. Anything with Davidson College printed on it - 20 points, limit 1.
  13. Disposable camera - 15 points, limit 1.
  14. Rubber Ducky - 50 points for yellow, 100 points for any other color. No limit.
  15. TI Graphing Calculator - 10 points for TI-83, 85, or 89. 25 points for 81 or 82. 50 points for TI-84 or 86. Any others 15 points. Must be graphing. No limit.
  16. Mechanical pencil - 10 points, limit 1.
  17. Spork - 50 points, no limit.
  18. Map of Davidson College - Limit 1. 15 points.
  19. Any College ID card - 20 points for each card from a different college, no limit.
  20. Toothbrush - 10 points. Limit 1.
  21. Sock - 10 points for regular, 20 for toesocks. Limit 1.
  22. Duke Staff Shirt - 15 for RC or RHL. 20 points for office staff, TA, or instructor. 25 points for Jackie or Doug (Academic Coordinator). 50 points for Matthew (OSC). No limit.
  23. Calling Card - 10 points. Limit 1.
  24. Postcard or letter from home - 25 points, limit 1.
  25. Deodorant - 10 points. Limit 1.
  26. Photo of a Pet - 10 points for mammals, 20 for reptiles, 15 for all others. No limit.
  27. Sand (Not Dirt) - 10 points, limit 1 bag.
  28. Laundry Paper - 15 points, limit 1 piece.
  29. Rock - limit 1, 10 points.
  30. Candy from Jackie's office, with her signature. - 20 points each, limit 5 pieces.

Note: the Davidson II 2005 list was a series of riddles. They might be added at a later date. The list has been simplified to the items only.

East Term 1 2006:

Quadfest Scavenger Hunt Captains: Here's your list of stuff to find. Please submit it no later than 3:15 to the DJ booth. Entries submitted later than3:15 will be discounted. Dorms are still off limits to captains, however you may enlist help from staff members and other TiP students. All submissions must have the dorm name on them, and you are responsible for getting them back to their ownders. Nothing may be taken without owner's permission.

  1. Nod Ya Head - TiP East Termbooks: 1 point per termbook from 2004-2006, 2 points per 2001-2003, 3 points for anything older. Double points awarded if the termbook is from Term II.
  2. U Can't Touch This - Ultimate: 1 point awarded per 175g ultimate disc. Each disc is worth 2 points if discs of two different manufacturers are turned in, and each disc is worth 3 if 3 different manufacturers. Total number of discs submitted cannot exceed 10.
  3. Ridin' Dirty - Nugs: 1 point per nugget (of any variety submitted). Points tripled for blazin' sea nuggets.
  4. Barbie Girl - Ummm: 1 point per cross-dressed person in a picture of Wear-A-Skirt Wednesday, any year. Total number of pictures submitted cannot exceed 10.
  5. Don't Phunk With My Heart - Celebrate the Artist Within You: Submit a drawing of your favorite staff member in cubist form. 30 points will be awarded for the winner, 20 for 2nd place, 10 for 3rd.
  6. Golddigger - Colleges: 1 point for each piece of college paraphernalia. 10 bonus points if you can assemble one piece for every college that an RC attends/attended.
  7. Time Warp - Movies: 1000 bonus points for a ticket stub from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Bonus extra 1000 points if one provides a live ticket for tomorrow for Zach for the above movie.
  8. Like a Prayer - Make a Reverend: 3 points for every puppet made in the Make a Reverend activity.
  9. Holiday in Spain - Chandler's Stupid State Game: Come to the DJ booth to attempt to name all 50 states in under 6 minutes. 1 point per state, with a bonus extra 50 given for naming all 50.
  10. Babylon - RCs: Assemble a list of all the RCs in alphabetical order by last name. The closest attempt garners 30 points.
  11. Changes - Quadfest: 10 points per scavenger hunt list from last year.
  12. Don't Stop Til You Get Enough - Llama: 1000 points awarded for producing the (one true) Term II Llama.
  13. Baba O'Riley - Legacy: 5 points per TiP keychain.
  14. You Can't Always Get What You Want - Pointless: 30 point for the longest blade of grass on the quad.
  15. Yeah in the Sun - Get Mashty: 1 point per poster from get mashty (max 10). 20 point bonus for all the different variations.
  16. Dani California - Pogs!: Design and make a pog. 30-20-10.
  17. The Las Saskatchewan Pirate - Test your Knowledge: Define the following items on the same sheet with the RC list, 1 point per, 10 point bonus for the (whole) list:
  • Pogs
  • Rachel haircut
  • Tamagotchi
  • Furby
  • Gak
  • Grunge
  • (Other 90s items - 2nd page has been lost)

The title of each item is a song title. Provide a list of the song title, their artist, and the year of release. (Amount of points unknown).

East Term I 2008

  1. Bring me a runcible spoon! - 30 points.
  2. Write a haiku about every province of Canada! - 1000 points
  3. Present a list of staff members that share birthdays with royalty - must include sufficient evidence. 30 points per match; no limit.
  4. A red Swingline stapler - 100 points.
  5. Menus from Durham, NC eating establishments; no duplicates - 10 points each. Menus from Durham, England eating establishments are worth 400 points. (Cannot be printed from the internet).
  6. [Something in Arabic] - 90 points
  7. Dress up fruit and/or vegetables like ninjas. Then, without directly touching them, get them to fight. - 90 points.
  8. Correctly explain the rule against perpetuities, providing examples - 800 points.
  9. Can of Tab (the soda); or a bottle of Josta - 40 points.
  10. Explain why the sky is blue in a complete sentence of six words or less - 45 points if correct.
  11. Tie-dye t-shirts, 20 points each, limit 5.
  12. Ticket stubs from a movie - t points each, no limit.
  13. Draw an accurate diagram of Hell in Dante's Inferno (with proper labels) - 60 points.
  14. Origami - 5 points per unique animal. No limit. Judges may reject any submission lacking sufficient workmanship.
  15. Hats - 10 points per type of hat. (A baseball cap, a sombrero, a fedora, etc). No limit. "Type of hat" is at the judge's discretion.
  16. Perform a magic trick for the judges, to their satisfaction - 50 points.
  17. Who wins in a stand-up fight: Jack Bauer or James T. Kirk? Explain. - 5 points
  18. On one sheet of paper, write the Eight-Fold Path, the Seven Deadly Sins, the Ten Commandments, the Five Filial Relationships, and the Five Pillars of Islam - 30 points.
  19. This is a patented molecule. Provide either the trade name or the systematic name of the molecule - 80 points: [Image of molecule]
  20. Mood ring - 45 points.
  21. Star Wars action figures - 10 points each. No limit.
  22. Sled -35 points. 70 points if it has the right word written on it.
  23. A two-child family has at leaast one boy. What is the probability that it has a girl? - 40 points for the correct probability
  24. Styrofoam cup, turned inside-out, with no tears, cuts, or rips. - 50 points
  25. Passport stamped as entering any South American country. (Photocopies are fine). - 120 points. Ask the TIP office to make the photocopy.
  26. The middle names of TIP staff (instructional or residential) - 5 points each, no limit.
  27. Rugby ball - 30 points
  28. Two dice; 1 point per side, maximum of 200 points.
  29. [Chinese character] - 200 points
  30. Bring me a cow on an ice cream cone. - 700 points
  31. Photographs: the Mayor of Durham, the President of Duke, and the Governor of North Carolina. - 200 points each
  32. So I'm holding AQ diamonds and the board shows Td9d3c. My opponent is first to act post-flop and bets $100 into a $600 pot, making the total pot $700 and $100 to call. Assume we are absolutely sure he is holding aces. Should I call, re-raise, or fold? - 100 points for the correct answer, 100 bonus points for an explanation of why.
  33. Bring me a wig! - 50 points
  34. Circle Quest XP - 5 points each. No limit.
  35. Blizzard Entertainment announced a new video game today in Paris. What game? - 50 points
  36. Any newspaper from last week - 80 points
  37. Label the bones and ligaments in this picture - 90 points each [diagram of bones]
  38. Bring me a nalgene bottle that holds more than 32 fluid ounces! - 150 points
  39. Bring me a flower! - 150 points
  40. Bring me José's autograph! - 250 points
  41. List every injured staff member and their injuries. - 50 points per correct match
  42. Bring me a shirt that is no more and no less than 5% Spandex! - 200 points
  43. Cassette tapes - 25 points each. No limit.
  44. List every type of legume - 1 point each. No limit.
  45. Draw a picture of a Lasiorhinus krefftii - 120 points
  46. Bring me a termbook! - 50 points
  47. There are three words in the English language that end in the letters g-r-y. Two are "hungry" and "angry." Everyone knows what the third word means, and everyone uses it every day. What is the third word? - 100 points
  48. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen European swallow? - 150 points
  49. List the nine members of the SCOTUS as well as who appointed each - 100 points, no partial credit.
  50. What is Daag's favorite drink and how many calories are in it? - 120 points

East Term 1 2009

  • Shouldn't they be more common on West? A graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (must have accompanying diploma).
  • But a d6 is polyhedral! Polyhedral Dice (6-sided will not be counted). 1 point per face; limit 5 dice.
  • My favorite MC. An original (not printed) drawing in the style of Escher. Drawings will be ranked by levels of awesome. First place gets 30 points; second 20 and 3rd 10.
  • Can be used to power finite amounts of improbability. Unbrewed tea. 5 points per variety; 30 for Yorkshire Gold. Limit one per variety
  • No, Dark Helmet, I did not see you playing with your dolls. Action figures. 5 points each; no limit.
  • If this is brief... Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time. 25 points, limit one.
  • Yes, but does spelling count? A list of all RHLs, RCs, and PAs in alphabetical order by last name. 15 points for a full list.
  • Polyglot. A written translation of the Two Seals joke into as many documented conlangs as possible (note: a conlang is here defined as an artificial language with its own syntax, morphology, vocabulary, etc. Pig Latin does not count!). 15 points per translation; no limit.
  • One bad day..." Alan Moore's The Killing Joke. First edition only. 150 points.
  • And I don't mean a vanity press! Any published book signed by the author. 50 points each; no limit.
  • Accept no substitutes. The original Term Two Llama. 25 points.
  • There are some who would say... A hand-written disputation using the format of St. Thomas Aquinas concerning the superiority of James T. Kirk or Jean-Luc Picard. 75 points.
  • For the absent-minded to retract the ink first. A pocket protector. 10 points; limit one.
  • Oh, the memories! Old Termbooks. 2 points per year ago; triple points if a different campus.
  • I am Legend. John Birch's signature. 100 points; limit one.
  • Beach Party! Sand (NOT DIRT!) 17 points/bag; limit one.
  • Endangered Species: A Republican. 20 points; limit one.
  • So much knowledge... Snapple Caps. 1 point each; no limit.
  • Proof that trigonometry is evil. Graph the Toyota logo (by hand). Submissions must have the equations for all six ellipses written down, with foci clearly labeled. 200 points; limit one.
  • For those with self control. Unpopped Bubble wrap. 1 point per bubble (est. total); no limit.
  • Edward Lear would be proud. A runcible spoon. 30 points, limit one.
  • Do I feel lucky today? A real four-leaf clover. 20 points; limit one.
  • No Polyester. Renaissance garb. 20 points per item.
  • None of any kind... A pet rock. 15 points; limit one.
  • Useless? Someone who can recite all canonical books of the Protestant Bible in order in under 30 seconds. 23 points.
  • Yes, Useless. Leftover Bulls' Bucks. 10 points per $2 buck; no limit.
  • Because Whedon is our master. A copy of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. 50 points; limit one.
  • He will knock four times.;; Doctor Who memorabilia. 12 points each; limit three. Points doubled if the pricetag is in pounds sterling.
  • I beat the Swordmaster of Melée Island... Defeat the Swordmaster (Emily) at Insult Swordfighting using only original insults penned by Orson Scott Card from The Secret of Monkey Island. Retorts must be memorized. 50 points for a successful bid.
  • Before Diet Coke, there was... Tab. 30 points; limit one can.
  • MAKE A SHOW!!! Re-enact the Battle of Stalingrad using sock puppets. 30 points.
  • At least I didn't make it War and Peace. Summarize the Quenta Silmarillion in limerick form (one limerick for each Great Tale will suffice). 18 points per accurate limerick; limit four. Extra points will be awarded for style.
  • Mmmmmmmmmm. [Molecule] 19 points.
  • Mostly Harmless. The answer. 5 points

Scavenger Hunt at West

In 2008, the scavenger hunt at West merely involved each RAG moving as a unit from one location to the next around West Campus. At each location the RC would take a picture of his or her entire RAG.

In 2009, the scavenger hunt was changed. At each of five locations (, Bryan Center, Kilgo Quad, the Athletic Area and ), six letters of the alphabet and a riddle were assigned. RAGs had to take pictures of things beginning with the six letters at each location (one item for each letter, thirty items total). Points were awarded on a scale of one to five for creativity. Each riddle, if correctly answered, was worth eight points. Unbeknownst to many RAGs, the threshold of three points could only be broken with incredibly alliterative descriptions.

In 2010, the scavenger hunt was again changed. TIPsters were sorted into 20 groups (this meant RAGs were split up, and no two people on a RAG were on the same team. The groups were all given bases, which were alcoves, offices, or dorms around Kilgo. The team members were required to complete as many objectives as possible on a list of 99 different objectives. these objectives also had different or variable point values. People could fetch stuff from their rooms when objects were requirec, or find and ask a staff member for help. Some examples of Objectives include:

  • List of Harry Potter Spells (5 points per spell)
  • Any Book from the Twilight series (20 points per book, 150 for the entire set)
  • Summarize the history of the middle East starting at the founding of Islam for RC Jeff. (60 points)
  • Solve the BP Oil spill (2,000,000,000 points)
  • Old termbooks (20 per termbook, 200 per pre-2007 termbook)
  • Write a haiku about every Canadian Province (150 points)
  • Decode a sentence in ancient Greek (400 points) (I can probably state there was a lot of iPod touch cheating with this one)
  • Creepy Chester's address and middle name (50 points each)
  • hats (5 points per hat)
  • explain the significance of the symbolism in American Pie to RC Sam (0-100 points based on quality of answer, he jokingly told me he would award double points in I told him significant symbolism in the movie)

And many, many others

In 2011 Term 1, the Scavenger hunt consisted of a plot line where J.K.Rowling had given Tipsters the '8th Harry Potter Book', but the staff had lost all of the books. It was each groups' job to find out who stole the books, how they did it, and where they were hidden. Tipsters did so by finding RCs and other Staff (either hidden or in a given location) and completing theme based quizzes with approximately 5-10 questions. Some of the topics of the quizzes were Popular Culture, Harry Potter, Science, History, Video Games, Sports, and others. When the teams had completed the quiz for that RC/Staff member, they received a clue to solve the final three questions.

Scavenger Hunt at UGA

The scavenger hunt at UGA is a bit different. RC groups work as a team to find an object for/ perform a skit for each letter of the alphabet. Points are awarded for creativity, enthusiasm, and gifts of food for the judges. The winning RC group is able to choose from a list of prizes that range from trips to various retail stores, restaurants, extra cell phone privileges, mystery food prizes, and rolls of toilet paper. The second place team is allowed to pick from the prize list after first place, then the third place team, and so on, until each RC group has chosen a prize.

Scavenger Hunt at KU

The scavenger hunt at KU is also different. In 2013, we had to find different locations all around campus and take creative picture with your RC groups. At each location, there is another clue. The first group back to the dorms wins. Awards were supposed to be given to the most creative pictures and the winners, but there were no such rewards given. Unless the RCs were given them and just didn't mention it. This might have to do with the talent show going for too long, forcing the slideshow back to the last dance. My guess is the awards were supposed to be given towards the end of the talent show.