Chester Kilgo

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Chester Kilgo aka Creepy Chester is the alter ego of West 2010's RLC Thaxton. Creepy Chester reportedly lives on the roof of Kilgo building. Creepy Chester's clothing of choice is a sweatshirt, pants, and sunglasses. he appeared aroung camp on numerous occasions, including

  • The Opening Night, where he was the subject of many skits.
    • He was the subject of the skit warning against interacting with other camps, where he questioned a TIPster about why the kid interacted with a member from basketball camp.
  • The Scavenger Hunt, where two objectives regarded obtaining where he lived and his middle name.
    • Creepy Chester, as previously stated, lives on the roof
    • His middle name was Thaxton

Creepy Chester's personality has led him to create many trademark lines, such as.

  • "I like yo' ______, boy" (Insert body part such as face or toes)
  • "Them Goldfish are good eating. I like me some Goldfish."