The Jer-Bears

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The (original) Jer-Bears were Jeremy's RC group from Duke West Term I 2011. They are credited with bringing most of the campus-wide trends that showed up throughout the term, such as NASCAR, yelling in a Lil' Jon voice, and Parkour. Everywhere they went, they would shout "NASCARRRRRRR!" and "PARKOUR!", and their signs saying "I'm a Jer-Bear" were circulated throughout all of Kilgo Quad. Most of the campus regarded the Jer-Bears as the principal purveyors of spirit during the term; an example of this is keeping Quadfest interesting for all the teams through the use of two giant flags, a blue morphsuit, and much cheering, even in light of impending defeat by the Red Team. The Jer-Bears also developed the LIFESTYLE of Jeremyism, which was a way to express their love for their leader, Jeremy. Unfortunately, it was passed off as a religious cult and the Jer-Bears were forced to stop proclaiming their views, but fortunately, they were allowed to keep the name of Jer-Bears, because there is absolutely nothing offensive about the word "Jer-Bear."


The Jer-Bears are now officially legends. There was much talk about Jer-Bears at West Term 1 2012 as they were remembered fondly for all of their many accomplishments.


  • Starting the lifestyle of Jeremyism
  • Parkour
  • Lil' Jon
  • Posting signs all over campus (Jeremy-ism, The Stupidest Person in the Universe, reminders for TIPsters to lock their doors (and the NASCAR!!!!), Left Turn!, etc...)
  • Buying flowers for Jeremy on Fathers' Day
  • Making random noises when swiping meal cards in the Great Hall
  • Eating large numbers of fudge-sickles in one sitting and giving them to Kevin for storage
  • Using a bush to hide a Frisbee so they wouldn't have to carry it on the long journey to 9th Street.
  • Losing a Frisbee in the stands at the Bulls game
  • Eating a Vermonster
  • Late night shenanigans on the last night (notably Connor and Kevin)
  • 60 seconds skit in talent show


  • P-Tain (Phillip)
  • David M
  • Dennis
  • Kris
  • Special K (Kevin, The Mother of NASCAR)
  • (Patrick, The Father of NASCAR)
  • Sammy P (Samip, The Other Mother of NASCAR)
  • Bradelicious (Braden)
  • T-Dawg (Teddy/Theodore)
  • David G (from Arkansas)
  • Shakiera (Sreekar)
  • Elsey (Andrew Elsey)
  • Rick (roll'd)
  • Connor
    • NOTE: There are several honorary Jer-Bears as well including Malcolm's RAG of Duke West Term I 2011 (Squeaker, Fawwad, Peter, Albin, etc.)