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Jeremy-ism is the result of the fact that nobody in Jeremy's fourth year RC group of Duke West Term 1 2011 wanted to go to church or other religious service on the first Sunday of Duke West Term 1, 2011. Upon this realization, they decided to write "Jeremy-ism" for all of the slots provided, instead of religious organizations. For the rest of that evening, the members of Jeremy's RAG made around 75 promotional signs for Jeremy-ism on the floor of Patrick and Kevin's room with Sharpies, ripped out notebook paper and tape. They included sayings such as, "Convert to Jeremy-ism!" "It's what all the cool kids do." "Save your soul! Convert to Jeremy-ism!" or, "He's better than Lil' Jon!" There was a brief debate of what to call followers of Jeremy-ism. After about 6 minutes discussion, the term "Jer-Bears" won over "Jeremites." During the wait in line at dinner, the newly formed Jer-Bears were recruiting new members, when some random RC got really mad and told them to take off the promotional signs they were wearing. They failed to do so, but none of the other staff seemed to care at that point. The entire West campus watched "Tangled" that night, which was awful. Afterward, the staff came up to the Jer-Bear alcove and made them take all of the promotional signs down. It was a miracle that they didn't get yelled at; they were just told that people could get offended by the proclaiming of a religion. So then the Jer-Bears stated that Jeremy-ism was not a religion, it was a lifestyle. Jeremy-ism survives through the Jer-Bears.

Requirements of Jeremy-ism:

  • Know and accept that Jeremy is the coolest person ever.
  • Yell NASCAR at least 50 times a day.
  • Buy flowers for Jeremy on Father's Day.
  • Do not ever make right turns. If you're stuck on this one, HINT: Triple left turns.
  • Eat an entire box of fudgesicles whenever you meet for a meal,
  • Afterward, give all the jokes on the sticks to Kevin.
  • Say, "I'll be back in six minutes," if you have to go number 2.
  • Go out of your way to annoy Sean's group (And annoy us they did... -Josh)
  • If you ever see a basketball player, take a video with him wearing your lanyard saying, "Hi, I'm _______ and I'm a Jer-Bear.
  • Wear your "Are you a Jer-Bear?" shirts on all TIP holidays and to all important events.