Izzy Mendoza

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Izzy Mendoza
Campus(es) Trinity, Trinity, West
Attended 2014, 2015, 2016
Course(s) Mock Trial, Beyond Baker Street, Abnormal Psychology
RAG(s) Kate's Butterflowers, Meghan's RC group, La'Mon's RAG (Honorary:We Need a Megaphone)
Roommate(s) Sophia, Cat, Anna
Social Media


3rd Year punk/metalhead who is secretly an Alien from Neptune. They also go by Zelda Kid due to the green Legend of Zelda snapback they've worn every day and every year of TIP, or they also go by Glove Kid/ Kid with the gloves due to the fingerless gloves they also have worn every day and every year. They are not known to have been in any relationships at TIP, but they have been asked to dances twice (They don't like dances). Do not be alarmed if you hear heavy rock, weird Japanese music, decent singing, or any combination thereof coming from their room.

They went to Trinity Term II for 2014 and 2015, and then they went to Duke West Term I for 2016. While at West, everyone became aware of their DDR skills, and they are also known for that.


The first year, they took Mock Trial (Trinity). Once during lunch, the class was sitting together. The kids decided to take a cup and fill it with every drink at the soda fountain. Then the kids put scraps of food in it such as vegetables, pizza crusts, and salt with pepper and had Max drink it. Max actually didn't barf. They started the trend of using the word "TIPpropriTIP" (as opposed to just TIPpropriate). This year was also when they first met and brought together Thomas Holder and Abby Hollmann, and those two ended up becoming a RelationTIP. They are welcome.

During TIPSYNC that year, their RAG did "Radioactive" with glowsticks, and Izzy was to throw hers up at the end of the song. However, one accidentally got on the top shelf of the stage, never came down, and has not been removed since.


The second year, they went to Trinity again and took Beyond Baker Street (Trinity Term 2 2015). Max, Braedon, and Cassidy were the ultimate trio of the term, with Eric Lawhead as an honorary trio member due to his personality and awesome plaid shirt.

During TIPSYNC that year, Max was the lead male actor for the knock-(your-socks)off performance of "Single Ladies", which was one of the best TIPSYNCs of the year. Max was a very aggressive snapper.


The third year, they went to Duke West and FINALLY got into a psychology class, also reuniting with Thomas Holder and Abby Hollmann. They were in La'Mon's RAG and an honorary member of Praise's RAG (aka We Need a Megaphone ), where Joel McCullough had them play through almost all of Undertale. This caused no issues until one member of La'Mon's RAG decided to care and fought to keep Max. Max, of course, didn't really care and did their own thing.

During the not-so-surprising rap battle with their RAG, Max really dressed the part with a big shirt (even though it was a heavy metal shirt with an awesome cat on it), long shorts, a yellow lei as a gold chain, and sunglasses at night. During a separate rap battle between Ab Psych and another class, Max also rapped, promoting a reputation of being a good rapper.

They were going to be in the talent show with their roommate (singing the Vocaloid song Ten-Faced in Japanese), but they got cold feet and gave their part to a girl who really wanted it. Unfortunately, the other girl didn't get to perform anyway.