Mock Trial (Trinity)

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Mock trial at Trinity (term 2 2014) was a great class, if you don't mind never eating a green apple dumdum or sitting inside of a smurf for 8 hours a day.


The class was made up of Dawson Holder, Kris S. (sorry don't remember your full last name), Aaron Sanders, Charles Saint Pe, Rudy Pena, RJ Williams, Akhil Saxena, Duncan (he left early), Victoria Yang, Sarah Batson, Won-Ho Lee, Izzy Mendoza, Paul Doherty, Noel Torma, Thomas Holder (no relation to Dawson), Sofia Uranga, Johanna McCormack, and Andrew Yu. Our teacher was Catherine Henry, who ate all of the green apple dumdums, and our TA was Marie Farmer.

Inside Jokes/Fun Times

  • Our mascot was Meh, the gavel of justice. Meh was made out of cardboard and orange duct tape, and was eventually sent home with Rudy (I think). In his three weeks at tip, he was kidnapped by modern med. and held for ransom until we pressed charges against them. We lost. After the return of meh, modern medicine made their own "Reflex Hammer", named Mo and carried him around the rest of the term.
  • "Listen to Meh!" (You'll get it if you say it out loud)
  • We sang a let it go parody at the talent show.
  • Victoria had the best cure for mosquito bites, and everyone called it "Asian Magic"
  • Izzy and Charles would always race to be first in the room
  • Won-Ho and Dawson were obsessed with Marie, the TA

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