Beyond Baker Street (Trinity Term 2 2015)

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This was one of the best classes ever, and many wonderful things happened. Anyone who was in this class can add what they wish. I probably forgot some of it.

This class consisted of Eric Lawhead, Izzy Mendoza, Braedon Ulrich, Cassidy Middlebrook, Mason Tupin, Kate Adkins, Paul Doherty, Matt McCall, Annaliese Andersen, Emily Burney, Beth Felkner, Bec Hain, Sunessa Madhav, Leah Marut, Matthew Norman, Emily Popielec, Becca Schooler, and Ben Stormer.

Our instructor was Meg, and our TA was Griffen (AKA Gryffindor or Griff). Griff was known for his bad poker face and even recieved an Oscar pin for it. Meg dressed up as Sailor Moon on Superhero Saturday.

  • PLEASE TEXT MEH 832-610-0080 (i was in math but i really miss you guys)* NO ONES TEXTING ME IM SEROUS IF YOU SEE THIS TEXT ME WITH YOUR NAME!!!!

Quotes/Inside Jokes

"Plumbers are like doctors for things."-Braedon

That is Ryan's identical twin of the same name.

The difficulty of throwing a Frisbee into a trashcan


Sherlock Hound is a fox


"You've crossed the line"

Horse Heads

Griff's double-cupped coffee mug

Superlatives/ achievments (incomplete)

Sunessa-Most likely to say "Gummy Bears Incorperated" with a straight face

Matthew N.- Most likely to Skype into his wife's funeral

Emily P.-Most likely to kill someone for love

Paul-Most likely to outrun a squirrel

Cassidy- Forensics Master

Izzy- Most likely to tie a shoe on a dead body

Mason- Best Parkour

Becca- Most likely to do yoga at a crime scene

Ben- most likely to wash his hair in a sprinkler

Braedon- Walking Dead Award

Eric- Multiple Personality (Disassociative Identity) Award