The Fishnets

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One fine day, Llama Mama Blake Montgomey and Arielle went to load up on TIP supplies for the upcoming 2008 term. The two entered the mall, filling their baskets with goodies such as assorted tattoos and chocolates. As they wandered into Hot Topic, their eyes caught sight of some bright red fishnet stockings. Blake immediately purchased the fishnets and packed them away for TIP. Through the term, he would wear the fishnets at various occasions. Their debut appearance was WASW, making Blake's famed "Beaten whore" costume.

Per an outburst of TIP spirit and love, the 2008 Term 1 fourth years passed on a bevy of goods. The fishnets were included in this list. The owner of the fishnets also owns the emoetry.

The first passing of the fishnets was to for the 2009 term. She then passed them along to Spencer Davis for 2010.

Year Wearer
2008 Blake Montgomey
2010 Spencer Davis
2012 Tim Hasty
2013 John-Francis Villines
2015 Bo Quintana
2016 Rachel Larsen