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Spencer Davis is a legendary TiPster who has changed the lives of billions since the second he set foot on campus...thrice. Attending Davidson Term I '07 for three memorable weeks in which he participated in Philosophy and defined the term, he really hit his stride in Duke East Term I '08, where our story truly begins, since he's writing the article from memory and Davidson was more than a year ago and lives on only as a few scattered snapshots, a tattered term book, and a vague warm fuzzy feeling.

Also at Davidson Spencer, called our Buddha (after his immense Buddha-belly) had a religion dedicated to him. It was called Spencerism and was created by Rachel Ra(pronounced Ray), Luci Lu, and Ellen. The point of the religion was to worship Spencer as he preformed his "poses" and was unintentionally funny. His rival religion was Cameronism, dedicated to Cameron Howell.

Cameronism, while sometimes called a religion, was/is not a religion. It is merely a philosophy, in accordance to its creator, Cameron Howell, who stated in a 2007 interview "I do not wished to be followed as some sort of... God... or prophet. No, I am merely a friend... your run-of-the-mill cross-dressing, Ellen-angering friend." When asked, an anonymous classmate described his philosophy as "sh**... bullsh**."

Unfortunately, both Spencerism and Cameronism failed to take off and bear a scant number of followers (3 and 2 respectively).

Arriving at Duke, Spencer had no idea what to do, as he was naturally nervous with all the new experiences. Finding his way to room 216, he found his roommate, Jack Margolin, setting up numerous fans around the room. Eventually ending up with five, room 216 became the choice hangout for Amaresh's rag, being not incredibly hot all the time. Wandering round campus wit-you know what? This isn't going to be a play-by-play of the term. Screw that. Let's play the highlight reel, shall we?

Bach to Rock - Never would have been the same without the Dynamic duo or Spencer and . Catchphrases, the random box (still in possession of Spencer), and generally turning a boring class with a monotone instructor into a hotbed of catchphrases and silliness.

TiPsynch - The Dynamic duo performs Robots, places third. The Flight of the Conchords cover was originally slated to include fellow 2nd year Eliot Beckham, who for some reason disappeared from the campus for that entire day. Also appear in Mysterious Ticking Noise, not placing due to a bodily malfunction by the final act.

Catchphrases - Too many to count. Eliot , Hunter, and Spencer almost single-handedly created the TiP '08 lexicon (for second and third years, at least. It should be known that most fourth years had no idea who any of them were until after their performance at the Lip Sync)

As a third year, the experiences of Spencer Davis and Joe Sharp are one and the same, except for the fact that Spencer inherited from as well as Emoetry from the same at the end of the term. The Por Que Plank is rumored to sit in his room currently, as evidenced by a picture on his facebook.

Year TIPyear Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate
2007 1st Davidson I Philosophy Belk Wesley TJ
2008 2nd Duke East I Bach to Rock Alspaugh Amaresh Jack/Connor
2009 3rd Duke East I Evolution of Empire: Kings, Despots, and CEOs Brown Luke Jasper
2010 4th Duke East I Celluloid Visions Bassett Steven Jon