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A very long time ago, Brown was the fourth year dorm on Duke East. Now, Brown is traditionally a third year dorm and the center for the office. There have been times when there were whole RAGs of second years in Brown (Terms I and II, 2003, and where there were also two third years in Bassett), but for the most part, it is for third years and only third years.
The first floor of Brown is used for offices, the room and other things. It also, like all the dorms, houses TAs.
In Quadfest, Brown has never actually had the color brown. In recent years, it has had the color green. The walls of brown are blue and blue-and-white striped, not brown.
Brown was closed for the summer of 2005, however, you can still get in, just dont let the ADFers catch you. Bassett was used for the office, and the third years were transported to Pegram.

Brown was used for Term II of 2007. Second years and third years are living there.

In 2008, Brown was closed due to construction. Third years and some second years were housed in Pegram, again.

In 2009, Brown was reopened and became the home to most third years, aside from a female third year RAG in Bassett and a few scattered third year guys in fourth year RAGs, and a few 3rd year girls in 2nd year rags. It is rumored that a mixed-gender group of third years in Brown discovered a screen window that can be easily removed in one of the third floor bedrooms, leading to a roof hanging out over the back of the building. This, however, in in need of confirmation.(*edit* you can get on the roof, its from a second floor room in the far back right corner of the building. the roof is really the top of the archways. it has walls up about 2 1/2 feet. at term 1 2010, dakota was in this room)

In 2012 term 1, Brown won quadfest. Their quadfest song was a parody of Call Me Maybe.

In 2015, Brown was closed due to construction.

The official sport of Brown is You're the Chick.

Brown's Quadfest cheers include:

  • G-R-E-E-N! What does that spell? BROWN!
  • Brown is a color/ It's like no other/ and if you don't like it/ then UH! your mother
  • In 2012, a variation of the above chant was used except for "There ain't no other" and the "G-R-E-E-N" chant was used with one "E".