Belk Residence Hall

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Belk Residence Hall

Belk Residence Hall is the largest dormitory at Davidson and the only one that TIPsters occupy at TIP every year except for '04 (Richardson, Irwin, Akers, and Knox)and '11 (Cannon and Sentelle). It has 6 floors: a sub-basement, basement, main level, and three stories above that. Each Floor has an east and west wing, except the basement which only has a east wing. The sub-basement is not occupied by TIPsters; it contains only a computer lab and an ice machine.

Belk is unique among TIP residence halls in that it has air conditioning.


Term 2 2012, all boy with 2 RC groups. By the 2nd night, boys had locked themselves out of their room and had to dance in the lounge to get the universal key. It was funny. My group only ever went down there for the vending machines.

In Term 1 2012, it was an all boy floor with 2 rc groups and all the boys would go watch sports in the lounge or play apple to apples. Alex was a seemingly permanent addition to the lounge for the first week 1/2, probably due to the whole relationTiP. If you read this before you ever go there, don't touch any of the walls. Occupied by two RC groups, the basement is half the size of other floors. For this reason, it has only one lounge. The basement lounge is one of those that contains phones.

In Term 1 2015, it was an all girl floor.

Term 2 2015, all boys floor. The common room was where everyone hung out, as it was simpler to leave from there.

While listed as having only an east wing, this is false. The west wing is offices.

The basement is also the location of the vending machines on campus, which proves to be a perk for those whose dorms are there, as they can access fresh caffeine earlier in the morning/later at night than anyone else

The building's little used Ice Machines are located in the Sub-Basement. Though TIPsters are not allowed there after on hall, it is fairly easy to sneak down there, relative to the other floors.

You can get into the ceiling through the cabinet-y bits, by putting a dresser in front of it, climbing on top, and going on up. I found an empty Ben & Jerry's container in the ceiling. Also, the rooms have a tendency of smelling REALLY BAD. In addition to that, the sub-basement door is rarely (if ever) locked, and one can go down there any time. I did it twice. It is extremely boring down there.

First Floor

In Term 2 2012, it was a floor with 3 girls groups, the offices and med room. The lounge was shut down for a few days becuase some people trashed it and were being inTIPropriate.

During Term 1 2012, the first floor was occupied by boys and girls, and was the only co-ed floor. Most of the crazy and outgoing girls lived on this floor along with some of the quieter boys. However, there was one boy named Joseph, who was a NOTORIOUS "Ladies Man" who "Swayed girls with his charm", mostly the ones on his floor. He was hated by his RC, Brandon, and could often be found sitting in the office with no free time, as a result of his pranks, we were all astounded when nothing of his was confiscated by the end of the term. Another person worth mentioning on this floor was Addie, who was more likely to be called, "The Third Floor Whore." The office and medicine room are both located on this floor. The "crazy and outgoing girls" who lived on this floor were Kathleen, Elena, and Alex's RC Group. The craziest, loudest, most ukelele playing group was Kathleen's girls. (Aisha, Jacklyn, Brittan, Sonali, Jane, Addie, Erika, Yasmine, Darby, one other who we won't mention, and honorary members Yoon, Most of Sam's RC group, and Joseph Stewart). (edit- the girls of Kathleen's group were known to run around singing her theme song... and sneaking up on people with their doors open bestowing blanket capes and finger guns)

Second Floor

In Term 2 2012, the 2nd floor was occupied by all girls and was the best-smelling floor. The girls took good care of the floor and left it clean and not smelling disgusting. Some girls residing on this floor spent their free time either in the basement or on the third floor. (Second floor rocks!)

In Term 1 2012, the 2nd floor was considered a reasonably popular floor. Everyone hung out in the lounge to the right (primarily watching say yes to the dress with guys who lost their man cards many times). It was an all girls floor. Joseph was banned from the 2nd floor forever for reasons unknown. (edit- i was walking past when it happened... he was laying on top of a girl (i think her name is Stephanie) with cushions between them (Joseph's infinite wisdom) when an RC walked in and he was banned)[That's not appropriate for the internet -_-). The second floor was also home to penguin duck tape and many many many flutes (and a clarinet).

This is also the floor where a sexual assault occurred. A girl ran into the bathroom thinking the guys who were after her wouldn't follow her in, even though they did. This incident is rumored to be one of the reasons for the new Visitation Policy.

Third Floor

Term 2 2012 it was an all guys floor.

In term 1 2012 it was an all guys floor. The third floor was amazing. Pretty much all of Kathleen's girls but mostly Aisha, Jacklyn, Addie(3rd floor whore), Jane, Sonali, Brittan, and honorary member Yoon hung out up there. The party spot was in the hallway in front of Sam's RC Group mostly Arjun, Nick S, Nick C, Galen, Aditya, Ryan, Benjamin. We had a ton of picnics and the last night party was up there too. Nick S. was famous for his large collection of DumDums that he would give to any girl and almost any guy (Joseph Stewart ate 12. At one time. Before Dinner. He threw up). No one really hung out in the lounges much. Of course, Addie was always visiting and being the third floor ***** and Atticus Stonestrom lived on this floor and his roommate was a vampire cabbage. For term 1 2012, the third floor included, among others, Donald's RC group.. Most of the time, 6 to 7 guys could be found in Kevin's room, with girls waiting for many of the guys to leave. Also, a small group of girls would often make the long trek up the flight of stairs to come throw food at Jack (edit- mainly Oreos. and yes, we planned this.) He reports that the food was good. He enjoyed the lifesavers. There was also another boy named Bo, who was obsessed with squirrels ,more commonly known as squeeerals, (he and his friends even wrote a song about them called Squirrelfriend" and also constantly got hurt. Joseph even gave him a minor concussion.

There was a lot of picture taking on the third floor, and even a sing along, which later resulted in having a condom thrown at us girls and waiting to see how long it took us to notice. A lesser known incident happened at some point during week 3. Ramya, who didn't have 5$ and couldn't stand being vegan any longer, lost the bet to Marie. It took a while but we finally thought of a punishment. Ramya had to go knock on this cute guy, Spencer's door at 7:30 am and make a hand-heart and say love you Spencer. She had to do this while she still had bed head. This resulted in about half of the girls in my RC group (including me) getting up early so we could do our hair and stuff... even though we were hiding around the corner. We tried to video tape it, but it failed. It resulted in giggly girls, an embarrassed Ramya, and an angry Spencer for being woken up so early.

Fourth Floor

In term 1 2012, this hall was used to house only the TAs. Same with Term 2.

In Term II 2009, the Fourth Floor was universally agreed to be the craziest and most fun hall. As home to both Sam's and Emily's RC groups (the two awesomest female RC groups), it could pretty much be guaranteed that, at any point in time, something insane was going on up there. Whether it was drawing on each other's legs, painting the boy's fingernails, or listening to Zoi (A hardcore liberal from Atlanta) and her roommate Caitlin (a hardcore conservative from southern Texas) debate for hours, the party was upstairs, and it was worth ALL THE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS to get to it.

The Fourth Floor housed Zoi Rosado and Caitlin May, the unstoppable roommate pair. On a Facebook photo of the two of them, Amanda Yang (Panda) was quoted as saying "...apparently, they're like legends." Both girls were attractive, quick-tempered, violent, and permanently hyped up on caffeine. The rest of Sam's RC group was similar, with Garrison, Amanda, Eliza, JoAnn, Sarah, Lauren, Molly, Caitlin, Zoi, Lexi, Rachel, and Emily participating in crazy hijinks, like stalking blue-eyed nerd guys (Caitlin, Molly, and Lauren) and harassing the many unwelcome male visitors to their floor. More than once, certain members of the Fourth Floor would be caught spending inordinate amounts of time in the basement in the hopes of seeing Andrew Thompson, a blue-eyed nerd boy on whom half the girls at TIP had crushes. (Caitlin May later deemed this annoying horde "The Following," shortly after she formally renounced her desire for a relationTIP with said boy and resorted to calling him "big-headed" and "egotistic." It was rumored that the two HAD a relationTIP. Caitlin denies this.)

Despite the apparent anarchy, the RC's were actually strict enough to keep everyone safe, alive, and intact, despite the devastating numbers lost to TIP flu.


Term 2 2012: By the 2nd week, the side stairwells were banned from use. We could only use the main staircase.

In Term 1 2012, Alex and Teddy could always be found in the stairwells, which further proves the theory that they had a relationTIP and are just in denial. Also in this term, about half way through, the group that would be found hanging in the hallway outside Sam's RC Group moved to the stairway inbetween Kathleen and Sam's RC Groups. Reasons for the switch are unknown, but are rumored to be started by the infamous Third Floor W**** and her roommate Jane