Atticus Stonestrom

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Atticus Stonestrom
Campus(es) Davidson
Attended Term 1 2012
Course(s) Cryptography, Codebreaking, and the Mathematics of Spying
RAG(s) Davis' RC group
Roommate(s) {{{roommate}}}
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Atticus Stonestrom was a first-year TiP student that attended Davidson College and took Cryptography in 2012. He will be returning to Duke East in 2013 to take Political Cultures and Countercultures: The Battle for Public Opinion (with his bestie Alex Tummon).

TiP Life: Davidson

Atticus was good friends with Jack Farris, Alex Tummon, and Teddy Kramer, who were all from his school. He could often be seen playing cards with his friend Won (or random people and his floor) or secretly practicing math problems from his course (also with Won). Sometime in his time at TiP, his appearance was likened to that of Captain America and the nickname quickly spread. He and Antonio were often trying to catch the "hooligan" who lived on the third floor. Atticus enjoyed playing chess and often visited the basement to play.