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Last Name G

Samir Gadre

West 2011 Term 1: Samir was one of the funniest Tipsters at West. During the first ever lip sync on West campus, he decided to perform a risque solo skit to Ke$ha's hit "Take it Off". This earned him the nickname "attention horr" as he obviously enjoyed the spotlight. Samir was also known for being the only 3rd year on the student frisbee team Armageddon, as well as the kid in the pink nike shorts. His team was known for cheating [but not really], beating the Sons of Jesus [and daughter], and losing to the staff. At the talent show Samir performed a skit of antijokes the most memorable being "What is better than the food at the Great Hall? M mom's cooking!" Samir also escorted his favorite fourth year ever, Ellen Yuan, with Squeaker down the red carpet at the last dance, wearing a cute spiffy bowtie. Samir was seen around campus with high lax bro socks, short nike girl shorts, spiffy bowties, and sperry shoes complete with mustaches.

Megan Galeski

Toni Gallman

Duke East I 2008

Braden Gammon

Duke West I 2011 Programming for Video Games

Braden was (and still is) a Jer-Bear of quiet simple mindedness but overall awesomeness. He can be seen walking throughout the streets carrying a large traffic cone and a pillow without getting strange looks. I don't really know much more about him, except that he is awesome, enjoys chocolate syrup, and likes the movie 'The Importance of Being Earnest'. He is also the presiding administrator of the wildly popular Facebook group TiP Nation.

Julia Ganzi

Duke East I 2008

Roja Garimella

Davidson 1 2008 , Duke West I 2009, Duke West II 2010

Kathy Garner

A&M I 2008, ASU II 2009, UGA II 2010-2011

Barely known, but was one of the more awesome people you would've met. Is part of the 30% of women who have thrown shoes at men. Gives random hugs and random cookies. Pending approval, will come back as an RC. Or a TA...

Andrew Gatherer

Duke East II Game Theory 2010

Andrew Gatherer or "Brohammed" is one of the creators of the Bropack and one of the original "bros." He is known for flirting with relationTIPs and being in the control group. Duh.

Duke East I International Relations 2011

Andrew Gatherer was in Scott's last RAG and is known for sucking at frisbee and saying "awk sauce"

Phillip Geist

Phillip Geist is the fiery redhead who attended Davidson, term II '06. There he attended Introduction to Lab Science and was a member of Jack's(AKA Dad's) RAG. He returned in 2007, attended Duke East Term I and took Science Fiction. For his third year, he came back to Duke East Term II and met the infamous Laser Dragons, Fat Tony, Aaron Shinn, and others, as well as meeting friends from his first year. His class that year was Symbols and Structure. His fourth year, he once again attended Duke East Term II, although it was cut short by the inconvenient swine flu pandemic. He attended half a term of Bach to Rock, was the Captain of the Laser Dragons, and generally a fun guy. He was a member of Peter's RAG, which was quite obviously the best group imaginable.

Kate Gibson

Kate Gibson

Davidson Term II 2009 Journalism

Duke East Term I 2010 Game Theory

Kate Gibson is famous for bursting into random broadway music, ((especially The lion king!) on ninth street and owning every single piece of organic food in the world! She also writes a lot of letters! Kate makes an amazing love buddy. Katie is also a permanently happy, gorgeous, optimistic math nerd, vegetarian, and a sweetheart! she also could be found doing yoga in the middle of her game theory class. The most beautifulest singing voice ever!!!

Duke East Term I 2011 Big Screen, Little Screen

Kate is the sweetest thing with huge eyes that change color! She's obsessed with dinosaurs, the parasaurolophus in particular. She was the one that always brought glow sticks to all the dances and is also the primary caretaker of Squiggles!(edit: Camila, Kate and Matt formed the triangle of care for squiggles, formed after Matt's creation of HCPS and heroic rescue/kidnapping from Jakob. They all love it equally and alternate who cares for squiggles each day.) (Ok so were Kate and Matt together or not?!?!) She was in Jay's RAG on 3rd floor Pegram. Her real name is Amanda but she goes by her middle name. She's sort of a hipster and is notorious for wearing her watch upside down. She pronounces satin strangely to the great amusement of Jakob. As well as the dinosaur mentioned above, she's also obsessed with the platypus, drawing both of them on Matt during The Fabulous Brown Body Crayon Extravaganza. Her RAG nicknamed her Perry because she was "never there".All in all she is insanely awesome/fun and pretty darn cute.

Duke East Term I 2012 Philosophy of Time

In her fourth year Kate Gibson touched even more lives than she had before. She taught many TIPsters who were new to east term I all the wonderful things about it. She carried on the tradition of Squiggles till the end, and will forever be missed from TIP.

Wyatt Gildea

  • Davidson Term 1 2014
  • West Term 1 2016
  • West Term 1 2017

Emma Gilleland

  • Wake Forest Term II 2013
    • Mary Willoughby's Rag (The Wallabies)
      • Most likely to forget one shoe
      • She became like the pet of the rag, on account of her being so small and cute! Love you Emma -Manuela

Claire Glass

Duke West term II 2011

Duke West term II 2012

Duke West term II 2013 Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Ethics

Claire was known for occasionally wearing Ravenclaw robes, her beautiful singing voice, and generally being an amazing and uplifting person to be around. Tragically, she passed away on March 6, 2014. She will be remembered and missed by all Tipsters who were lucky enough to know her. Rest easy, sweetheart.

Anna Glassman

Davidson term II 2010 Engineering Problem Solving

Davidson term II 2011 Animal Behavior

Duke West term I 2012 Programming for Video Games

Duke West term I 2013 Electrical Engineering

Anna is known for doing tricks with magnetic cafeteria knives and putting creepy coloring book pages on her wall. She was a member of Jacklyn's RC group in 2011 and was an avid pretend JacklynXJim shipper. In Animal Behavior she was mistakenly called the one naming everything Quincy on multiple occasions. She is now the proud mayor of Super Happy Fun Town.

She participated in Doctor Doctor as River Song and was a minor character in .

Eve Glenn

  • Wake Forest Term II 2013
    • Jasmine's Rag
      • Most likely to overdose on sugar
        • One of the most hyper girls that term. One day, she got one of the horse heads that was popular at the time, and ran around for the entirety of the 9-10 free time wearing it. There's video evidence.
    • Algebra II
      • The next Petroleum Engineer

John Glista

Duke East II 2011

John is a very smart, yet quiet TiPster who decided to take Advanced Function Analysis with Mathematical Modeling (AFUNC) during Term 2 of East. Even though he was a second year, you could tell that he was smarter than some of the third years in his class. He always had bright ideas and always helped out his group when they needed him. Also, he can say "500 words in a minute in an hour" :). He was roommates with the ever so amazing Jason He.

Gordon Glober

Duke East I 2008

Alegro Godley

Duke East I 2008

ASU I 2009, UGA I 2010-2011

"Mad Dawg"

Sanchez was here. <3

Pasley Graham

Davidson II 2009, Duke West II 2010, Duke West II 2011, Duke West II 2012

Pasley is the craziest, most hyper, shortest, and loudest person at TIP! She is a third year third year from Alabama. She was in intro to lab science, forensics, and genetics. She was at tip during swine '09 and was sent home her second week on her birthday! At TIP in 2010 sHe broke her fingers playing ninja, and was put in a full arm cast. Pasley is currently been band by TIPs main office from playing ninja. She was also in a relationtip with Mark Robertson that year. At term two 2011 she left everyday to go to gymnastics practice durring free time and dinner. You may have seen her little brother playing with Bruno in the office at 4:00 if you were in the office at that time. She may seem cute and tiny, but you don't want to mess with her. She is the STONGEST person at TIP(Tyler "arms" may be an acception.) If you ever saw someone flipping or doing handstands it was her! She was in kelly, kat, and alicia's RAGs. She is friends with Eugenia Walk and they are the loudest two people together. She is amazing and Eugenia is her tall and beautiful IDOL!

Emily Graue

Duke West Term 1:

Abnormal Psychology (2011)

Thanks Emily for being my "crime partner" during the free times :) It was fun taking Faith's food (her double stuffed milano cookies and her goldfish) and taking Courtney's one of 10 towels haha :) oh and Jensen's blinds :) I love you sooooo much and hope to see you next year!! <3 Patricia

Lily Gray

Georgia Tech Term 2 2014 Apocalypse Soon: The End of the World in Myth, Literature, and Film

Lily has been known to walk around campus sporting a blue eyeliner mustache, which she acquired by losing a game of E.R.S. to Chris Myers.

Aaron Green

Aaron Green is, by all accounts, one lucky f*ck. He spent his first years at TIP in Kansas and his fourth year at Duke East.

Well known for his swashbuckling manner and his ability to engage multiple girls at once on the dance floor and, perhaps, other people's bedrooms, Aaron had built a name for himself by his second year at TIP.

Also briefly known as Fernando.

Aaron is the original owner of Peace Bear, the white flying stuffed bear that now resides with Mark Harvey, and spreads love and joy throughout the land. Legend has it that Peace Bear became so beloved by Mark's 2004 International Relations class at Kansas that he gave the bear to Mark so that he would forever spread love and joy to TIPsters for many terms thereafter.

Mark and Aaron, with the help of Elizabeth O'Wong and Abbey Cannon, wrote "The Love Terrorist", a funky song tributing Peace Bear. This song has been performed at Kansas and Duke East.

Mark and Aaron also authored the famous and annoying "Fetus Song" at the Kansas campus in 2004. They brought it to Duke East in 2005 and Mark also performed it in subsequent sessions at Kansas and in London during the 2005 TIP field study at the London School of Economics. At Duke East, the magical song was used to take over a cafeteria and more famously a Writing With Power class.

Comments about him have ranged from "damn sexy" and "ridiculously hot" to simply "mmmmmmmmmm..."

John Green

John Green is a TIPster who made it big. Many TIPsters were shocked to discover he attended the program when he tweeted about it on July 19th of 2011. He is a famous author who wrote The Fault In Our Stars among many others.

Jordan Green

Duke East II 2011

Jordan is a very deep-voiced, laid-back, cool TiPster who decided to take Symbols and Structures. He always has time to hang with the boys and stay focused through his work.

Sophie Green

ASU Term I 2013- Creative Writing

  • Whitney Renee's RC

ASU Term I 2014- Psychology

  • Brandy's RC

UGA Term I 2015- The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity

  • Cassidy's RC

Katie Greene

  • Wake Forest Term 1 2014. Duke West Term 1 2015. Georgia Tech Term 1 2016.
  • Allergic to bees.

Tai Griffin

Hannah Grimm

Better known as "Asteroid Girl". Hannah was a disciple of Jesus, who was the first, and only to reach the rank of Pope. She earned the name "Asteroid Girl" by virtue of the fact that both of her parents belonged to a cult. Hannah continued this family tradition at TIP. Hannah was, and presumably still is a fan of The Lord of the Rings series. A former Buenite, after a falling out with Andrew Blumberg Hannah became one of the founding members of the rumored cult of Andrew's ex-girlfriends. After leaving Tip, she ran away to join the circus and became well known for her performances on the silks, Spanish web, and stationary trapeze. Although she has graduated from Tip and currently resides at Princeton, she may be returning to TIP soon as an RA or as TA to the infamous Mark Harvey.

She is 1/16th gypsy and thinks everything that every answer to a cheatin' man can be found in the works of Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, and Dolly Parton.

Hannah is overtly fond of moonshine--particularly corn whisky.

Rumor has it she once ate seven bowls of smokies and a bottle of Tabasco for breakfast.

Rumor also has it that she shared with notorious hotties Donna Delucia and Mary Dory.

Matthew Grossman

Duke East I 2008

Bora Gunay

ASU II 2008, UGA II 2009-2011 Renowned for his frisbee skills and being a beast at everything, Bora is one of the coolest TIPsters ever. I love him to death and he is a mega beast -Sanchez He is also a legend.

Michael Gunter

Duke East I 2008

Amelia/Eren Guttentag

Davidson Term 2 2012 Math Problem Solving

Davidson Term 2 2013 Creative Writing

East Term 2 2014 Möbius

Eren is the queerest tipster, trust me. They admin GSRM TiPsters on facebook under the name Amelia, but they're likely going to go by Eren in 2015, when they'll be a 4th year.

Last Name H

Gregor Haas

Ella Halford

  • Wake Forest Term II 2013
    • Izzy's Fireworks
  • Georgia Tech Term I 2015
    • Callie's $quad

Caleb Hall

ASU 2009 UGA '10-?

Cole Hall

Cat Hannahs

KU 2012 Texas A&M 2013 Rice University 2014

Gabrielle Hansen

Davidson Term 2 2011

  • Class: Psychology
  • Roommate: Michelle Tang

Gabrielle was a quiet young lady. Known for sweetness. Didn't understand why people thought she was so sweet.Her superlative was most likely to marry Perso( Who she stole from Emily Banks)( Emily Banks was undeserving of his love and cheated on him with Albino David)(True, but Gabrielle pushed her into him at the dance)(Gabby saw how she liked him and she felt the obligation to help her RC Group member out)(Whatever) Unfortunately, Miss Hansen had to leave halfway through the Term because of her Make A Wish. Duke West Term 2 2012

  • Class: Abnormal Psychology
  • Roommate: Priscilla

Gabrielle actually talked a good bit this term! Miss Hansen was in Sam's RAG with Sunila Steephen, Michelle Tang, Julie, Kayla Reagan, Sabrina, Kristie Kim, Lauren Bernard, Connie, Emily Gruver, and her lovely roommate Priscilla. You would most likely seee her with Sunila, Emily, Michelle, and Kristie with the occasional Sam Fisher. Gabrielle would go around anonymously writing incredible, wondrous things on the RAG's POGOs. One was about how she liked Bernard's face. Another was about her bathroom buddy, Kristie Kim. Gabrielle liked her roommate Priscilla; she just didn't really care to wake up 1 to 3 times a night from the moans that escaped Priscilla during her sleep. Gabrielle later adapted,but Priscilla started making different moaning noises and that was it. She would also text random things to others after 10:45. She also had something with Daniel,but no one knows what (She turned him down). One of the things she was adept in was creeping Alex Hart out. Ask him, "How is Sophie?" and you will find out. She also harassed( but in a loving way) Kathlex and could be heard saying and maybe the occasional shout of leave room for Jesus, No PDA, keep it TIPpropriate, and leave room for Buddha( since Jesus was thin and Buddha had more girth).

John Hao

Duke West 1 2011

John was part of Malcom's Rag: The Bernies and his roommate was Peter Xenopoulos. He was the only one from Nebraska and took Nanotechnology. John was known for starting the grass-whistling (a.k.a. Kazooing) trend during breaks before class as well as composing music in a notebook he carried around with him and being an expert in origami dragons. He was one of the best dancers in Hip Hop classes and partook in the performances at the dance. He was also the only one at that term to go the emergency room.

Victor Harper

Duke East II 2011

Victor is a very tall TiPster who decided to take Macroeconomics for term 2. Victor is a beast when it comes to Super Smash Bros. and always has time to hang out.

Alexis "Lexie" Harris

Lexie was a great person. Just go read her page.

East Term 2 2013

  • Class: Criminal Minds: Psychology and the Law
  • Roommate: Isabel Herrick

East Term 2 2014

  • Class: Criminal Trial Advocacy
  • Roommate: Kareena Sharma

Mallory Harris

Mallory is known for her close friendship with celebrated writer J.K. Rowling. Olives are a thing she enjoys eating when she is not preoccupied with reading calculus and Spanish required summer reading. Practicality comes naturally to her, as shown by her desire not to streamer-ify the entrance to her room 4th year. She is credited with the creation of Steve is rich jokes. She is also an avid advocate of mathshirt Monday and Hipster Tipster parties because reasons and things.

Davidson Term I 2009

  • Class: Creative Writing
  • Roommate: Kanupriya Gupta

Duke West Term I 2010

  • Class: Neuroscience
  • Roommate: Mary Grekstas

Duke West Term I 2011

  • Class: Genetics
  • Roommate: Leighton Braunstein

Duke East Term I 2012

  • Class: Writing With Power
  • Roommate: Alicia DeVos

Tim Hasty

Duke East I 2011

Tim Hasty is what some call a "stud muffin". He is a girl magnet, if not because of his personality then because of his huge muscles and winning smile. His stripper name was "Shimmy Timmy" throughout TiP, a name bestowed on him by Peri Imler. He was introduced to Peri through his roomate, Ian Hinze, matchmaker extrordinaire. They were, are, and forever will be the cutest relationTiP ever seen at Duke East.

Tim was part of the TiP gang the Savage Chickens, and although they never actually did anything, they were still pretty fierce. (Edit: this gang never had a decided name. They bounced between the Pink Fairies, Imaginary Midgets and various other names throughout the term. For continuities sake, they will be referred to as the Savage Chickens.)

Tim received the Book of Emoetry from Thomas Klein at the end of the 2011 Talent Show, making him one of a select few deemed worthy to fill it's pages. Also bestowed on Tim by Thomas was the pair of red fishnet stockings, which he will wear AT LEAST once in his forth year.

Julia Haug

Duke East I 2008

Bailee Hayden

UGA Term 1 2013 Inspired Writer UGA Term 1 2014 Apocalypse UGA Term 1 2015 Satire

Bailee Hayden is one of the very rare TiPsters who went to Duke Young Writer's her first year (TiP's rival camp) and both TiP. She stated in her fourth year speech that she wished she went to TiP instead of Young Writer's because "they were mean to her and it sucked". Despite her going to the traitor camp, she was still loved throughout TiP. She was the daughter of Megan, Bridget, Alexis, Jessica, and Rachel. As a fourth year she basically adopted the whole camp, along with Timmy Lincoln (See TiP Parents (UGA)). She was known to carry around a jar of nutella with her, to be the most basic of white girls, to be EVERYBODY'S Mom, to be a "little" boy crazy (soccer team anyone?), and to be one of the shortest girls at UGA. She was also a member of The Breakfast Club and the Balcony Squad. If you wanted your eyebrows done for the dance, you came to her and she did MAGIC. She also was a part of the Sweet Java Brown team her second year, making her one of the last TiPsters to be on it. She was in charge of dog tags for term 1 2015, and did a pretty good job seeing as she stayed up until four am to make sure they would get here on time. She was seen as the "unofficial" TiP Monarch because despite her not having the title, she carried out the duties as if she did. If you wanted a fourth year meeting to be called, she was the person you went to because she would actually be able to get everyone there. She was the person who came up with the idea for the fourth years to have a "TiP Night" with all the second and third years, just like the fourth years did to her when she was a second year. Everyone was on board with the idea, and "TiP Night" was a huge success towards teaching the green lanyards on how UGA roles. (Though she did get the idea to have TiP Night from Jared Sterling). Everyone who was friends with her would all agree she was one of the nicest, cutest, coolest person you would ever meet. And that's saying a lot, considering she's a 1D fan.

Duke East Term I 2012

Spencer Haynsworth

Duke East II 2011

Spencer Haynsworth is quite simply the sexiest second year to ever live (Confirmed @ Davidson II 2009). He was a roomate with Zac Crew and had a fondness for a certain Jackie Keaton.

Jason He

Duke East II 2011

Jason took Game Theory (GO GAME THEORY!!!) with a lot of awesome people. He (pun, see below) was not very talkative, but he was always very friendly if you knew him well. He was in Erika's RAG, and he was a firework! He was first, so he wasn't last (allusion to Talladega Nights). He was sorta-kinda known for his adorable cute dinosaurs that he spray painted in the Freedom of Expression tunnel, connecting East and West. He also had a strange, uncanny obsession with chins. He was roommates with John Glista, another awesome kid from Georgia. He had an unspoken crush on Kelley Yuan. He has been elected "most likely NOT to metamorphasize into a butterfly" along with "most likely to be a trophy husband", due to his love for a certain Korean pop singer named Eunjung.

Michael He

Texas A&M II 2007, Davidson II 2008, Duke East II 2009, Duke East I&II 2010

Michael He is an Asian who loved TiP and underwent the subsequent 4th year TiPpression. He (pun) took Debate at A&M, Creative Writing at Davidson, WPOW at East Swine '09, Macro and Micro East I&II 2010. He was just that guy, a queer fellow, who became adopted into a posse East I 2010, was quite a chump as well as a wizard, and was voted most likely to be the butt of an elephant joke. Still, He regrets nothing about TiP. It was amazing

Samual Hebert

Trinity Term II 2011, Texas A&M Term II 2012

Samual Hebert is a special tipster who is a grade behind his year. He was going into the seventh grade his first year, unlike everyone else. He took Intro to Lab Sciences in '11 and Architecture in '12. At Trinity he was in Gagan's RAG and at A&M was in Gabby's RAG. At A&M he was a member of the group of tipsters who sat beneath the first floor stairwell in Moses during free time. His first year roommate was inconsequential, though his roommate second year was Nate Sumimoto, an exceptional Asian who also sat beneath the stairs. He is the younger brother of Cheyenne Smith and a friend of Jesus.

Nathan Henderson

Marine Lab 2018 and 2019

Nathan attended the Marine Lab his 3rd and 4th years of TIP. He took Near Shores and Oceans his first year there and Estuaries and Marshes his second year. He attended TIP only these two years. His main man, Miles Jarnot, was with him both those years as well. They bonded quickly and easily as they were both roommates their first year at the Marine Lab and both absolutely hated TIP for the whole first 2 weeks despite making some good friends and memories. The most notable activities Nathan participated in were makeup on Sunday mornings and being a part of the D1 “Africa” band. It should be noted he had a Relationtip with Sam Northenor his 4th year and he is terrible at ping pong.

Shaan Heng-Devan

Duke East I 2008

Atticus (Radicus) Henry

Atticus, or as he was more commonly known as, Radicus (there is a debate over if Radicus is hyphenated, but for all intensive purposes, it isn't), was the focus of a TIP cult at Davidson 2016 Term 2. It was the only good cult at Davidson that term. He was a passionate ERB and O-U-T singer. He had a weird roommate, but the roommate became "BFFs" with one of the members of Radicus' cult. For more info, see: MLS and Radicus

Becca Hentges


Sam Higgins

Georgia Tech I 2015

Georgia Tech I 2016

Maddy "That Girl Who Looks Like Taylor Swift" Hightower

Davidson II 2009 Searching For Clues

Duke East I 2010 The Undead

Maddy was much loved in class for her love of Buffy and her metaphors (you know what I'm talking about). She was also loved for her fashion sense, and many girls in her RAG raided her closet for dresses to wear for the dance.

Maddy, however, has a spoon stealing problem. She is a spoon thief. Yes, a thief that only steals spoons. She even steals spoons when it's not Spoon Saturday.

THAT WAS ONE TIME (the other one doesn't really count).

She looks like Taylor Swift.

Duke East I 2011 Big Screen, Little Screen

...she still looks like Taylor Swift. A vegan, hipster Taylor Swift.

Jacob Hill

UGA 2011-2013 (And somewhere for first year who even knows)

Jacob is part of the trio from UGA that consists of Josh Bielenberg and Jonathan 'Sparky' Major and himself. Jacob was something of a third wheel to the eternal relationtip of Sparky and Josh, but his time at tip was fantastic. Jacob was something of an inspiration for many, and though he may think he is clever he actually isn't. He has a red cape given to him for his birthday by Margaret Elam and it completes off the capes for the trio. His fourth year Jacob had a relationtip with Jenna Bates and it's pretty obvious that it is one of the best relationtips to ever exist. Jacob is not a fantastic dancer, but what he lacks in talent he makes up with zest. Though Jacob is typically an odd child, he is also one of the most amazing person you could ever meet. He can astound you with his dumb jokes, but he also makes the best of his time at tip and cares about everyone and in that way, he truly embodies the spirit of tip. He doesn't discriminate against people and will be friends with anybody. And he can always tell when you need a hug.

And his children will have perfect lips.

Colin Hines

Duke East I 2010

Colin is one of those math nerds in Algebra II. He really knows his stuff and is really good with calculators.

Ian Hinze

Duke East 2011 Term I The Undead

A misunderstood 3rd year TiPster who didn't mean any harm, promise. Ian had the first visible relationTiP with Katie McMillan (visible because of the hickies on his neck the second day of Term). After a week, he made the tragic mistake of leaving her for Alex Hammond, who, although a nice girl, wasn't the chickadee he should've been with. Ian spiraled out of control, kissing innumerable TiPsters by the end of Term (see relationTiPs Duke East 2011).

His style rivaled that of the 4th years in it's absurdity, and he held strong to the belief that sunglasses should be worn 24/7, even at night. His Sony Walkman and cassette tapes were amazing. He had a pair of yellow socks, and another of purple.

Most important, Ian was the roomate of Tim Hasty. And a very good roomate he was! At first, because of his belongings (like makeup for example) Tim was worried his roomate was gay. But, these doubts were soon torn to shreds when he got to know this awesome dude. In fact, Ian was as straight as they come. They first met on the first day where Ian inadvertantly introduced Tim to Peri Imler and produced the cutest relationTiP Duke East has ever seen. Thus, all of his fallacies are forgiven, as the creation of "Teri" surely counteracts everything else, right?

Harrison Holcomb

Harrison Holcomb was a Term II '05 4th year, effeminate and sarcastic in nature. He has been credited with many things, including (but not limited to) coining the name 'Kinky Tom', initiating mutiple nonTIPropriate card games, being a TIPsex icon, and sounding sarcastic when he is serious. Although a tad sex obessessed, many admired/loved/worshipped/despised him. Several of his known quotes include, "That's fairly amazing...", "It's just like Brideshead Revisited!", and "Food Network? Hot damn!"

Harrison is the sexy beast in the blue dress.

Cat "Kitty" Hollander

, who attended East term 1 '08 and roomed with Emma Joslyn, was well known for her fantaboulous dance moves with the imfamous . She also attended East Term 1 and 2 2009

Benjamin Holley

"Sexy" Ben Holley was a TIPster from 1999-2000. The ladies of these courses knew that Ben was soooooo sexy then, and his subsequent students even immortalized his smart good looks in the National Cupcake Club anthem, "Love Overthrow":

"Ben is so sexy with all his good looks. As soon as we started the system shook."

He took Mark Harvey's during 1999, session II class and took his 2000 Science and Art of Politics class, becoming a charter member of Mark's first group, the .

After working in the British parliament for a semester in 2005, he returned to TIP to become Mark Harvey's TA for Politics in Practice at Duke East during Term I, and TA for during Term II at the . That year, the Politics in Practice class called themselves the National Cupcake Club. The World Politics class called themselves CATALYST.

Ben was particularly remembered for being wrestled to the ground in Regent's Park and being forced to dance with a random drunken British woman.

Ben graduated from Truman State University and is now attending law school at the University of Virginia.

Abby Hollmann

  • Trinity 2 2014
  • West 1 2015
  • West 1 2016

Willa Holt

Georgia Tech Term II 2014 Biomedical Engineering

Willa was the greatest roommate anyone could ask for, and often had very deep conversations with her equally awesome roommate, Kaitlyn Mi. Towards the end of her term, Willa met Ivan (Fluffy), who coincidentally lived about 15 minutes away from her in The Real World.

Cyrus Homesley

An imfamous TiPster that has attended Davidson Term II in 2008, Duke East Term II in 2009 (Experiencing the Swine Flu out break, but never getting infected), and Duke West 2010.

He is often remembered by his nearly perfect Russian Accent (And Russian Stories/Jokes), his high tendency to play Electro House music at full blast on old late 90's computer speakers, and his crazy moves on the dance floor.

Cyrus has many skills such as being able to program in C++, and his ability to climb on walls (which he often used to cross boundaries to get onto other halls without ever setting foot on them), and his endurance in running.

He has a facebook btw ;)

Caroline Horton

Duke West term I 2012 Genetics This girl is the most adorable girl alive. 'Nuff said.

Louanne Hood

  • Trinity Univeristy Term 2 2014
  • Georgia Tech Term 2 2015/2016
  • Rice University Term 1 2017

Irene Hsu

Duke East Term 1 2009 Duke East Term 1 and 2 2010. She was in Mel's rag of Alspaugh 2nd floor during her 2nd year, and in Lily's rag of the notorious 3rd floor Brown during her 3rd year. Her second session was with Kathryn's rag of 2nd floor Bassett. Took both of Dr. Kane's economics courses. Stole spoons from the Union, flirted with guys (who may or may not have been taken) [who flirted back], and was hyper in her spare time. It is speculated that she is actually a blonde at heart, only an Asian in disguise. Her laugh is distinct, adorable, and uncontrollable. She also laughs very easily, is very ticklished, and allegedly has real abs from laughing so much. She also is a gum addict.

Irene is the only west coaster from tip. She is a California gurl, is undeniable, a cheerleader, and wears very short shorts.

David Hua

Duke TIP President, Davidson College 2011 Term 2 He went to the dance with this girl named Katie Blackwell...just as friends and later went on to win the presidential election by 14 votes. He later went on to go to the same class and same campus as Katie and they played twister in the dark in her room. An RC walked in and found David playing patty cake with Katie. They were both kicked out of camp. They both loved the song 'Two is Better than one" by Boys like Girls feat. Taylor Swift. He went on to become the 68th president of the United States.

Zachary Huang

  • Wake Forest Term II 2013
    • Algebra II
      • The next John Hancock

Blaine Hubert

Blaine "Blazin" Hubert Was a TIPster from 2008-2009. He was know as the man of a thousand voices and did anything from Chewbacca to Cartman. He was also known to buy and share pizza for about anyone.

He took Micheal's Class (Film Crit And Analysis)in 2009. It is a little known fact that he actually used $81 dollars from a $200 credit card for soda.

He was Remebered for being the only kid to bring his I-home. On Certain Days He would spike his whole hair into one big glob. He Is now a freshman in High School.

First To come Up with the Joke Of the Class Called Film Crit And Anal. Had The Best Yo Momma joke which was the Following- Yo Momma So ugly that When to guys broke into your house She Yelled RAPE! and they said NO!!

Bobby Huddleston

2008-2011. He was known by many as the official "Frisbee Douche", even though the term began to be passed around during the second week. He was and is the master of Ninja and has ridiculously good reflexes. When playing, he doesn't resort to putting his hands in front of his restricted zones like some others do, but he has been known to occasionally raise his hands high up in the air in order to keep a shorter competitor in frustration. He was a member of the Team Team during the Frisbee tournament. He was in the Physics of Energy class. He was rumored to be asexual at one point, since he is such a nice guy and was not straightforward about his advances on rumored (commonly believed, actually) love connection Fiona. This was bolstered by the additional rumor that he reproduces by budding and the following epic conversation about how he supposedly menstruates out of his mouth and utilizes flavored tampons (blue raspberry is his favorite!). However, after TIP concluded for the year, it was confirmed that Bobby is in fact a heterosexual male. This fact was taken with both disappointment and rejoicing by the populace. In 2011, Bobby led the Team Team to victory in the student games, and then led them to glory in the epic staff game that followed.

Andy Hui

  • Wake Forest Term 2 2013
    • Colin W's Rag
    • Class: Algebra II
      • The Next Olympic Ping Pong Champion

Chris Hui

Duke East I 2010

Chris is another amazing asian kid who rocks! He's really cool and really nice!

Duke East I 2011

He was one of the few third years in Pegram (the fourth year dorm this year). Chris is awesome! He also LOVES apple juice. Like seriously though.

Brooke Huffman

redirect to Brooke Huffman

Genevieve Husak

  • Wake Forest Term 2 2013
    • Jasmine's Rag
      • Most likely to write a book
    • Class: Creative Writing
      • Genevieve "Molly Weasley" Husak
  • Georgia Tech Term 2 2014
    • Caroline Todd's Rag
      • Most likely to secretly be Merida
    • Class: Apocalypse Soon: The End of the World in Myth, Literature, and Film

Olivia Humpel

  • Wake Forest Term 2 2013
    • Izzy's Fireworks
    • Class: Literature, Law, and Logic
  • Davidson Term 2 2014
    • Sharkbait oh ha ha (Lucy's RAG)
    • Class: That's Debatable
  • Duke West Term 1 2015
    • Elizabeth's RAG

Emily Hutchins

  • Davidson Term 1 2017
    • Madison's RC group
  • Con-Law
  • couldn't find anything she wanted to eat at breakfast but was still hungry so she got a bagel which she didn't like. she spread 27 packets of butter on

in to "drown out the taste"

  • screamed "yoyo fruitcup" at random moments
  • couldn't go a day without drinking coca cola which she would buy in the basement vending machine room. she would try to get specific coke bottles based on the name written on them. had a huge collection of maybe like 30 coke bottles at one point in the term which she kept in the box above the closet in her dorm. her RC made her get rid of them so she had a funeral in the lounge for all the coke bottles.
    • one coke bottle had the name chAd on it so she gave it to some kids

  • DUML 2018
    • Captain Carla's RC group
    • Estuaries and Marshes
  • Continued to make daily trips to the vending machines
  • Nicknamed Emily Orange or Hemily
  • Stole bottles of snow cone syrup from Water-palooza and gave them out in shots
  • Fantastic (not) card tricks
  • Had NO phone whatsoever
  • Got in trouble for starting sand wars on protected beaches
  • Tried to make rainbow drink with only two colors, succeeded
  • Started the mass accidental, never solved genocide of brittle stars
  • Helped, accidentally, with the mass genocide of crabs
  • Wore open-toed shoes into the marsh while afraid of crabs, surprisingly didn't get pinched

Charles Hutto

Kansas I 2009 Texas A&M II 2011 Texas A&M II 2012

More commonly known through out tip lore as being the most interesting man in the world. He hails from fort worth tx,and More commonly known by the name charlie or "glow", he never ceased to astound his fellow tipsters/rc's/and instructors. He would always break the silence of any uncomfortable situation.

He was infamous for knocking a guy out at kansas for insulting micheal jackson just minutes after his death in 2009 and was nearly kicked out. But fortunately the administration used some discreation based on the sitation.

His knowledge of tip wiki is so extensive that fellow tip students frequently ask him about tip lore/tradition

Also known at tamu for bringing back the live live live part of the american pie traditonal song and also for being overly obsessed with glow sticks, both at dances and on a regular basis. Also noritously his nickname being"the smartest white kid anyone had ever met" coined by his room mate aiden at kansas. his areas of expertise were so broad that many questioned if he was quote" too smart for tip" the consensus at the end of the day was that no one is too smart for tip

Being a ladies man such as he secretly was he had no problem "mingling" with girls and keeping a low profile in those regards. He was reputable for changing not only styles but personalities day by day

charlie is one of the few tipsters to understand the true meaning of the "seal joke" and says that you have to discover the meaning on your own.

Last Name I

Aly Lachino

Davidson 2008 Term I
Duke West 2009 Term I
Duke West 2010 Term I
Duke West 2011 Term I
App State 2014 Term I and II (RC)

Aly Iachino is THE nicest, cutest, sweetest TIPster (overall person) one could ever meet. period. As a 4th year, she was everso luckily able to be roomies with Katie Morris and be part of Olivia's RAG "the Big Girls" who loved Aly dearly. As they knew each other from the previous year of TIP those two were the greatest of friends, working out each others problems and supposedly staying up late on their phones together. They were also infamous for being late for dinner, mostly because Aly lost track of time as she was too busy enjoying her TIP term to the fullest. Aly was in Abnormal Psychology her 4th year and she LOVED IT! She adored her classmates and pretty much they adored her too. WHO COULD NOT LOVE ALY? (<--rhetorical question; it's impossible to not love her) Aly was known for her AWESOME sunglasses, especially her Ray Bans (yes, they were huge AND prescription). She also wore neat bracelets and t-shirts, mostly of her favorite bands and Street Signs. She HATED squirrels. She LOVED Hot Topic and Zebra Cakes and DANCING!! (She thought J.D. was THE coolest TA.) She was escorted by Daniel Quintero at the last dance. He was the sweetest boy ever and Aly loved him dearly as a brother. The most precious thing about Aly was that she would tear up and cry at the end of each dance during "American Pie." This definitely showed her love for TIP, which everyone saw so most of her friends would leave the dance hugging Aly so she could cry happy tears instead of sad tears amongst TIPsters that loved her. <3 :)

Despite the end of her TIP experience, TIPsters still feel the love of Aly as she'll occassionally skype, facebook, blog on tumblr, and last, but NEVER the least, bernie battle with TIPsters. ;)

  • She also did the Bernie at six-flags (slightly unrelated, but proves how awesome she is!!!!!)
    • V.Ly tried, anyone else can add the the lovely Aly's tipster index. LOVE YOU!

In 2014, Aly went back to TIP as an RC. She worked both terms and had a blast! She had 12 girls both Term I and Term II, and she wears hairbows every day. She still has not made it through a single dance this year without crying.

Matthew "Dutch" Imiolek

KU Term II 2012 (2nd year) TAMU Term II 2013 (3rd year) Rice Term II 2014 (4th Year)

In his first TiP year, as a second year, he attended KU in the second term and roomed with Logan, Garrett, and Liam. He couldn't sleep because Logan had his radio playing too loudly. He found it quite annoying. That year, he took Architecture. The next year, at TAMU, he took Team Programming for Video Games. There, he roomed with Kevin on the first floor. In his last year, at Rice, he roomed with Jesus, Jino, and Demblitzkrieg. These were by far his favourite roommates. In his last year, he took Cold War: From Allies to Adversaries. He swims for his school and thus has a hilarious tanline that is so sudden that he looks like one of those dipped ice cream cones.

Peri Imler

Searching for Clues Davidson 2009 Term II Writing with Power Duke East 2011 Term I

Peri. Peri Peri Peri. She's small and pixi-esque, and impossible to hate. Through an impossible chain of events, she was introduced to Tim Hasty, and the duo quickly became the cutest relationTiP since TiP began.

Peri was a part of an elite crew of TiPsters, the Savage Chickens, consisting of her and a couple of TiPsters she met on the first day (Tim, John, Ian, Gordon, and Mandy). They were the invisible scourge of Duke East, although no one new they existed. At all.

Peri enjoyed dancing on the quad, rolling in barrels full of spices, and making W-POW! interesting via random comments and counterarguments. She also tended to get very sentimental over Disney movies, such as Enchanted. Peri added a certain "casual" effect to all she did. She was well known for her dougieing talents among her close friends.

Hopefully she'll return for her 4th year. Woot!

Azka Iqbal

ASU Term 2 2010- Creative Writing

UGA Term 1 2011- American Foreign Policy


Last Name J

William 'Chaos' Louis Jackson

Trinity Term 2 2013 Georgia Tech Term 1 2014-5 Duke West 2016 Will is an ok dude. He is the dumbass who put metal in the microwave at Tech term 1 2015. He had blue hair at West. At West he was accused of stealing a TV and a bowling pin. He also convinced a bunch of second and third years that he can bowl a perfect 300 reliably. If you are one of those second and third years and you are reading this, sorry about that but I got you good.

Emily Jacobson

Davidson Term II 2011 Duke West Term II 2012 Wow. This could take a while.... For starters, Emily is one of the greatest TiPsters ever. Not only is she one of the few ginger girls, her fiery personality matches her hair quite well. This tipster goes by many names ranging from Annie (her orphan role in the tip sync) to Ginjew (play on hair color/religion/nonexistent ninja-like grace)to Tymily (the soon to be best relationTiP ever!). Her "slip" down the stairs the first year was quite sad (I'M SORRY!!!) but she bounced back happily to her everyday T-shirts. Emily is well...just...Emily. Word of advice though, never borrow clothes from her for hipster TiPster day - they are quite depressing! Her hobbies include (but are not limited to) Doctor Who, music no one else cares about, stalking 4th year boys, and tape sculptures on her door (edit: That was her roommate. She just got scooped every morning in her still-mostly-asleep waking state.) Her claim to fame her first year was how utterly tomato-like she looks while angry (which pointing out to her only emphasized). Luckily, this went away her second year, where she was more well-known for Joe Fan Club membership and having absolutely no verbal filter - resulting in a lot of name-calling, ranging from "HO!" or "Canoe!" to "Tiger Lily" and "Baguette" in creativity. There are many more wonderful things about her but trying to write down all of her obscurities, awesomeness, and inside jokes would take centuries. Emily is an awesome addition to the TIPsters and the Wiki Page! :)


Alex Janelle

Trinity Davidson and Georgia Tech

Jason Jang

Crazy Legs forever! Coined the term LOSTDANCE2012.

Jino Jang

Rice Term II 2014 He was a 1st year 4th year who was legitly the coolest guy on campus. He is an amazing poet, and altogether hilarious guy. Had the swagger equivalent to 10 million suns. RATE : 15/10

Eli Jaffe

Rice Term I 2017

Notable for speed of walking down stairs when under pressure.

Special Talent: Can cook minute rice is 56 seconds and ability to turn any insult into a hormone joke.

Invented stairwell A dodgeball, and also is a volleyball OG.

Kyle Jaffe

Duke West Term I 2011

He scores a 35 on a 36-hole course. He is no.1 golfer!

Duke West Term I 2012

Kyle was easily the coolest kid at west term 1. He was known for telling great stories, and having a very hot girlfriend.

Miles Jarnot

Miles attended tip his 3rd and 4th year at marine lab. He meet his main man Nathan Henderson which he took the same classes as both years ( Near shores and oceans first and estuaries and marshes second.) Both of them did not like camp for the first two weeks but his experience got better once he was in a realtiontip with Sabrina Morales. As a 4th year he was most notorious for eating a live baby blue crab on the .

Kathyrn Jason

Attended Davidson term 2 2011 and East term 2 2012.

Wendy Ji (Ji)

Davidson Term II 2008 Duke West Term II 2009 Duke West Term I 2010 (WITH THE BEST PERSON EVER) Duke West Term I 2011 (WITH THE BEST PERSON EVER)

Is adopted. 'Cept not really. Wendy's first two years at TIP, were, uneventful, because she hadn't met her long lost sister. Ladies and Gents, it is true; Wendy Ji was adopted, she and Ellen Yuan are actually sisters! If you look at them, they look alike, which is why people probs got them confused but here's how you tell them apart: Ellen is indeed the cooler one. Wendy is Asian, like Wendy Wu, Homecoming Warrior, just without the cool kicks. Wendy would make her mom do her laundry on the weekends, and she even left Quadfest during her fourth year to hang out with her "friends." But the TIPsters welcomed her back, for she came bearing food. Wendy Wendy Wendy, thought she was so funny. But I guess she was. Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, RC Sam, called Ellen and Wendy, because she needed them. The two little Asian girls thought they were in trouble only to find out that the Talent Show Committee requested that they emcee for the talent show together. It was hilarious, and they roasted the talent show. On the very last day of TIP; Wendy, who forgot to take pictures throughout the whole term, documented a TIPical day, taking 1176 photos of random people (Whom Ellen was forced to tag on Facebook later). Wendy was that sarcastic girl and never cried. In fact, neither of the look alikes cried. What weirdos. She also like escorted Ezie down the red carpet: Cutest Couples EVER. <3 yeah.

Albin John

Duke West Term I 2011

Truly. He is the coolest guy ever. Smart and nice friend to have.

Denise Johnsen

Attended Davidson Term 2 2011 and West Term 2 2012. She's super awesome, and we're going to add on to this wiki page eventually.

Last Name K

Bilal Kamal

Bilal Kamal was a member of Ray's Rag. More details later.

Erin P. Kelly

Davidson Term II 2005, Duke East Term II 2006

Erin P. Kelly was a 3-2-1 Eastie. She roomed with the soon-to-be-famous Connelly Crowe, and was part of Domenique's RAG.

Erin P. Kelly (as that is her full name and nickname) took From Bach to Rock in 2006, and was in the company of many very awesome people, including the Meffords, Thor, AC/DC, Jesus (Alexis), Lara, Adrienne, Mary, and many more. It was there where Erin P. Kelly was immortalized in "The Ballad of Erin P. Kelly," a song without a tune by Thor Tobiassen.

Erin is known for being a piano beast, for bringing enough clothes to completely fill her closet, and for doing everyone's hair before dances. She still actively participates in the Atlanta East reunions.

Erin may not go to TIP her 4th year, since she was invited to study in Spain and Morocco during the summer.

Franklin Kennedy

  • ASU Term 2 2016 Mathematical Arts
  • UGA Term 2 2017 Team Video Game Programming
  • UGA Term 2 2018 Anthropology and Archaeology
  • UGA Term 2 2019 Cryptography

Franklin was the proud owner of Porcules.

Catherine Kenner

  • Trinity University Term 2 2015
  • Georgia Tech Term 2 2016
  • Rice University Term 1 2017
  • Georgia Tech Term 1 2018

Ryann Khalil

Duke West Term I 2011, Duke West Term I 2012

Ryann Khalil was, as of 2012, a 2-3-2. Ryann roomed with Robert Epstein in both 2011 and 2012.

Rc Groups 2011: Matt 2012: "Captain Kyle" Classes 2011: Neuroscience 2012: Ab Psych

Fawwad Khan

Duke West Term I 2011

Fawwad was an amazing TiPster who is credited with bringing swag to TiP and starting swag trains at the dances. His roommate was Albin John *touches face* and his RC was the almighty Malcolm. Many people were jealous of Fawwad's swag and therefore criticized his respectable sagging. Fawwad was very funny and charming. He is also regarded as one of the founding fathers of the bernie TIP tradition (main credit goes to Peter Xenopoulous). He is also the founder of ALPHA DORM. ALPHA DORM is an elite dorm that is christened into being one of the ALPHA class. If you would like to know how to turn your dorm into that term's ALPHA DORM, you must contact Fawwad. Fawwad is the only TiPster who knows the rules and traditions of creating and maintaining an ALPHA DORM. Many people mistook Fawwad for being much older then he actually was, one reason being his sexy facial hair. He also said that he was an exchange student from Pakistan, which automatically made him cool; not that he wasn't already. As for classes, unfortunately, Fawwad got stuck in the shitty class known as Electrical Engineering. He, Kevin Murgas, and Sean Courtney are credited with the creation of the insanely popular "eletrical engineering" graphic tees. Fawwad will be remembered as a charming and funny TiPster with swag and facial hair. He was loved by many (especially girls ;) ) and admired by everyone. Peace out dawg. Also, his favorite person was Ellen Yuan, who he thought of like an older sister slash mother, was here. But yeah. Fawwad is also deeply afraid of Victor Redko's voice.

Ricky Kim

  • Wake Forest Term II 2013
    • Algebra II
      • The next Tiger Woods

Nicole Kim

Duke East Term I 2010

Nicole is an adorable and cute little funsized girl! She can also hold a heart at any time of day! Nicole (also called Nicolette by Summer) is one of the most lovable TiPsters to walk the campus. Nicole is as sweet as candy!

Her and Will were involved in a relationtip starting from...the last few days of tip, or maybe even the last night. they were the cutest asian couple on campus.

Duke East Term I 2011


Seokmin 'Super Sock Man!' Kim

East Term II 2008 Seokmin was a part of the great quadfest protest and a widely-known camera rapist. While typically very sweet and huggable, he has been known to go berserk and attack innocent bystanders. Approach with caution.

Katie Kirchner

Davidson 2013 Term II

Was known as "Shark Bite girl" because she really did get bit by a shark (and stung by a bee and got her braces all in a week). The first days, everyone in her RC group thought she was the normal girl in their psychotic group but no, they were deceived. Katie was just as psychotic as everyone else. She liked playing sports despite her shark bite. She was in the brain. She really hated her shark bite, but everyone else loved her anyways. She's left handed and played the perverted Trouble at night with Tanner, Grace, Sumani, and others. She was an amazing friend. It should be noted that because of the shark bite she got a personal bathroom that everyone was jealous of.

Charlotte Kirk

Duke East I 2008

Louisa 'Lulu' Helen Kirk

Davidson Term II 2006

Lulu was one amazingly cool girl at Davidson. Known by all, loved by most. She loved hanging with her freinds in class or anywhere. Her favorite parts of TiP were the dances, the baseball game where she bought a huge bag of cotton candy and ate all of it, and hanging in the basement to annoy Aimee and spreading horrible rumors about Aimee that had best not be repeated.


  • Grace Thomas-Grace was in IR with Lulu. Lulu thought Grace was hilariously funny and they had the best times together. Including Grace's 16 STD's, Lulu saying Hotel Rwanda was boring, Intercourse Bench, editing Wikipedia and getting the computer lab locked from editing any more, and lots more.
  • Jack JDawg Neppl-Jack was in Architecture but Lulu and Jack lived on the same floor which is where they met. Most of their time they spent in the basement by the vending machine room annoying Aimee. Grace played a small part in annoying Aimee too.
  • Emily Rabun and Mya Wilkes-Emily and Mya were in State Your Case. The three had a freindly rivalry at first, but after the incident they became close freinds, although this may have been because Emily's roommate was gone for the weekend.
  • Other freinds include Aveek Sarker, Helen Brumley, Sam Buckley, Corey, Anna Koh, Mohini "Money" Lal, Danny Richey, Saxon Sampley(the awesomest dude in the universe!) , and more.

Lulu was one of the best and brighest in the IR class. She led most of the rivalries with other classes, but she was one of the main negotiaters with State Your Case after the incident between the two classes TAs.

Caity Kohler

Austin College Term 2 2013 Rice Uni Term 1 2015 Rice Uni Term 2 2016

Caity Kohler is a TiPster whose legacies will probably not live on, but she tried her best. She loves TiP infinitely.

Amelia Konomos

UGA term 1 2015

Amelia was a 1st year 2nd year who attended tip for her first time in 2015. She did not go her first year because she thought she would not like TIP. After her friends from school, Sidney Matlock and Anna Bryn Williams, told her how amazing it was, she decided to go. Amelia took the course Infectious Diseases and had a great class. She could often be found with Caroline Brewer, Skylar Collins, and Heesue in their class. Amelia also started the saying "literally my life" after the popular YouTube video by MyLifeAsEva. Amelia and Morgan Miller had various lunch adventures in the Summit Dining hall. First, they discovered the perfect nerd boyfriend who had beautiful dirty blonde hair and perfect need glasses. They never saw him again (sad) but continued to try to find him again. In their search, they (Xamaria) ended up asking a random college guy (Georgio) if he had seen an attractive/nerdy looking guy. Amelia continued to see Georgio throughout the camp whenever she went to lab. Then, one glorious day, Morgan and Amelia found a very special person. As they were walking through the lunch room, Amelia pointed to another random college guy and told morgan they should ask him about the cute nerdy guy. As they approached him Amelia noticed the back of his shirt said "Van Tifflin". What a strange name. They walked up to "Van Tifflin" and asked him, "Have you seen a cute nerdy looking college guy?". He looked at them strangely and Amelia and Morgan ran away. After that, Van Tifflin became their obsession. Amelia could also be found with Skylar Collins looking for "Zah" every day at lunch. Additionally, Amelia was in Camilles RC group, and Cammille was Amelia's favorite human bean. Cammille promise to give Amelia Grayson Allen's number one day (hmu). Another famous incident was Heesue's random things she said. Heesue was in Amelia's class at tip, and she and Amelia became great friends after Heesue described her love for oranges. One day as Amelia, Skylar, and Caroline were walking to class, Heesue randomly said these famous words, "I could see myself giving birth to an orange". these words haunted the rest of her TIP experience. All in all, it was a great experience. Amelia only wants to go to UGA term 1 for tip. <3

James J. Krajicek

James J. Krajicek was a 4th year-4th year who attended TiP from 2011-2014. His 1st year was spent at the University of Kansas where he took Design Challenges Physics and Engineering. He stayed in Lewis Hall and ate at Ms E's with the rest of the TiPsters. A favorite pastime of his was playing wall ball during breaks in class.

His 2nd year was spent at Texas A&M in College Station, Texas where he took Architecture 1. It was here he became indoctrinated in the cult practice of playing Ultimate Frisbee.

His 3rd year was also spent at A&M however he switched from Term 1 to 2. He took Astronautical Engineering and met many long lasting friends.

His 4th year was a at a new location Rice University due to a Main Office dispute with A&M. All the same almost all the TiPsters from the year before at Texas had made the move. Overall his best/strangest year, he enjoyed old friends and the power of the 4th year privileges, like the new Brown dorms which were 10X better than the old Brown Dorms of the 3rd-4th years. His 4th year RC was Holden Van Houtan and his roommates were Alec Kefgen, Colman Means, Ryan .He took Art of Satire: Pen as Weapon his fourth year. He is possibly like many before him concerned with the younger 2nd the 3rd years not holding up TiP traditions at the new campus. However he has faith in several 3rd years who he hopes embodies TiP next year at Rice .He will never forget his time at TiP.ever.

Ginny (Hellen) Kramer

Madeout with everyone. But She's still my beloved roomie. love, lorraine.

John (Ryan) Kramer

Duke East II 2011

Ryan is a very awesome TiPster. He really loves to sing, especially in the shower when he thinks no one is there. This probably explains why he took Bach to Rock during East term 2.

Johan (Yohan) Kramm

Asked out TA Ashleigh Caison to the dance

Christian Krueger

Duke East Term I 2010

Christian (also called Unicorn Boi by Chica and Marisa) is a helluva dunker! He can jump 4 trash cans and dunk along with Chris Drawdy! Christian is another one of the many Texans at TiP! He took Awakening Giants. Also, Christian is amazing at Ultimate! He was in a relationtip with Grace Dansby!

Duke East Term I 2011 He was in microeconomics. He received the watercolors frisbee and will be the captain of watercolors next year! He was in a relationTiP with Maya Sawla! But, he had to leave early because of family reasons. :( Member of the Q Crew

Duke East Term 1 2012 Christian was in Revolution and Terror: Controversial Politics. He was the Watercolors captain. (Maybe the best) He was in a relationTiP with Maggie Finn. Christian was super popular, being an extremely nice guy. Member of the Q Crew

Ben Kuebler The Dad of DUML Dorm 1

Marine Lab 2017-2019

Ben attended the Marine Lab for 3 years. He took Estuaries and Marshes, then Oceanography, then retook Estuaries and Marshes again because DUML is home. Ben was called Ben10 his first year there by Charlotte and Beth because he looked very small but the next year he came back and was obviously much taller. Ben had many fun socks and also wrote a song about Charlotte called “Monorail” (see on DUML page in 2018 section for more details) which immediately became a campus wide joke which carried into the next year as well. Ben lives in and LOVES Dallas with a passion and will happily converse about it for hours if you want to or let him. His fourth year, he adopted Zach Vanila, a second year also from Dallas.

Courtney Kuhn

Duke East I 2008

Kaylin a.k.a. Kaye Lin Kuphal

Davidson Term 2 2009

  • Creative Writing

Duke West Term 2 2010

  • Abnormal Psychology

Duke West Term 2 2011

  • Social Psychology

Duke West Term 2 2012

  • Biology of Cancer

Kaylin is also Asian. She knows sesquipedialian words! She teaches Vitamin vocabulary. She is very amazing at Scrabble and complicated confusing work. She has bangs. She lives far up north in Kentucky. Kaylin can spell words. And she writes very, very good essays. And she peels apples. And can cook!

Kaylin is now Theta as the honorary member of Sam's Dekas.

Last Name L

Maria LaBella

Duke East II 2011

3rd year living in Pegram, took International Relations, starting the Blue Ball Theory Incident. Although she lost $10 to sanjay and nathaniel on the bet, she ended up having one of the "two best papers in the class" according to her professor. Although she surrendered 1/3 of the west bank to israel, every angry citizen in palestine got a cookie, courtesy of nathaniel. sent to the emergency room one night at beginning of term after asking Terricia to get an ice pack because she had a headache after heading too many soccer balls with hunter. deemed an official bro by michael k (the highest bro) and lawrence.

Michael Laday

Duke East I 2010

Michael is one of TiP's best dancers! Michael took WPOW. Michael is also really good at football! Michael is also famous for handing out his boxers on Wear a Skirt Wednesday! Michael also has a really cool ipod nano that everyone loves!

Joshua Lafond-Favieres

Davidson Term I 2008 West Term I 2009 West Term II 2010 West Term I 2011

Debonair and VERY artistically gifted, Josh graced TiP from 2008-2011. He is famous not only for his elmo t-shirts, but also for being the most prized friend of a^3. Everyone around him knows not only that he's an extremely talented rapper, but that every move he makes is food for the always-watching eyes of fangirls (he's kind of super shmexy). Speaking of fangirls, there have been 14 independent fan clubs founded in honor of Joshua's salacious sexiness over his four years of TiP: I don't know about you, but I think that is a major achievement. Exalt in the legacy, bitches.

Known for: *pose (frisbee catch)*, engineering the 2011 sexy train, being a school bus, innocently witnessing TA Sam pull an orange out of his back pocket, inventing the word "meeped," being adopted on a Thursday, having frisbee skillz, drawing the front cover of 2011 Termbook (yeahhhh! :D), illustrating the Mad Death Cycle, being an honorary member of a^3 and much much more.

He is also a DJ on TiP-Radio.

He gave Robert Epstein the ultimate piece of bitch-getting advice (leading to his player status and reputation among the tipsters of west term 1 2012). He also told Robert's mother that, if given the chance, he would like to have Robert as one of his brothers. To be told that is like being told by God that, of all his creations, you have made him proud. Yep. Suck on that ho.

Brett Lair

Best known for his laugh at KU 2k14. Had A1 sauce with almost all meals.

KU Aerospace Engineering

Diana Lamaute

West Term I 2010-Known for relationship skills, the girl with the hat, was the infamous Kid on the Roof, and had a blast as a 1st year 3rd year. Took Physics of Energy with one other girl (Heidi Reinhardt) Little known fact: also could dance West Term I 2011-Known very well for dancing, still the girl with the hat (same one), actually got a roommate request with a friend (and she-TJ Brantley-is the one who requested me), and thinking my robot in ECE was out to get me up until the very last day. Little known fact: didn't use fourth year privileges much. Diana, along with fellow TIPster Samantha Tackett, created the sensational holiday known as TIP Takeover Day.

Reginald Lamaute

West Term 2 2012- Took Neuroscience class, 1st year 2nd year. Was known as a "rappin gangsta" after successful creation of a cranial nerves rap. Also a member of Malik's RAG, the Boys in da Yard, who was given the title "Most Likely to Keep it Classy", for his impeccable fashion style. Younger sibling of the above "Diana Lamaute."

Joe Lamb

This page was just created by Jeff Zhao.

Clifford Lance

Duke East I 2008

Malcolm Landrieu

Davidson/East Term II

The first thing you notice about Malcolm are his eyes... those beautiful orbs of passion, like two perfect pools of mud staring straight through your soul, reading all of your desires and ambitions and holding you in an impossibly euphoric suspension of passion and fear, when time stops in synchronization to your breath. The next thing you notice about Malcolm is his build, as if his body was crafted by the Wii of God himself, indenting where indents are needed and fluctuating likewise creating perfectly crafted nooks and crannies like an English Muffin spread with sex instead of butter by Chuck Norris. The next thing you notice about Malcolm is his smile. It's the kind of smile that spreads from one end of your body to the furthest depths of your consciousness and tickles every part of you, allowing every suppressed memory and desire to come to the surface bursting with confidence and life. And for the moment you are frozen in time, faced with this slab of beef, this apex of manliness, this epitome of sweet love that is Malcolm Landrieu. Your mind flickers thoughts of the potential future you could share... Love, marriage, family... and even though you long to strip down and claim him now, you control your desires. Some day. Some day soon.

Though most people didn't like Malcolm, a few could appreciate his awkwardness. The majority of East TIPsters knew him as "that weird tall kid who always got rejected". You may have heard rumors about Malcolm getting reprimanded for inappropriate use of the computer involving pictures of animals (yeah he was into that). These are all true. Malcolm actually didn't score high enough to make it into TIP but his family reached an agreement with the program that if they paid extra they would allow him. Besides, his intelligence level is so low that he is qualified under "disabled" and was granted leeway by TIP. Malcolm had a strange habit of turning his food into puppets and making them kiss, a spectacle quite remarkable for onlookers. Some people were mean to Malcolm, but he didn't understand. In consequence, he thought he had many more friends than he did. Of those didn't mind him, they respected him as a sad but lovable little brother. And he's pushy. Really, really pushy.

Kat Lane

Davidson I 2009 Duke West I 2010

Kat took Zoology and Bio of Cancer. She is quite athletic, it was predicted in her 2nd year that she would become the first woman in the NFL. Her 2nd year relationTiP was with Brandon, and that continued for a few months after TiP. Kat always has a large supply of food when she attends TiP. Starving TiPsters were always welcome in her room. Her soul-sisters are Rhiannon Akins and Pooja Patel; all three went to the same terms in '09 and '10. They will be bridesmaids in each other's weddings. Kat is known for her notoriously vivacious and LOUD laughter (also referred to as the "Kat Cackle") that could always be heard throughout the Great Hall. Family members: twin-Puj Adusumilli; brother-in-law- Kevin Murgas; son-Russell Gray; nephew- Elliot Polur; husband- Brandon McCanless; lastly, the sisters- Pooja Patel, Rhiannon Akins, Kate Trankina, Lucy Lansing, and pretty much all her other friends.

Harlie Lane

Duke West I 2010 Duke West I 2011 More commonly known as Chester. Involved in the love triangle with Mira Bajaj and Lenna Mendoza. Amazing roommate; appreciates the comfort of VS. Partial to squirt guns.

Lucy Lansing

Davidson Term I 2009

  • Class: Creative Writing

Duke East Term I 2010

  • Class: Criminal Minds

Duke West Term I 2011

  • Class: Nanotechnology

Duke East Term I 2012

  • Class: Political Cultures and Countercultures

Lucy is an amazing chic that is good at everything! She is smart, atheletic, musically talented,gorgeous, a fashionista... etc. Lucy is also an amazing dancer. Many of us remember Lucy as the one who used play amazing music in the halls on her iHome! Lucy also dyed her hair red at the end of the term! Lucy, i luv u! <3 TRAITOR. Lucy went to be a Westie for 2011...

TRAITORTRAITORTRAITOR. She's also probably the best roommate ever. And she dances like a boss. (Duke west,1)

Ruthie Landry

Davidson I 2009

Duke East I 2010

Clancy Larmour

App State || 2016 || Psychology

University of Georgia || 2017, 2019 || Cryptography, Pharmacology||

Invented Clancer, promoted the letter b, third holder of the "Well Shoot Banana Suit".

Jennifer Larson

A&M II 2007 Algebra

Duke West II 2008 Stones and Bones

Duke West II 2009 Video Games and Programming

Duke West II 2010 Forensics

Jennifer Laws

West '08,'09 Term I

  • known for a certain incident with a banana her first year
  • Best Friends=the Super sisters ( and Sophie Super)
  • took Genetics in '09
  • in a relationTIP with Garrett
  • grinded with a girl at the first dance because no guys were grinding

Mohini "Money" Mallik Lal

Davidson '06-Term II

  • Disease Transmission & Immunology
  • Best Friend-Daniel Weiner
  • Famous Quote-"If You Don't Give Me My Red Bull Back, This Hat Is History, Michael. I Will Flush It Down The Flucking Toilet."
  • Famous Quote associated with her-"My Money Is Wet."
  • Duke East '07-Term II
  • Criminal Trial Advocacy
  • Best Friend-Cameron... Cameron, what was your last name? (Cameron's last name is Seitzman, and he is sad no one could ever remember it)
  • Famous Quote-"Yes, I'm dating Sam. Stop laughing!"
  • Famous quote associated with her-"Money's not tippropriate, we still keep her around!"

She's still the loud one. This summer, she managed to wait a whole week before losing her voice. It might be because her mouth was otherwise occupied by her boyfriend, Sam Buckley. While the mass consumption of energy drinks has since lessened, she's still insane and hyperactive. Still leading the bhangra at TiP dances, she is also known for being a fount of all information TiP-related, a fact confirmed by her summons to OSC's office in relation to her knowledge on "the control group" and "pretty" jokes. She's currently a freshman at the Baylor School in TN, and did not come back to TiP for her third year and was missed dearly.

James Alexander 'Alex' 'Ralphie' Leak

UGA I 2012-2014 Alex attended UGA all 3 years of his time at TiP. He took Programming, Cryptography, and Vet Med each year respectively. Every year Alex worked very hard to get a lady and it almost always only sort of worked. Ralphie has been in 7(ish) relationtips over the course of his three years at tip ultimately settling on Rachel Putnam who he is currently trying long-distance with.

Alex gained the nickname Ralphie from his first year at TiP when he wore Polo Ralph Lauren shirts all the time, gaining the nickname 'Ralphie' from Jonathan 'Sparky' Major who later adopted him.

Alex had many friends at tip, becoming more liked and respected every year (it was a low bar though). He eventually became one of the nicest and well liked people on campus during his fourth year and could fit in with any group of his choice. His closest friends from TiP include Taylor Reitano (who helped him with many relationtip endeavors), Jared Sterling, Margaret Elam, and a few others.

Some may say that Alex has an unhealthy obsession with his RC of two years, Stephen L, or Sweet Java Brown, but his love for SJB is completely rational and more than adequately matched by Joey Povinelli's love for SJB.

Alex has also participated in creating the "Did someone say Swag?" memory from the Crypto class of 2013.

Victoria Ledford

Duke West II 2009

Duke East I 2010

Duke East I 2011 She's a sweetheart of a fourth year, I wish I had gotten to know her better, she is really shy and adorable. Edit: Shy and adorable is thoroughly inaccurate. Being of sadistic mind and eraser-damaged body, she participated in much violence, rape, and general mischief that occurred during her fourth year.

Alex and Daniel Lee

Duke East I 2010

Alex and Daniel are some rockin asian twins! They are famous for irritating the Algebra II teacher, Mr. Heath with questions. Also, Alex is famous for "Andy, Question!". It became so famous that they had to put Alex saying it on Algebra II's term tshirt! He used to ask the TA, Andy, questions all day! And Daniel is famous for threatening his brother everytime his brother asked a question! Although sometimes annoying, Alex and Daniel are a dynamic inseparable duo that u can never forget.


Duke East Term I 2010

Andrew(aka Jackie Chan) looks like Jackie Chan! Andrew sadly got sick in the middle of term and mad him sad :(, but otherwise, Jackie is fun to hang with and enjoys to talk! Andrew took Algebra II and rocked it! Everyone likes Andrew! How can u not like a person who looks like Jackie Chan!

Duke East Term I 2011

Duke East Term I 2012

Ashley Lee

Davidson 2010, Duke West 2011

She loves TIP with a passion and will die if she can't become a fourth-year fourth-year! A little morbid, she always tries to be Asian and not get in trouble! She loves all her friends very much, whether or not she shows it, and looks up to the Jer-Bears and the other fourth years. She took Architecture her first year, which forever changed her views on buildings. She took Biology of Cancer the second year, which forever changed her views on the phrase "just kidding". Ashley was known as that cute little Asian girl that walked around Duke Campus, and her idol was Ellen Yuan. She even bought Ellen a vitamin water! Ashley always joked around in class, making those typical jokes that only cool people understand.

Dongwoon “George” Lee

Davidson 2013 term II

George was the only person who got to tip right away from Korea to Davidson College. He had a great sense of humor and was really humorous. He was good at dancing to Psy’s music such as Gangnam Style and Gentleman. He was in Engineering and was really kind to everyone. He also created jokes around the classroom. But most of all he was really, really great at eating Jell-os. He was pretty much an expert in snarffling those things. He also taught korean to his rc group members, who were really enthusiastic in them. To these days, he still keeps his pictures which were taken with his rc group members.

Elaina Lee

Trinity 2016 Term 2 BioChem, Duke West 2017 Term 1 Biology of Cancer

Has set off an eye wash. Has been too awkward to function. K-POP is lit. BTS! BTS! Asian. Meets a new cousin every year at TiP. Best Instagram account photo.

Joella Lee

Davidson 2009, Duke West, 2010, Duke East, 2011

Joella (also known as LILO) is a very.....outgoing person. She can often be seen running around in her "I got this for much cheaper at East than at West, therefore East is better" sweatshirt and telling die-hard Westies why East is da Lilo took Neuroscience at West and Criminal Trial Advocacy at East because she's a cool cat and she is destined to take West next year but has decided to be a poopface and go to East. Although she is obviously Asian, she actually originates in the streets of ATL, with all of the "gangstas". And as a last comment, she is hilarious. Pee-your-pants hilarious. That is all.

Megan Lee

Megan Lee was a second year at Duke East in 2008 and a third year at Duke East in 2009. She is good at math and had her camera broken by Spencer Davis. She is also the Asian lover of the ever infamous Namwan Leavell. That is all there is to say.

Michael Lee

  • Wake Forest Term II 2013
    • Algebra II
      • The next ESPN Star

Natalie Lee

Davidson 2013, Term II

She was in Architecture and was a very kind person. She often made jokes and became quick friends with everyone in her RC group. She liked watching Doctor Who and Sherlock. She was a big reader and liked to write on Wattpad. She really, really liked Poptarts.

Yewon Lee

Georgia Tech II 2014: Energy Conservation and Green Technology

Yewon is the coolest person ever. A combination of spontaneous energy and delicious Korean snacks, Yewon was quite possibly the most adorable person in CTodd's RAG.

Yuri Lee

Duke East Term I

Yuri likes the cars, the cars that go BOOM! Yuri Lee is one of the most loved chicks at TIP. She is also famous for her green parasol and is rarely seen without it. Yuri has amazing dance moves. She is always remembered by those who know her and you will never, ever forget Yuri if you meet her. She also knows of a beautiful land of men somewhere over the rainbow. She enjoys cheese and handsome men. And stealing food.

Kaitlyn "Fish" LeFlore

FITE ME!!1!11!!!!11!!

Charlotte "Charlie" "Sophie" Lehan

Appalachian State University '03-'06 Term II

Charlotte took Algebra I, From Wonderland to Hogwarts, Psychology, and Philosophy. She was one of many 4th year 4th years at TiP @ ASU in 2006.

Michael Lefkowitz

'09-'12 Term I

Lefky. Ultimate Bro. Respect the Game. Make your time BIG.

Kat Leitz

Duke East Term 2 2013

Kat Leitz

Nicki "Shhhka-Bhabha" Lemay

Duke East '07/'08 Term II

  • (Boo 101) - 2007
  • - 2008

Nicki is a freaking awesome TIPster. She always knew how to have fun, whether it be sniffing the grass on the quad or attempting to sit on the Pony Party Bench (also known as the Giles Bench). She could be seen roaming about the grounds with Emily Fry and Dana Ciullo most of the time. One of the only things she ate while at TIP was pizza and/or french fries with a blue slushie or a glass of fruit punch; her quote in the termbook was "I'll stop eating pizza...tomorrow." Making waffles with Emily Fry for breakfast was something she did every morning. She was often spotted holding up "devil horns" in honor of Gerry, the teacher of Boo 101, and sneaking around campus being stealthy but crunk. Her roommate was Aine O'Connor, and she resided on the second story of Alspaugh.

For her third year, she was third floor Pegram, in the wonderful Leah's RAG. She had pasta every single meal, drank only cherry coke, and forced her English friends to try every chocolate in the Union Store. Her best friends include such people as Emily Fry (her roomie, by the most amazing miracle, and by far her favorite person ever), Kate Schafer (across-the-hall neighbors), Rachel Smith (also across the hall), Shelby DeWeese (whom she named her pet rock after), Mallory Hogan (her favorite small, angry person), Sarah Manual (one of the greatest fourth years on the planet), Maddie Gill (an honorary third year), Josh Clayton (the most amazing Brit ever), Alex Hitter (who frequently attempted to take her life by way of strangling), etc. She could be seen skipping down the halls singing the RAG song, Oom-Plucka-Plucka, often, with Kate, Ray, and Em. Hall parties were another frequent occurence, ranging from three to twenty people on the third floor between the girls' and the guys' sides. Her running bet with Em - to never use the keycards to open a door, only to get food - was completed in full; not once did she swipe that card in a door opener for the three weeks she was there. Almost daily, she was in the Pegram Commons, playing the piano with Alex or arguing over what to watch on TV. Liam, who she holds the record for deepest love-hate relationship, used to run around saying she had a yeast infection, looked like Harry Potter, and had either devil's eyes or no eyes at all. RAZOR LEAF! Alex began calling her a rabbit the third Sunday, and not long after, people called her that left and right. Madness and the Mind, the class she took with her fellow Boo 101 kids, was spectacular. Floorgies, singing Afternoon Delight and I Don't Want To Miss A Thing, talking about Control Group behind people's backs, and laughing about trains were the highlights of the class for her. For her fourth year, she cannot WAIT.

Nicki Lemay is pretty much one of the top 5 coolest people I've ever met. She's CRAZY, we love to sing together (especially Bad, Bad Leroy Brown by Jim Croce), sniffing quad grass (It makes you crazy), being Corey Buhay's bodyguards in our crunk Duke sweatshirts, telling people outside of tattoo places that smoking is killing us, telling Ana Vasudaven she looks like a five year old, spinning on the circle quad, making remakes of "Charlie Goes to Candy Mountain" at Duke Gardens with Dana Ciullo, talking while laying under the stars, and crying our eyes out on the last night/day. Basically, I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HER AGAIN NEXT YEAR AND ADD TO THIS LIST! --Emily Fry

K, its Emily again, updating this a year later. Nicki and I experienced a miracle this year. We were roomies! We've had some of the best times together in Leah's RAG on 3rd floor Pegram and I miss her like CRAZY! We could be spotted singing ABBA songs rather often. She's officially my favorite person. --Nicki's Roomie

  • Nicki and Emily Have A Website With All of Their TIP videos!!! Check it out!

Amanda Lewellyn

Davidson Term I 2009 [Journalism] / West Term II 2010 [Stones & Bones, yeah baby!] / West Term I 2011 [Abnormal Psych]

Amanda Lewellyn, esteemed member of a^3 and co-founder of Adopted Thursday, has long been an object of affection for the TiP community, attracting the attention of several good-looking males during her first two years at TiP. The first year, Amanda met her two best friends, Amina and Alesa, in Journalism class. They shared many inside jokes at Davidson. Her second year, she skipped a grade and became a titular third-year. She was reunited with a^3 and met Joshua Lafond-Favieres. During this term, she made many lasting friendships.

HI AMANDERS. Ya'll, Amanda was one of my FAVORITE ROOMIES out of all my years at TiP. okay nvm i loved 3 out of my 4 roomies. BUT SHE'S SPECIAL. I rove her singing in da morning, so cheerful and wake me up! She was my partner in crime too, taping Risa and Madison's door ;D she so chill. doesn't mind me staying up insanely late (okay 12. lol.) and yeah. oh and i loved us sneaking out that one time, and the last night where we yeah. heehee. ~Chelsey

Arbre'ya Lewis

Arbre'ya began her first year at TIP at UGA as a second year in 2010. She took the Inspired Writer Class. She attended first term. As a second year third year she attended UGA again but during the second term. During this term she took Intro to Vet Med. Her best friends included Kayla (who nicknamed her Royce), Kamaria, Grace, Olivia, AJ, and Big Al. She has an ongoing relationship with Trevor Campbell. She is a smiley, and fun person who loves ORANGE (&peanut butter)!! :)

Ann Li

Trinity Term II and Duke East II

Just...go here----> Ann Li

Jessie Li

Duke East Term I

Jessie Li is ugly. Just kidding, she's beautiful.

Helen Li

Helen is the most amazing girl you will ever meet.

Ashleigh's Apocalyptic Sunrise

Davidson 2013 Term 2- Creative Writing

The Collective Collective

"Are mushrooms baby trees?"

"Is China a state?"

"I don't want to say goodbye, so I'll say thank you instead"

Long Live by Taylor Swift

Goodbye by Avril Lavigne

Cactus in the Valley Acoustic by Lights

Beldon Lin

KU Term 2:

Aerospace (2009)

UGA Term 1

American Foreign Policy (2011)

Chelsey "Chersey" Lin

Davidson Term II 2008; Duke West Term II 2009; Duke West Term II 2010; Duke West Term 1 2011

I duh sorry. This page you say...under duh construction. Check back duh rater! :D

Patricia Lin

KU Term 2:

Intro to Med Sci A (2010)

Duke West Term 1:

Bio of Cancer (2011)

Patricia's favorite person ever was Ellen Yuan. She took frequent trips to the bathroom with Ellen. Patricia goes to school with me and she is like my BFF!!!! I LOVE YOU BURGER!!! Love, BUSH

Tori Lindelow

Appalachian State University Term 1:

Science on the Appalachian Trail:Geology and Environmental Studies (2010)

UGA Term 1:

Introduction To Veterinary Medicine (2011)

And Tori goes to my school and she is super awesome!! and i mean it Bush!!! LOVE U SOOOO MUCH!! luv, Burger

ummmmm guys.... this year i was wait listed... did anyone else have this problem??

Maria Litvin

  • Wake Forest Term II 2013
    • Algebra II
      • The next Prima Ballerina
        • During class breaks, Maria could constantly be seen doing cartwheels and otherwise amazing her classmates.

Kathleen Lister

Duke East I 2008

Sam Litchfield

  • (Architecture)
  • (World Religions)
  • (PPL: Politics and Philosophy in Literature)

Younji Lee Younji attended West term II '09. She took the Bio of Cancer class, with the instructor being the buff Chad. She was THE best dancer at TiP. At the talent show, she danced to Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. She also had a million ways to tie her Converse. She could often be found (trying) to teach her rag how to dance. She was part of  :)

Jess LoVerde

2009-2010 Jess was/is one of the coolest girls at Duke West Term II. She is known for being the only girl in Programming for Video Games and for participating in "love taps" with her second self, Fiona. She also had a relationtip in 2010 with a nice ginger. She can often be found eating cake mix, calling people hookers, and making amusing sexual innuendos. She also has a thing for Dicksicles.


Vivian "Viv" Lu

Davidson 2009 Term II

  • (Searching For Clues)

Duke West 2010 Term II

  • Strategic Decisions

Duke East 2011 Term I

  • Algebra II

Duke East 2012 Term II

  • Literary License without Limits

Vivan is, undoubtedly, the best TIPster ever, and is part of the Camila and Others.

Mitchell Ludden

Duke East I 2008

Victoria "Vickuhtoria" Ly

Texas A&M Term 2 2008- Algebra 1; Duke Marine Lab 2009- Oceanography; Duke West Term 1 2011- Anatomy

Despite skipping her 3rd year for a shot at JHU's CTY, Victoria loved TIP. As a first year, she was known to always hang out on the 3rd floor of Moses Hall. Practically, she befriended (with her "3rd floor buddy" Olivia Aguilar) all the 1st year guys: Jonathan Nguyen, Josh Thibodeax, Othniel Tay ("stab in the heart"), Evan Remmele, Evan Deere, Jace Bradshaw, John Madden (the dude with the Hello Kitty Band-aids that Victoria took when Moses ran her over in basketball, causing her to have many scrapes all down the left side of her body), all 300 Blakes, Ty Hammonds (the tall guy), etc... and last of all Sam Trent aka Bluey; nonetheless, she loved her RAG as her roomie was Katherine MaGee and her hallmate Bailey Ayers was later to be her roomie at DUML, along with Beja Turner.

At DUML, THINGS. GOT. CRAZY! pretty much, there was ALOT of RelationTIPs and laundry room escapades, frisbee, beach fun, unnecessarily cursing, and Dorm 5 was THEBOMB.COM as it was the only co-ed dorm on campus. This dorm housed the coolest of the cool: Victoria and her roomies Beja and Bailey, Carly Fox, Hannah Bowman, Amanda Lee, Lexi Shealy, Schuyler Suarez, Stephanie Salazar, Marguerite Bradlely, Nellie Agosta, Samantha Gray, Kayla Kopczynski, Cassie Danyko, Sarah Cortez, Sam "Stacy" Wall, Big Ricky, Stuart Rhea (Victoria most probably killed his babies), Jimmy THE MALE COOLEST RC EVER and the craziest pair of friends Max Duncan and Patrick Tarrant. Pretty much all of Victoria's greatest DUML memories were with Dorm 5 TIPsters. She liked and had many friends outside of Dorm 5, but there was just an unbreakable bond within Dorm 5 as they always chilled in the quad together and went mud sliding in the rain together. Victoria's 2nd year was a very memorable year.

Her love of TIP continued in Victoria's 4th year at Duke West. There she she learned some anatomy, failed at debates, talk in duh asian accent with duh Chelsey Lin "Rin" and duh Eric Li "Ri", finger danced !0_0!, bernied, NOOOOIIICCCEEEd, lost her voice from quadfest and "noi-ce"ing too much, and pretty much got to have THE BEST 4th year a 4th year could wish for. Victoria deeply loves her RAG of Olivia's Big Girls, her Anatomy Class and Joy ("oh Joy"), Jeremy's JerBears, Sam's RAG, Sean's Monarchs, ALOT of the 3rd years (especially Indy Rajan), and many of the 2nd years (especially Victor Redko and his crew of friends of N alcove). Victoria also has the greatest gratitude for Ryan Bakerman for showing her the "awkward palm tree"; without it, there would be no "high speed winds" when Nolan came around. ;D

Pretty much, Victoria's overall TIP experience has been fantastic... actually it deserves a "NOoo-ICE!" Victoria could write a book in 3rd person about TIP and write pages about each person she met and every inside joke, every event, yadda yadda yadda. But she will stop here and continue using Facebook and old termbooks and pictures to reminiscence her TIP years. and hopefully keep in touch with all her friends from over the years! :)

    • I wish everyone can have that awesome TIP experience that I had the chance to have <3