Cole Hall

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Cole is the best TiPster to ever exist. He started a Furby Cult by accident and now is the High Priest. He is part of the Name Pending Friend Group. He will show you all the long furby pictures (or even worse, LEG FURBY) and t-pose on you to assert his dominance. He also got his wrist sprained at the second TiP dance at Rice by Randazzlepants. Cole gets locked out a lot, but never forgets his meds. He will crab walk randomly and has eaten a Caesar salad at nearly every meal. Cole was at Davidson in Term 1 2017, and Rice Term 1 2018. If you approach him, he will induct you into the Furby Cult by showing you the demonic furbies. Cole is always tired and was the Best Sk8er Boi. Cole is strange.