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Rice University Term 1 2018


  • Sterrett Waltrip (like a FERRET) (master of water bottles)
  • Layla (hates Stephan)
  • Stephan (hates Layla) (is also called Randazzlepants) (is colorblind haha)
  • Maura (needs to get her life together)(never wears shoes)
  • Cole Hall (is the strangest) (dabs on the haters) (created the crab walk)
  • Cassidy Middlebrook (pudding master (nobody actually calls her that but she has a lot of pudding soooo))
  • Jensen (loves Target) (is an antebellum ghost)
  • Elisabeth Moore "What is femininity?"


  • Making fun of Stephan
  • Seeing colors (except Stephan)
  • Going to the nurse/getting injured during dances
  • Avril
  • Eating Cassidy's Pudding (we don't really have a choice)
  • Participating in legal (maybe) conversations
  • Watching pirated movies... shh
  • Cole stroking people's faces for no reason
  • Snorting Avril
  • Elisabeth getting coconut oil in her eyes and looking like satan

Nicknames/Inside Jokes

  • Maura is a Munchkin
  • all head injuries must go to the hospital

Ships and RelationTiPs

  • Cassie/Pudding
  • Cassie/Desire to have a RelationTiP
  • Stephan/(stealing) Layla(‘s phone)
  • Sterrett/Maura
  • Elisabeth/Jonathan {From a different friend group but they kinda flirted ( a casual discussion of history is NOT flirting ! - Elisabeth ) a lot and should have been a thing}
  • Cole/being strange


  • When Cassidy received 72 cups of pudding in the mail
  • when Stephan, Sterrett, Layla, and Maura went on an adventure to the nurse for Tylenol that Stephan didn’t really need
  • When Layla and Stephan had a lint fight in the laundry room
  • When Maura got a head injury but didn't have to go to the hospital
  • Limbo (we tried...)
  • When Stephan sprained Cole's wrist at the second dance
  • The one time Cole patted Sterret's head for an entire movie
  • When Stephan and Sterret got kicked out of Sephora
  • When there was a laundry party on the last monday
  • Sterrett is sad right now as he is writing this on a computer in a computer lab in programming class, issa almost over
  • When we all watched princess bride on Cassidy’s laptop in the lounge (The princess bride is very quotable)
  • When Jensen told a ghost story that involved a copious amount of torture
  • When someone walked by the lounge and asked us if Jensen had any sharp objects
  • Elisabeth hitting people with a shoe for cursing
  • When Elisabeth, Cassidy, and Maura wrote a kickass scientific paper

Note From Sterrett

This friend group was the best group of people I've met, and I had more fun in this three weeks than any other time that I can remember, so thank youz.

  • Maura: you're great, and I think my letter speaks about how I feelz. Keep dispensing hugseekingmissiles. I hope to see u again.
  • Cassie: you're a delightful human bean. Thank you for the pudding
  • Elisabeth: please don't voodoo the world
  • Cole: keep dabbin'
  • Layla: keep on bein a savage
  • Stephan: please cease to exist
  • Jensen: fight the urge to murder people with sharp objects

Note From Layla

sorry for copying you Sterrett but I really don't know how to express how much I love and appreciate you guys. I never thought I would meet a group of people so wonderful and funny and accepting and supportive and I wouldn't change a minute of the past three weeks :)

  • Maura: you're such a beautiful person inside and out I honestly don't know how a person like you exists
  • Stephan: despite the amount I insult you, you really are great and i'm so happy I met you
  • Sterrett: how are you simultaneously hilarious and incredibly sweet I don't understand
  • Jensen: you're so lovely and fascinating please haunt me
  • Cole: you've grown so much in these past weeks and I can't wait to see what you become
  • Elisabeth: you're so wonderfully yourself and I love it also your picture and note made my heart so happy and i'm keeping it forever
  • Cassie: you're such a marvelous person thank you for being a human vending machine

Notes from Stephan

I’m bandwagoning on this but here are my sentiments

-Maura: may you live a long and prosperous life with someone you love. You were the heart and soul and goodness of our group, so you deserve it the most. Your song: Nightswimming by R.E.M.

-Sterrett: at the time of this being written, you’re sad so I’ll spare you. I’ll update this later. Your song: Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls

-Layla: may a grand piano fall on your head. Your song: Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Deep Blue Something

-Jensen: may you haunt us all when you die. Your song: I can’t think of one right now

-Cole: may we continue the streak. Your song: Sk8ter Boi by Avril Lavigne

-Elisabeth: may your hair always be red. Your song: Bang Bang by Green Day

-Cassie: may you never run out of pudding (Too late -Cassie) Your song: Feel Good Inc. by the Gorrillaz

Notes from Cole

Yeah, I'm a bit late to the party. I had something nice written out but it got deleted so here goes. Big shock, this month after TiP has been really hard. It's hard transitioning out of being out. Those three weeks I spent as Cole were the best of my life. But coming home, back to "daughter" and the insistence on me getting into makeup and dresses, it's been really really hard. Home is just so different and it's difficult, you know, because it isn't really home anymore, because home is TiP and with you guys and i know you all read the group chat so most of you probably know I'm not doing so great mentally. And it's midnight so I shouldn't even be awake but I'm crying because TiPression is just now hitting me and I just want to be with you guys again. Mom and Dad are so frustrating because they pretend to be so loving and accepting but then I hear them say crap like "no son of mine will be in ballet" and they spit that last word like it's a curse and I just end up further in the closet because what will happen to me doing the stuff I love, like dance, if I do come out? And Dad in particular is so adamant about how it's wrong to be LGBTQ and every days another battle because I can feel his judgement and it's like a thick blanket and I hate it. I can feel his disapproval and what's almost hatred. It's so close. And it's worse, it's thicker, on my grandmother, on my cousin, on one of my oldest friends. It is hatred. I just wanna come home but home is seven hours and eleven months away so for now I'll just clutch the little strings or happiness I have, even if they're fraying and far between. I came out to my friend the other day, the day before they moved, and the last thing they said was "bye, Cole" and those words tasted like sugar. I'm not completely alone here but sometimes it feels like that. Like its me against the world. And guys, you guys are so wonderfully kind and sweet and accepting and you gave me a home, even if it was only for three weeks. I can still feel your hugs and I just miss you so so so much. You help me remember I'm not alone, that I have friends and it's not all hopeless. You have helped me see a different, better world and I know this was too rambly and not like every one else's but I needed to say this. I needed to remind myself you are real and you are out there and one day well all be together again and then I'll be Cole again. It's just a matter of time. It's just a matter of time. I've just got to hold out until I can find home. I love you all. I'll never forget any of you. Please don't forget me. 10 months, 3 weeks, 2 days until I'm home. Thank you - Cole