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Davidson II 2009 Journalism

Duke East I 2010 Game Theory

Kate Gibson is famous for bursting into random broadway music, ((especially The lion king!) on ninth street and owning every single piece of organic food in the world! She also writes a lot of letters! Kate makes an amazing love buddy. Katie is also a permanently happy, gorgeous, optimistic math nerd, vegetarian, and a sweetheart! she also could be found doing yoga in the middle of her game theory class. The most beautifulest singing voice ever!!!

Duke East I 2011 Big Screen, Little Screen

Kate is only 5'1" and the sweetest thing with huge eyes that change color! She's obsessed with dinosaurs, the parasaurolophus in particular. She was the one that always brought glow sticks to all the dances and is also the primary caretaker of Squiggles!(edit: Camila, Kate and Matt formed the triangle of care for squiggles, formed after Matt's creation of HCPS and heroic rescue/kidnapping from Jakob. They all love it equally and alternate who cares for squiggles each day.)

(Ok so were Kate and Matt together or not?!?!) She was in Jay's RAG on 3rd floor Pegram. Her real name is Amanda but she goes by her middle name Katharine. She's sort of a hipster and is notorious for wearing her watch upside down. She pronounces satin strangely to the great amusement of Jakob. (NO that's definitely the real pronunciation. It has a "T" for a reason, it's not "sah-in"!) As well as the dinosaur mentioned above, she's also obsessed with the platypus, drawing both of them on Matt during The Fabulous Brown Body Crayon Extravaganza. Her RAG nicknamed her Perry because she was "never there". All in all she is insanely awesome/fun and pretty darn cute.

Kate is in an eternal and epic hoemance with Camila Liao. <3

Duke East I 2012 Philosophy of Time She made an amazing and lasting impression on many third years who went to the same term. She was the only fourth year in our class so she had the task of being the best fourth year in the class. She succeeded, and won a place in many of our hearts. We love you Kate and we always will.

Passed down Squiggles Leprechaun Lastname to John-Francis.

Ping Pool Hockey

Games We Shouldn't (but do) Play