Ping Pool Hockey

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Ping pool hockey is the most legendary game to ever grace the TiP community. Invented by a group of 4th year bros at East Term 1 2012 (Sam Pickerill, Max Schuman, Kate Gibson, Aditya Pande, Luke Portera, Eric Scoggins, Nick Moser, Pierce Gleeson, and Travis Haycraft), this dangerous, yet incredibly epic game was played pretty much nonstop in Bassett commons during the post-9th-street-but-before-dinner hours. After breaking Bassett's ping pong paddles because of this game, the bros were forced to purchase their own paddles from Playhouse Toys on 9th street. Note to future PPH players it may take up to 3 days for your paddles to arrive.

Ping pool hockey is played on a pool table, with pool balls.... but ping pong paddles. The game is played similarly to air hockey, by using the paddles to hit the balls into specific holes.

The rules are as follows:

A player stands at either end of the pool table. The object is to score 3 points. Points can be scored by shooting a ball into one of the two holes on the opponent's side.

If a player shoots a ball into either of the middle holes, they get -1 point. If you get to -2, you lose.

If a player hits a ball in an exceptionally dangerous way that causes a ball to fly off the table and thud alarmingly, they receive a warning. On the second warning, this player automatically loses and is replaced by the next opponent.

Whenever an RC comes anywhere near the common room, playing of ping pool hockey must cease immediately.

If you break paddles, you must purchase replacements. However, this is more for your own benefit because you cannot play otherwise.

Note- the 4 different panels of a ping pong table, if they are just laying around in the common room, make excellent shields to be held up by spectators in order to defend themselves from the violent potential for harm while watching this game. However, Dr. Martin Luther King's safety is the main priority.