Peace Bear

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Peace Bear, a white flying stuffed bear who spreads love and joy throughout the land, originally lived with . Some believe that Makeda Ervin is the true earth mother of Peace Bear.

Legend has it that Peace Bear became so beloved by Mark Harvey's 2004 International Relations class at Kansas that he gave the bear to Mark so that he would forever spread love and joy to TIPsters for many terms thereafter.

Mark and Aaron, with the help of Elizabeth O'Wong and Abbey Cannon, wrote "The Love Terrorist", a funky song tributing Peace Bear and playing ironic games with weapons of love. This song has been performed at Kansas and Duke East.

"The Love Terrorist" was a favorite song among Mark's 2006 Kansas students, and Peace Bear flew freely among them. Chloe Banks and Lauren Pinaroc also flew Peace Bear around the Oliver Hall cafeteria spreading joy throughout TIPsters and staff alike during Term I. They, along with Amanda Boozalis integrated Peace Bear into their MC routine during the Term I Talent Show. Peace Bear was magically pulled out of a hat.

Peace Bear has several Nemeses.

  • The Evil Purple Bunny of Malicious Ever-present Doom, the RPP mascot from Politics in Practice at Kansas Term II, the Yin to Peace Bear's Yang. It is rumored that Peace Bear's positive influence on the evil bunny caused him to drop several of the evil descriptors from his name so he is now a not quite so destructive character.
  • Elvis the Kung Fu Hampster, the IRA mascot from International Relations in 2002, has been known to face off against Peace Bear in realist versus idealist debates. See You Tube for a video of their debate.
  • Stealth Bear, an innocent-looking polar bear keychain owned by Kathy Piller has been known to attack Peace Bear with the evil red ray of death shot from its mouth.

During Kansas Term II in 2006, Peace Bear was quite worn out by so much love and nuzzling and received a much needed pampering at Skyla Jarvis' spa. He emerged a cleaner, softer, reconditioned and sweet smelling Peace Bear.