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The RPP was formed by members of the second term Politics in Practice class during the summer of at the University of Kansas. Lead by the charismatic, guitar-playing, immortal instructor Mark Harvey and the so-called "dreamy" TA , the RPP became the talk of the camp. While singing songs such as "The Fields of Athenry", "The Love Terrorist" and their class anthem, "Purple Matrix" (written cheifly by Anh-ton Tran and Mark Harvey with funny verses and quirky lines from Makeda Ervin and Ashan Banwatt) the RPP sucessfully spread the love across the KU campus with the aid of Peace Bear.

The RPP infamously entertained and challenged college students around KU by engaging in a "secret agent" exercise. Anh-Ton Tran probably did the most conspicuous of these secret agent maneuvers. They also took huge pleasure in chasing around the Aerospace class while singing the Fields of Athenry...yeah.

The RPP's mascot was the Evil Purple Bunny of Malicious Ever-present Doom. (Do you know the purple bunny? Well...he is watching you as we speak. "Can you hear the evil bunny whisper to you?" says Stanislav a member of the RPP.) Legend has it that it all started out when Marky "The Chainsaw" Harvey and were walking down a dark alley. Suddenly, the Purple Bunny popped out of nowhere and allegedly threatened to beat them to a pulp. They had no choice but to let it tag along. After that, the RPP adopted the evil purple bunny of doom into the group and all the magic unfolded that great term at KU.

Members of the RPP:

Katie Porter: the great giver of hugs and smiles, mistress of Trey Sprick, the Surrogate Mother of the RPP and chief ketchup artist.

Trey Sprick: Mizzouri Tigers fanatic. Also is the beholder of the "Before Smile" Interested in forming a band named "The Bendy Elbows"

Skyla Jarvis: The Beautiful Star

Makeda Ervin: The... Wha chu say shawty?!

Stanislav Sinitsyn: The great COMMIE of Russian BEAR HUGS! A future RC at KU TIP.

Ashan Banwatt: The one who fears the FATWAH JIHADS! The slayer of lightpoles!

Mi Deng: Intelligent, clever and DOMINATOR of chess. Also finds it sad that little girls get nuked...

Kaelin Ross: The Sanctuary and groupie of the RPP. Primary instigator of the Assata rally and wrote "Bring Assata Back" with Mark Harvey.

Melvin Ross: [No Grabbing!!] The super soccer star and soon to be RC/TA at TIP. also loves creamers, in fact also a communist. He was also Lee Bissett's AC in training.

Alex Clark: The Brick Wall, Interpretive Dancer of "Run Joey Run".

Anh-Ton Tran: The PR man and secret agent/stalker, he can't spell either. He became the unofficial OSC after gave up her job...unofficially.

: The OH SO DREEEAMY matt conley who is the beholder of the "After Smile", impersonator of T-Rexes and a possible male model.

Mark Harvey: The Greatest Teacher of all at Duke TIP and the only Immortal teacher at TIP, claims to have sacrificed one testicle in order to sing "Kiss" by Prince at the talent show.

Peace Bear: The source of all good, loving things, the Yang to the Purple Bunny's Yin. Also the mail delivery service for the NATIONS simulation game.

The Evil Purple Bunny of Malicious Ever-present Doom and Destruction and [Insert your other Evil words here] The Cult of Personality and the one with the Iron Grip on the RPP, The Yin to Peace Bear's Yang. pss... He's Watching You... Also made a great center piece for all our lunches.

Disclaimer: Warning: Serious Emotional attachment to this RPP member may cause severe episodes of spontaneous combustion and visious of a purple bunny. There is no detox or rehabilitation. Befriend at your own risk.

Our Mottos/Chants/Sayings:

Arise Ye Cattle From your Slumber....MOO!

Arise Ye Slumber From your Cattle....OOM!


When you see the flash....DUCK AND COVER!!!

The first and third were created by Stanislav Sinitsyn, Chairman of Spoken Propaganda division.

Our Causes: ASSATA! Assata Shakur is one of many people who have suffered a serious injustice. The RPP's interest in Assata began when Kaelin did her "How to Take Over the World" project on Ms. Shakur. A song entitled "BRING ASSATA BACK!" was written about her by Kaelin Ross and Mark Harvey and the RPP held a rally in her Honor. Learn more about Assata and her struggle:[1]

Things You Might Hear In Class

Rogue Cattle...- Matt

Wha chu say Shawty - Makeda


When all else fails, laugh! - Katie

Does Fidel Castro Bother us? Not really.. except for sending hte occasional "people bomb" to florida - Mark

No Grabbing - Melvin

It's kinda sad that the little girl gets nuked - Mi

You don't have to be beatiful...to turn me on! - Mark!

If Matt's teeth are the after picture, then mine are the before - Trey

I could eat all that porridge! - Mark

Marks Sunglasses are so fly! - Class

You make my heart take wings! - Katie

Generally people usually don't like to feel pain, its just not a pleasant feeling. Most people would agree with that. - Anh-Ton

Do you hear the evil purple bunny whisper to you? - Stanislav

Get Drunk People first to help you start your revoltuon - Melvin

Anh-ton Quit throwing your boobies around - Skyla

Don't Hate the AGENT; Hate the STRUCTURE - Anh-ton


Fatwah! JIHAD!

Don't Do Crack, its a Ghetto Drug - Bob Roberts

Don't get so married to your ideas you become divorced from your relationships - Markism

Good Times

Alex Dancing to "Run Joey Run"

Melvin and Anhton Becoming the AC and OSC in training

Our First RALLY

Our Assata RALLY

Playing NATIONS; we are sorry for cheaping you out Makeda

Doing our Duck and Covers when we see THE FLASH

Being Secret Agents all over the KU campus.

Presenting our Punishments to the Class and all of TIP

Going to the Stacks

Watching Commercials, mainly watching the little girl get nuked. Its kinda sad...

Have Mark sing Kiss by PRINCE!

The MATT CONLEY tribute Song


The Fetus Song and Mark's fetus impression

Watching Ashan Charge a Light Pole

Hiding behind newspapers and following random college students

Stan's Tangents and Katie's "TANGENT!" Sign

Trey's "Before Smile" and Matt's "After Smile"

Opposite day and Mark, Melvin and Anhton dress up as females and play with their poofy Boobies

Watching Katie spread the love while Mark plays "Terrorist of Love"

Katie's Ketchup Art

Katie's heart taking wings! which happens quite often

Katie spreading so much love to Trey that he doesn't know what to do about it.

Katie's Fairy Rings!

Kaelin molesting Anhton....

Mark approving of the RPP Women's Boyfriends

Katie's "Princess Katie" stories.

Anh-ton Harrasing Bev, like getting her to get milk and carry our sign around.

Sidewalk Chalk Art including the misspelling of "Puple" "Structer"

Stan's Che doll

Matt so Dreeeeeeamy!

MARKISM! Stuck between iraq, and a hard place

SCANDALS! and being SCANDALOUS! Anh-ton: Miss porter? she is a lesbian so there is no romanticism between her and president Sinitsyn. Katie: And those things, well it was all my Ex-Husbands doing. Trey: I thought you were a lesbian... Katie: ... I am! thats why i divorced him!

Trey grinding people up into cat food and causing cats to go crazy!

Melvin adding his falsettos and high pitched singing to our songs

Skyla singing Pieces of Me

Going to see Bob Dole Museum

Snuggling with Peace Bear

Makeda Keepin it TipPropiate.