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Lee P. Bissett - TA, Instructor, Academic Coordinator, OSD, and the new Jesus. Lee began his TIP career at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, as a mid-term hire. As fate would have it, it was the best mid-term hire that the main office ever made. He returned the next year as an instructor at ASU. Following a half-serious conversation with former academic big-boss Angela Teachey, Lee's classes were transferred to the center for summer studies at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS, where his TA was Ryan Scarrow. The following summer, 2006, with former Academic Coordinator Brett Cooper stepping down for a summer to get married, Lee stepped up and assumed academic control as the AC.

Lee returned to ASU as the OSD in 2009, and took up the job at UGA in 2011. Some say it was because of the terrible rule enforcement that occurred under the previous OSD in 2010.


Lee graduated from North Carolina State University with a bachelors in economics in 2004. He went on to the University of Maryland to receive his Masters degree in economics in 2006. Lee claims that his area of expertise international finance, but it is under general consensus that he’s just a major economics bad-ass.


Known for extreme antics and the motto “anything for the kids,” Lee offered his hair up as a prize both sessions of TIP at Kansas, 2006. Both terms selected that Lee’s hair be turned purple; however, Lee, weary of purple hair, opted to dye it royal blue. With the help of chief trouble maker Sarah Cash, and instructor Julie Gaston, Lee’s hair turned a strawberry-blonde laden purple in the first term, and bright royal blue the second term. Nowadays, he dyes his hair for whichever color team wins PITfest/DAWGfest

The TA Curse

Both years of Lee’s instructor tenure, he had fun-loving TA’s. At the end of term in Boone, he was approached by a man who informed him, “I made out with your TA last night.” Thinking it odd, Lee accepted that his female TA had a fun last night of TIP, and moved on. The following year at University of Kansas, however, a female RC continued the tradition informing him that she had made out with TA Ryan Scarrow the previous night. There is currently a 70-page waiting list to be Lee’s next TA.

Thoreau Leanings

Lee often expresses his desires to go and “live in the woods” and only do TIP in the summers in order to procure the money necessary to buy that which he cannot produce as a sustinance farmer. Admittedly, Walden is one of his favorite books.

Lee at ASU

At ASU on teacher impersonation night Lee got bombarded with impersonations of him from the first day when he went over the rules. The most successful one, some say was by Adesh, since he was yelling at people the entire time.

Lee's sheets

During the second dance at ASU, a rare glimpse into Lee's life was seen. The theme was toga and many of the RCs, TAs, and Lee wore their sheets. Lee's were silk leopard print sheets and caused some tipsters to make various inside jokes about them, such as one called Ducks, unfortunately this joke followed this young girl all the way back home in Georgia. Whether they were actually his sheets is not known, we may never know.

Lee's Girls

Lee has a seemingly loyal following of girls who are in love with Lee and consider him "sexy". The most memorable of these girls are Marianna Hagler and Meg Rusconi-Warner at Term 2 UGA. All of Lee's girls had their hearts broken when he told of not only his retirement from the Duke TIP program, but also of his marriage.