Brett Cooper

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Brett "Happy Birthday" Cooper was a TA, instructor and academic coordinator of the University of Kansas branch of the center for summer studies. While an instructor, Brett taught Algebra and Geometry. He began his tenure of academic coordinator in 2003, and returned for the summers of 2004, 2005, 2007, and 2008. For the summer of 2006, he designed the Mathematical Thought course, which was only taught one term. There were rumors that Brett was getting married during the second term, but most people feel that he was off being generally mischevous. Ironically, Brett married a woman that he met... in math class. The fates would have it no other way.

Sometime throughout the 2003 summer terms, the International Relations/Politics in Practice teaching duo (Mark Harvey and Courtney Kasun) began telling their students to wish Brett a "Happy Birthday." This would continue every day until the end of 2004 when Courtney went to nursing school and Mark took assignments at Duke East and LSE. The practice resumed when Brett returned as AC at TIP at Kansas in 2007 and continued throughout 2008. Rumors are also circulating as to the exact origin of this custom, but none have been confirmed. Some staff have leaked that it involved an elaborate gag to get women to hit on Brett...I guess we'll never know.

Having served 17 terms plus two Scholar Weekends all at KU, Brett holds the record as longest serving staff member for the Kansas site.