Kathy Piller

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Kathy Piller has held many positions at Duke TIP at Kansass, from RC to TA. But her most recent posting was as the instructor for the Monsters in the Modern Imagination course in July 2007. In this course, the young adults in her class learned that she lives in a haunted building, carries a Medusa head in her backpack, and also can float out of a street. She also told them many important things, including the fact that every actor in every movie watched was, in fact, hot.

Kathy was also known to send her students on "vampire attack" raids on Mark Harvey's 2007 Term II International Relations class (see N.U.K.E.) when his class got too loud. Her students would run into the room and hiss at the IR class. Mark worked with his students to defend against this asault. These "vampire drills" prepared them for vampire attacks--Mark's students would spontaneously make cross symbols with their arms to drive the vampires away.

Kathy prided herself on teaching non-Greek mythologies in 2006, going so far as to emphasize Roman culture and literature. This would have greatly displeased her predecessor, John Mackey, who had spent the entire year formulating his thesis on how the Romans sucked (also called the Mackeyian Latin Irrelevance Theory). But to no avail--the WOM, which is passed down from Myth instructor to Myth instructor in a secret ceremony supervised by the Academic Coordinator in full compliance with TIP policy, provided Kathy with enough power to withstand Mackey himself, who had travelled all the way from his ivory palace in Japan to combat this affront.

Kathy Piller is also the caretaker of Stealth Bear, an innocent-looking polar bear keychain that has been known to attack Peace Bear with the evil red ray of death shot from its mouth.

Update: Kathy taught 2010 Creative Writing at KU term 2. She also owned a stuffed cat named Ishtar, and is a assumed Whovian (perhaps even a 10 fan), as she showed our class Blink as well as Girl in the Fireplace.