Alexis Harris

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Alexis Harris
Lexie with the Llama at quadfest (2014)
Campus(es) Duke East term II
Attended 2013, 2014, 2015
Course(s) Criminal Minds, Criminal trial advocacy, HOTF 2k15
RAG(s) Briana's RAG, Madi's RAG, Shaunni's Rag,
Roommate(s) Isabel Herrick, Kareena Sharma, Valentina Saveedra
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Duke East Term 2 2013 (First Year/Second Year)

Alexis Harris (but don't call her that, call her Lexie) started as a First Year/Second Year in Term 2 of 2013. She signed up for Criminal Minds and had no idea how TiP would change her life forever. It was on the first day that she met her two original TiP friends, Livia Gobbi and Maddie Daniel. They connected over Lilly Pulitzer and a mutual confusion over the topics being discussed by the group they happened to be walking with. The three went back to Lexie's room and a beautiful friendship bloomed, to be joined several hours later by Livia's roommate Rhian Alley. Lexie loved her class that summer. Criminal Minds made her laugh and fostered her fascination with serial killers (it's an odd fascination, by the way). She can speak very intelligently about said serial killers.. Anywho, during that class she "broke Justin" and formed bonds with a TA and classmates that were truly special to her and found a love for psychology. Outside of class, she continued to love her group of friends, which had now grown to include fabulous TiPsters such as Sarah Baugh, Jack Stafford, Mitch Bullington, Rigel Turner, Noah Weinstein, Grace Williams, Shannon Scott, Nav Sekhon, Tommy Pollack, and Elliot Trahan. It was quite the group. They wreaked havoc on Shawn and Maria and the rest of Bassett, having one legendary day after another. By the end of the term, Lexie had loaned the guys her bras, shared copious amounts of liquid eyeliner, learned all of the traditions that make East campus so magical, and found the best friends a girl could ever have. She cried for a week after the term ended and showed symptoms of Tipression. Yet she knew that it was just a 49 week laundry break and she would be back for her third year soon.

Duke East Term 2 2014 (Second Year/Third Year)

Lexie was an old pro at TiP now. She had counted down the days since there were 153 left and FaceTimed her best friend Maddie on many of those days. When they learned that they both were accepted to Criminal Trial Advocacy it took the two of them months to recover. Just the sheer fact that they were going to be together every day was almost too much to handle. Lexie was the first of her friends to arrive on Opening Day, with Maddie arriving shortly thereafter bearing lunch from Whole Foods. Slowly their group was reassembled as the day wore on. Some did not return, some new faces came. But Lexie was happy anyway. CTA was a fabulous class, even though sometimes she didn't exactly know what Don C. Donelson III was talking about. She still wasn't over the fact that she and Maddie were both in CTA. Her group was joined by interesting characters such as Nick Jones and Madalyn Foley. On the first Saturday of term and the day of the first dance, Lexie had excruciating pain in her stomach and was rushed to the emergency room. The doctors all thought it was appendicitis, but it was just some kidney stones and Lexie unfortunately missed the first dance. She then proceeded to use her kidney stones as an excuse for everything the rest of the term. However, she made up for her missed dance at the second one by dancing and singing enthusiastically to all the tradition songs and in general having a great time. Lexie participated in many floorgies and made many new friends her third year. She had tons of TiP spirit and that showed especially during Quadfest when she painted herself and others green. Lexie wrote an amazing brief during CTA, and also was a fabulous witness during the final mock trial. She loved a lot of CTA, even the parts she didn't understand. She participated wholeheartedly in spirit week and all of the TiP activities. Lexie loved almost every minute of TiP. And even the parts she didn't love quite so much, she got over it and focused on what she did llove. Her friends lloved her so so much, and they miss her terribly. Lexie left on the last morning amid many cries and much sadness. She rode to the airport comforting her best friend Maddie who was devastated and was so grateful for Lexie's llove and comfort. The two best friends didn't get to say a proper good-bye, but they knew it was ok. Only 49 weeks until they were back home, and they knew they were going to have TiPunions during the year. This wasn't good-bye. Lexie is such a special girl who deserves the best. She is gorgeous and funny and I llove her so so much. Thank you for being the best friend a girl could ever have and not deserve in the slightest. Llove you from here to the moon and back.

Also she's really mean to Mitch. Why is she mean to Mitch? No one knows why. It's probably because she secretly loves Mitch. Everyone loves Mitch. Go Mitch. Also go Lexie. Also Versace Versace.

Duke East Term 2 2015 (Third Year/Fourth Year)

Basically, HOTF 2k15

Lexie "Love of my life" Harris or Tex-Lex, came to TiP her 4th year a little lost. Like a donut without a cop, both of her Maddie/Maddy's were not returning and she looked for solace in her besties Rhian, Shannon, Sarah and Mitch. On the first day, Madalyn Foley surprised Lexie after months of insisting she wasn't coming back and they were both in HOTF 2k15 along with long time mutual friend Shannon Scott]. Lexie was so excited. After an incredible first two weeks of class and Res life (minus the RC from hell), Lexie participated in the World's Best TIPSYNC, which consisted of the 4th year girls, 3rd year Squad, and Kyle Dickson. The routine won because it was so fabulous and Lexie looked bomb af in Kyle Dickson's boxers. Lexie took it upon herself to ensure that many of the 3rd years would have the same incredible experience at tip that she had and constantly talked of the tip spirit and community and how it can't die. While Tex-Alex's personal life at Tip soared, her public life as Supreme overlord of Mexico was a mess because she let oil run everywhere and had to ask the US for help even though the U.S. was a [REDACTED]. Mexico had a superb relationship with Brazil, Egypt, and Turkey and even kissed China's tip a few times. Lexie was an avid lover, crier, and friend. She has been the cherry on top of my Tip experience and I know she affected a lot of Tipster's experiences. She will be remember for her dip dyed hair, her roots in the 2014 3rd Year Clique, and her dedication to Tip spirit her 4th year. Lexie was ripped away from us (lol rip) at 6:30 AM July 25th after telling Nico and Harrison to "suck my ass, I'm not getting on that bus without doing American Pie". And she did, we sang American Pie until our lungs burned, ours eyes ran out of tears, our hands hurt from squeezing and we had sufficiently [$!?&ed] up the words to a song we all knew by heart (we promise). As far as Tipster's go, Lexie was a legend and also remember kids...get R-E-K-T REKT!