Maddie Daniel

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Maddie Daniel
Campus(es) Davidson term II, Duke East term II
Attended 2012, 2013, 2014
Course(s) Business Strategies: Beyond the Lemonade Stand, Big Screen Little Screen, Criminal Trial Advocacy
RAG(s) Brittani's RAG, Morgan's RAG, Z's RAG
Roommate(s) Sara Goodie, Samantha, Payton Moledar
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Davidson 2012 (First Year)

Unfortunately, the person creating Maddie's page knows basically nothing about Maddie's first year at Davidson, not even what term she went to. Oops.

Duke East Term 2 2013 (Second Year)

Maddie arrived at East knowing few. Though she had been a TiPster the previous year, her Davidson friends had spread far and wide to different campuses and few were coming to East Term 2. Her worry was quickly remedied when she met her soon-to-be best friends Livia Gobbi and Lexie Harris. Lexie, Maddie, and Livia were following a group of Lexie's roommate's friends and were utterly confused by the conversation and decided to make a break for the common room. The three quickly bonded by playing meeting Livia's roomate, Rhian Alley, and playing lots of BS in the common room on the first day with people such as Grace Williams, Jack Stafford, and Parker Mee. From the first night came Grace William's memorable quote, "I have to organize it so I can make it rain easier!", which is still referenced to this day. Maddie was enrolled in Big Screen, Little Screen and genuinely adored her class and made many friends. Her second year friends were a giant mass of people, including those mentioned earlier as well as Sarah Baugh, Mitchell Bullington, Elliot Trahan, Nav Sekhon, Shannon Scott, Tommy Pollack and many more. Maddie's friends traveled in a giant pack, hung out on Bassett bench and in the common room and formed the Cult of Shawn. Maddie's friends were amazing and they all became incredibly close over the three weeks. During the last week, Maddie got into a relationTiP with Adam whose last name I can't remember and became infamous for *allegedly* getting the third floor kitchen of Bassett taken away four days before term. The kitchen getting locked effectively took away Jack Stafford's access to his ice pops and ramen and all of her friends still tease her about it because it's hella hilarious and Maddie gets really embarrassed. Maddie danced to It's Time by Imagine Dragons for the talent show and found Livia and Lexie after the talent show where they collided into a group hug and cried for a long time. When Maddie had to leave the next morning, it tore her heart out but she knew she would have next year to look forward to. Her first year at East Term 2 created many amazing memories for Maddie and she couldn't wait to come back the next year.

Duke East Term 2 2014 (Third Year)

After TiP, Maddie lost touch with some friends she also didn't talk to Mitch. She unjustly blamed this on Mitch. I here that guys great. but in January 2014, Lexie and Maddie started texting again and their friendship grew. They counted down to TiP from the 153 day mark and FaceTimed at least every week to squeal over going back to their favorite place. When they both found out they were in Criminal Trial Advocacy, they were FaceTiming and screamed for a week and are still not over it (even after term being over). The two got the brilliant idea of trying to be roommates for their third year and figured out a way (they thought) to rig the system, however when they arrived they were sorely disappointed and discovered they weren't even in the same RAG! They went to Maddie's room and consoled each other with lunch from Whole Foods and thoughts of the amazing three weeks to come. As each of their friends arrived, Maddie and Lexie were there to greet them. Sadly, many of their friends from last year did not return but they met amazing people to make up for it such as Madalyn Foley and Nick Jones. Over the past year, Maddie and Mitchell Bullington discovered they had had a mutual liking for each other during their second year and got together sometime in the first week of term, despite Maddie being a big bully actually shes pretty small Mitchell cause he's a swell fellow. Lexie was known for being a third wheel and jumping in between the two yelling "save room for Jesus!" (however let it be common knowledge that Lexie genuinely loved Maddie and Mitch together and just enjoyed messing with the two). However, later in the term Maddie and Mitch both decided that Shannon Scott and Rigel Turner were the true third and fourth wheels. Shannon was known to join in their hugs 24/7 and boop them at inopportune times. In CTA, Maddie sat next to Lexie and didn't understand much of what Don was talking about but it was an amazing class anyways. She formed close relationships with people she had lost contact with and made many new friends. Her slightly diminished friend group spent much of the time floorgying and laughing about dumb things that nobody remembers. Maddie lent out her dresses and skirts to many boys for Wear A Skirt Wednesday and formed a dance with friends for TiPsync that they didn't end up performing. She constantly showed TiP spirit and helped in Quadfest planning (shout out to Mary Beth Dicks and Shannon Goad for being the leaders of that, llove y'all), painting herself and others green and dancing to High School Musical with the rest of them. At the talent show, Maddie danced to Hallelujah with Grace Williams while it was being sung by Rhian Alley, Payton Moledor, and Anna Brooks. At the end of the talent show bequeathed the title of Sexy Mama to Maddie. Maddie, much to the devastation of Mitch, Lexie, Shannon, Rhian and Madalyn, couldn't return for her 4th year to accept her Sexy Mama title but she'll always be in our hearts and among the Stars. She passed the responsibility of SM on to who did an excellent job and would have made Maddie proud. The morning she left, Lexie and Maddie were on the same bus and faced the worst part of TiP: saying goodbye to all of their friends. It was hard, but the two knew they would be back to wreak havok for their fourth year.

Maddie is my best friend and is one of the sweetest people I know. She is genuine, gorgeous and truly a great person (check out my alliteration) and if you have the opportunity to get to know her, take it! Llove you so much Maddie, see you soon!

Also she's being mean. She knows Mitch is fergalicious! She also knows Shakira is amazing.

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